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Hello loves, How have you been? I wish everyone a great day a head! So today I'll be sharing with you one of the most popular product from Thailand. Its the Namu Life SnailWhite Day Cream. Anyone have heard about this product before? It's actually a product I've been super curious about because I've heard a lot of my friends and relatives who've came back from Thailand saying that this product is a great HIT. Thanks to a friend I finally get my hands on this product the NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE Day Cream SPF 20 PA+++.

It is a product made from Snail Secretion Filtrate Intensive Cream that helps to regenerate skin and bring back our healthy and natural complexion. The best part of this cream is its said not only able to protect our skin from the harmful UVA, UVB, infrared but also blue light that can lead to various skin problems like dull skin, dark spots, and premature wrinkle.

This product is so Hot in Thailand that is had become one of the most popular souvenir tourists get fro their friends or families back at home. Many had to queue or fight to get the product but I'm lucky to have mine without having to experience it. Read more in this post as I share with you my experience with this snail cream. As you know I've been a loyal fan of snail creams that's why this I have high hopes on this cream. Wanna know if its a hit or miss for me? Make sure you read to the end. Enjoy! 
Let me introduce you to one of the famous souvenir from Thailand, Namu Life SnailWhite Day Cream . 
This hologram sticker is to show its a legit authentic product.

The most unique point about this Namu Life SnailWhite cream is its airless packaging. The design of the packaging itself is so sleek and clean. The airless packaging design helps to create a double protection cover to prevent dust and air get inside the SnailWhite  Cream. This way you can totally feel safe and secure about the product you're applying on your skin cause the product won't be expose to any sort of contamination as the packaging is created in such a way.   
Airless package
You can check out the expire and manufacturing date at the back of the packaging
In order to get the product one need to pump on the upper most of the tube and the product will pump out.I would usually pump one to two pumps and the product is adequate for my whole face and neck area. When it comes to skin care especially when you plan on layering your skin care I would suggest not to use too much cause being too generous might cause harm to your own skin. 
Once the product is out from the container then you can scoop it out and close the lead. This will keep your product well maintained cause the design is made in a way that no air can actually contaminate the product.

The only downside of this packaging is you can't see the amount of product left in the packaging and its size is bit bulky so you can't hardly bring it on the go.  

The cream comes in a milky white color, even though it kind of look rich and thick but once applied it feels super light and absorbs quickly into my skin.

NAMU LIFE SNAILWHITE Day Cream is a combination of skin treatment and protection. Its a cream that will help even out your skin tone while protecting your skin from not only UV rays that are very well known to be harmful for your skin but also blue lights that are found on television, computer, and cell phone screens. Do you know that these blue lights are actually harmful for your skin as well? They also lead to early skin aging :( but most people can't stay away from their phones and skin monitor we're almost stuck 24/7. That's why we need skin care that gives us protection on from these blue lights.

Direction of usage:
Apply on your fresh cleanly washed face, gently pat the product into your skin. For best application better to waken the cream between your fingers so that the cream get a sensation of your warmth before application on your skin. Apply every morning in your skin care routine as the cream/ moisturizer step and head over with your make up step. The cream will make your skin feels smoother, firmer, brighter and healthier. Apply on your face and neck area as well. You don't want to miss out the neck step because that's the area that show the earliest sign of aging.

As for myself I love to dot the product on my skin and gently massage the product into my skin. Then gently rubbing my hands and pat it onto my skin by doing this step I feel the warmth of my hands help to boost the absorption of the product on my skin.

The final look with Namu Life Snail white Day Cream as a base. Totally love the texture, it makes my skin feel smoother and my makeup also sets on better
Now let me share with you my personal thoughts after trying out this day cream from Namu Life SnailWhite. You know my skin is very sensitive and acne prone thus I've been very careful lately in choosing to try on new skincare because I've been fighting acne actively for a god few months now. However this cream was different, it cause no further irritation or inflation on my skin. Totally love that it has a smooth and light texture that absorbs quickly into my skin. Not to forget the soft and natural scent which is so soothing, as someone who hate scented skincare but this cream's scent or aroma is nothing too overwhelming so its great. As someone who is very lazy to apply sunblock even though I know the importance of sun cream protection by hard but I can't bring myself to layer too much product on my skin this cream is a great option because the cream itself already contain SPF that helps to fight uv rays. Totally love to use this as a base before my make up ever since I used it.

The texture of the SnaillWhite Day cream is also light as it glides in and absorbs quickly into my skin. Upon every application my skin instantly look more supple, bright ( more radiant), and it even evens out my pores. This cream also provides moisture and hydration to my skin thus making my makeup to stick and last longer. Overall I love how the cream works on my skin, as I could see visible result right after application, you will always know when a product works on your skin when your skin feels and look great at the same time.

Happy Me :) 
Now Name Life SnailWhite products are available in Indonesia through Don't forget to use my code "SBNLAHWU" whenever you shop at Sociolla to get 50k off your purchase (min 250k). 
Thank you for reading ! I'll see you on my next one~

Love, Stevie 

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