[PRODUCT REVIEW]: COSRX is officially in Indonesia

Friday, June 22, 2018

Hi loves! holiday is finally over ~ Did you come back feeling more refreshed? I hope so :) Today in this post I'll share with you guys this long awaited post that I've been preparing.. It's official guys that COSRX has finally landed here in Indonesia. Anyone as excited as me? Cause I've been waiting for this brand to be officially launched here since two years ago :') Upon their launching this time, they sent me this PR box containing some of the best selling COSRX products that are currently available in Indonesia (hopefully all the other product line will also be available soon.  fingercrossed*)
I bet no one's new with this K-beauty brand from Korea, COSRX with its iconic Mr. RX as the mascot has definitely won the hearts of many customers all across the globe ! COSRX products focused on well formulated products with main basic key ingredients that work effectively to cater to  various skin issues. My personal encounter with COSRX was due to my eagerness to stop using prescribed medication from my dermatologist to cater to my skin problems and somehow it works. I did my research and found that COSRX products include all the basic ingredients by eliminating most ingredients that might cause irritation to skin. Thus most of their products only contain very minimal ingredient list. Now let me take you along this PR package unboxing and review about all the products in it. If you've been with me you might already saw what's inside from my IG post and stories but in this post I'll take you on a deeper review on each product. 
At first when I saw this huge package in the form of my favorite COSRX - One Step Original Clear Pad my heart skips a beat. It definitely scream cuteness overload! Inside the package we have a greeting card, MR. RX dummy, cute stickers, Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, One Step Original Clear Pad and One Step Moisture Up Kit. Now without further ado let's begin with the review shall we? 

COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 

Everyone has been raving about this facial wash saying that its super gentle and upon trying it I can't seem to agree more. This facial wash comes in a 150 ml tube which will be good enough for quite sometimes because normally we only need an adequate amount to give our skin a good face wash. So a little goes a long way! It contains tea tree oil that helps to control sebum and shrink pore size as well as natural BHA to help refine skin texture. The gel texture also makes this facial wash very gentle on the skin. Similar to its name this cleanser focuses on its mild acidic pH 5.0 ~ 6.0 that is similar to our skin's natural pH level to ensure protect our skin barrier and skin environment. This cleanser surely makes my skin feels refresh and cleanse after every wash without feeling that uncomfortable tight tingling feeling thus making it a very gentle facial wash. 
Direction of Use
-Use a small amount of Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser and gently massage it on your skin to help it thoroughly cleanse your skin. 
- Rinse with water 
- Pat your face dry and its ready for the next skin care steps. 

Price: Rp 133,000
Rate: 5/5

COSRX - One Step Moisture Up Kit 
To be honest among the three products I'm super excited to try this one out because its a simple kit consisting three main products that are great to carry around especially when we go traveling. The moisture kit consist of cleansing, moisture up pad and mask pack. The first cleanser step consist of the  Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser  which is very gentle to cleanse the skin. The moving on to step two which the moisture up pad which is very good toner to hydrate and moisturize skin with its propolis extract and hyaluronic acid. Step three is the Holy Moly Snail sheet mask that helps to soothe and hydrate deeply into the skin. Gently pad off the excess essence into your skin. After using all the one step moisture up kit your skin will instantly feel revived and refreshed. Giving you a naturally healthy glow! This will be very effective for long flights when you need to refresh and keep your skin hydrated throughout the long flight. 

Price: Rp 57,000
Rate: 5/5 

COSRX - One Step Original Clear Pad

Now comes to the star of all COSRX product is my favorite One step Original Clear Pad which was previously known as One Step Pimple Pad. Its the same they just have did a little rebranding on this product. This product has been my ultimate favorite since the first time I tried it. I've already wrote a whole complete review on this previously back in 2016 check it out here if you've missed it. Each container contains 70 presoaked pad with two different side one is emboss while the other is smooth. The use of this two end is to be a gentle exfoliate for our skin. I normally use this for my toner step, first the embossed side to gentle swipe it across my skin to remove dead skin cells, excess sebum or left over dirt on my skin. Then the smooth size to again swipe it over my skin to moisturize and also pick up any more left over dirt on my skin to prep my skin for the next skin care which usually is essence and moisturizer so that the product can absorb better into the skin. Consisting natural BHA makes this product effective to fight excess sebum, balance and refine skin condition thus is very effective for acne prone skin. Back then this was a product that helped my trouble acne prone skin till today even though I still get break outs here and then but the product really help to soothe my skin condition and keeping the excess sebum in check. This is definitely my MVP item! I have never skipped this even once every single day. If you know me personally you might have seen me talking about this product numerous time. Now you can easily get your hands on it through Sociolla

The only con I have for this product is each container only contain 70 pads thus using it day and night means you'll finish it in a month. I wish it comes in more pads so we don't have to repurchase too often. 
On the left is the embossing side and on the right side is the smoother side

Price: Rp 256,500
Rate: 4.5/5 
Overall COSRX has always been a brand that has effectively managed to deliver its customers with the effectiveness in skincare products as the answer to the needs of various skin concerns. I am personally an avid fan of this brand long even before it has officially launched in Indonesia. Thus this official launch has made me the happiest when I heard that they are finally here because I've always been the type of person that love to purchase my skincare right from the shop counters but even though now COSRX products are not yet available offline but they'll soon be at Watson but atlas we have the official distributor at Sociolla which ensures that the products we purchase are authentic. 

Head over to Sociolla to purchase, don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" before checking out to save 50k for min 250k purchases. Enjoy !! If you are new to COSRX I would definitely recommend you to try them out, Their products are marketed at an affordable price tag yet has a very great effectiveness especially for acne prone and sensitive skin due to the active ingredients that are included in most of their products. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Tbh baru tau this brand, hehe, but definitely will give a try. Is it only available on sociolla?

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    Glad this product finnaly coming in indonesia.
    Hello ci, my name monika.
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  3. Wanna try this product!!! Thx cistevvvv 😘❤
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