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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hello loves, Long holiday is approaching have you planned where to go for holiday? Whether its visiting your family back at your hometown or going for a holiday I wish everyone a pleasant holiday. Today in this post I'll share a little bit about the event I attended last week which is an Iftar event with Close Up. For those of you who've been following me on my Instagram might have already caught a glimpse of the event on my IG stories but today I'm gonna share a little bit more about all the fun at the event together with a little product overview of Close up Ever Fresh toothpaste and their newest product Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile toothpaste.  

Are you ready to smile bright and stun the whole room with your beautiful smile:) Get prepared with Closeup cause their newest products are designed to ensure 12 hours of freshness and good breath ! The newest toothpaste from Closeup is their White Attraction natural smile which claims to be able to brighten your teeth naturally within 2 weeks of usage :) 

During the event we had a little casual talk with the representative of Closeup explaining more about their toothpaste and the use of natural herbal ingredients in the toothpaste that are made to be able to bring brighter smile and fresher breath to its users. Not only that we played several games throughout the event which was super fun and definitely made the whole room smiled. To be honest the traffic jam was super bad during that day that it took me about two hours to reach the venue, J town's traffic is indeed unpredictable and I feel really bad to my team that I can't attend the first two games which I heard was about whisper game and team photo shoot :'( 

However luckily when I arrive I made it to the last activity which is the ta'jil making session and cause this month we're still in the Ramadan fasting season so its like a tradition to have ta'jil before breakfasting thus at this event we're all asked to make our own sweet mocktail. So each of us has our own box of fruits for us to fill and decorate in our drink.  Here's my very own  ta'jil  ↓↓ 

Overall the event was fun and chill evening like all beauty journal event. I've always felt super happy to be part of SBN family. The event concluded as we had our break fasting together accompanied by a sweet live music team as we have our meal. 

Product Review
Closeup Ever Fresh 

Together with the invitation to the Closeup event which I've shared above Closeup has sent me this Closeup Ever Fresh toothpaste and looking at the product claim I'm super excited to try it out. I tried it immediately wanting to test its claim that this toothpaste can keep our breath fresh for 12 hours which makes #TotallyCloser possible. This toothpaste is designed with anti bacterial and mouthwash formula that ensures to keep our breath fresh for 12 hours. I usually use a good amount of it daily and I could really smell the freshness of it with a huge kick of menthol freshness right after brushing my teeth. 

Have you ever got caught in a situation when you feel you have unfresh and bad breath ? That most probably be the most uncomfortable and embarrassing moment. For me personally having a fresh breath is very important to maintain the basic courtesy to the people I talk to and to feel good about myself too. After trying this toothpaste I would say I keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day even after eating. This helps me to boost my confidence level and be more confident to get closer to people without having to feel self-conscious about myself. Especially during this Ramadan fasting season when those who practice fasting aren't able to drink throughout the whole day this can easily cause dehydration cause unfreshness in their breath this is why finding the right mouthwash and dental care can help to keep your breath fresh throughout the day.  

Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile 

Now onto the next product which is also the newest product from Closeup which is their Closeup White Attraction Natural Smile which is said to be able to brighten up your smile naturally within 2 weeks of usage. This toothpaste has a different color compared to their Ever Fresh toothpaste which has a greenish color but this one comes in a more transparent color with a little tiny greenish dots which I believe is the sea salt extract in the toothpaste. This toothpaste main ingredient are lemon essence and sea salt which makes them an effective agent to brighten up our teeth. Closeup White Attraction Natural
Smile will make you smile more confidently with brighter smile :) I've already used this for three days now but I wouldn't say I could see any drastic change in my teeth color but I do feel my teeth somehow looks a bit brighter compared to its usual. It also makes me feel fresh and its also great for my sensitive teeth not like usual brightening toothpaste that triggers my sensitive teeth this one is just right and doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive teeth. Let's give this a test a little longer to see if it works to brighten up my smile.  
#morethanclean #YellowToHello

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Whoaaaaa so excited to try this product. Can keep our breath fresh until 12 hours? Omg πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
    Btw, always love your technique to take the picture. Instagramable banget ciiii 😍
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  2. Hai Stevie, salam kenal. Btw, aku juga pakai pasta gigi ini. Bikin fresh seharian, nafas juga segar. Thankyou for sharing ya.


  3. Belum pernah cobain close up.. Tapi setelah liat reviewnya jadi pingin cobain hehehe😝
    Ig : michelleangela22

  4. Belum pernah cobain close up.. Tapi setelah liat reviewnya jadi pingin cobain hehehe😝
    Ig : michelleangela22

  5. Belom pernah cobain close up.. Tapi setelah liat reviewnya jadi pingin cobain heheheπŸ˜πŸ’•
    Ig: michelleangela22


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