Shu Uemura: Petal Skin Liquid Foundation vs. Petal Skin Cushion Foundation

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hello jolly people! It's finally time for this long awaited post I promised ; Shu Uemura Petal skin foundations for poreless perfection with #eyeclosed, following this tagline they promised that these foundations will bring you a smooth poreless complexion as easy as with your eyes closed. Shu Uemura Petal Skin foundation has been the talk of the beauty community for sometime now and you gotta give it a try as well to not only experience the hype but to actually experience the greatness of their products. Firstly, I'd like to thank Shu Uemura Indonesia for sending me these Petal Skin foundation products: Petal Skin Liquid foundation and Petal skin cushion foundation so I got to try them out and share with you guys my personal thoughts about them. Even though I am gifted with the products but all my review about it in this post is my own and is based on my personal experience with them. You'll find out why I love them and which of the two that has been on my go-to makeup. Let's begin shall we?  

Shu Uemura - Petal Skin Cushion Foundation
Petal skin Cushion Foundation comes in 8 shades containing 13g of products and you can always get the refill if you finish yours. This cushion is suitable for daily use because it comes with SPF 25 PA++ that gives you the sun protection.  
The packaging of this cushion is just like normal cushion it comes with a puff as well and a separator to keep the puff clean from actually touching the product. The cute part about their packaging is the petal image on the front cover that makes it look very feminine and clean. Overall the packaging is dominated with white color that gives a sleek clean look to it.  
Formula + Coverage 
 Petal Skin Cushion Foundation  has a powdery formula with Japanese Sakura duo ingredients that gives your skin a smooth and flawless complexion. The texture of this cushion feels very light and gives off an instant velvety matte finish onto the skin. Although I'm usually a dewy look fan but this cushion works so well that it makes my complexion looks even and flawless throughout the day. The coverage of this cushion is also something I want to highlight, similar to their Petal Skin fluid foundation that has amazing coverage their cushion is no difference. Just as seen on the image below where I used only a single dab to cover up my eyeliner mark you can already see a great coverage. The coverage is buildable and I would say they have medium - high coverage and is among the best cushion products which has awesome coverage. Despite having awesome coverage and matte finish the best part is this cushion don't crack throughout the day! So they stays on all day long making my complexion look on point every time I apply it. Thus making this my current go-to cushion for a few months now. 
The product is designed to be able to blur out pores and create a poreless matte finish and the applicator makes it easy for us to apply the product because a single dab usually catch enough product to cover up my whole face. This Petal skin cushion is enhanced with Japanese Sakura duo extracts in the ingredients to make the finish look more poreless and smooths thus giving you a youthful looking skin. This cushion would work perfect on all skin type but its very important to keep your skin moisturized first. 
Shade - 584 Fair Sand // This shade is like a true match on my skin ❤
Rate: 4.5 /5 
Petal Skin Cushion: IDR 800 000
Petal Skin Cushion Refill: IDR 560 000

Shu Uemura - Petal Skin Liquid Foundation
Petal skin fluid foundation has a total of 9 shades each comes with 30 ml of product that will surely last for a good sometime because this product really goes a long way cause only a little provide you with so much coverage already. Its also equipped with SPF 20 PA++ which will be great for daily protection. 
The Petal Skin Cushion Foundation comes in an elegant clean glass bottle packaging and it has a pump that is very useful and hygienic way to get the product. The pump is something I consider very effective in terms of product packaging design because with pump we can control the amount of product we want to take without wasting too much excess product. 
Shade - 774 Light Beige // This shade is a bit light on me but since I mixed it with another dewier foundation it works just right on me but using it as it is won't be a huge issue in terms of shade because the difference is very slight. 
Formula + Coverage
This Petal skin liquid foundation has a lightweight watery texture but don't get me wrong their coverage is amazing. The product contains of Botanic Oleo-Veil that soothes the skin, White Jasmine extract to boosts skin clarity to give a radiant bright complexion and White Lily extract that hydrates skin. With these ingredients on this foundation this product gives a smooth, poreless and fresh complexion. However the finish of this foundation is a matte finish that's why it would work best for those with oily skin because once your natural oil blends in with the product it'll give you a healthy fresh skin complexion. The coverage is amazing lost count of how many times I've been saying that but their coverage is just way awesome and its more like medium to full coverage foundation. As for myself with combination skin and certain dry areas caused by acne spot treatment I love that the foundation don't sit in the dry area highlighting the dryness but it smoothen out my skin but I still feel that using the product itself gives off a matte finish that is just too dry for me thus I decided to mix it with a dewier foundation and after doing so I can't help but fell in love with it. I usually use a foundation brush to blend the foundation and gently dab dab with my finger to give a much more natural finish and also blend out the brush strokes.  
This Shu Uemura Petal Skin liquid foundation is recommended to be used together with their Shu Uemura Petal Skin 55 brush which is said to be able to bring a smooth poreless and flawless complexion. The brush is designed specially to compliment with this foundation but if you don't want to get the brush you are free to use any brush or beauty blender to blend the product because the formula of this foundation is kind of light that you can easily blend it off perfectly.  
Rate: 4/5 
Petal Skin Fluid Foundation: IDR 700 000
Petal Skin 55 Brush: IDR 850 000

Overall I think both these products have amazing coverage and matte finish but gives off a smooth an poreless complexion. However if you ask me I would definitely choose the cushion over the liquid foundation because it works better on my skin type.  My skin is combination and sensitive acne prone but I guess its safe to say both these foundation don't break me out. They also did a greta job in hiding my blemishes and redness. Now which of the two will suit your skin type best? 
If you've been with me on my Instagram as well you might have already read my mini reviews on both this Petal Skin products but I hope through his post you'll get a better insight about the products. You can purchase Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundations at their counters at department stores, Shu Uemura boutique store or online through Sephora ID. Thank you for reading~ See ya on my next one soon! 

Love, Stevie 

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