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Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello loves ! Wishing everyone a happy Eid Mubarak :) still in the holiday spirit here am I back with a little event recap on the SENKA Perfect White Clay gathering event together with the product review on this new product from SENKA. As many of you have known SENKA isn't a new brand well they are very popular even long before they finally launch to Indonesia last year. If you missed on my previous SENKA post make sure to check it out hereWithout further ado lets begin shall we? 

The event begin with a little opening speech from the representative of SENKA Indonesia, sharing more about this new SENKA Perfect White Clay. This new “Perfect White Clay” is different from the classic Perfect Whip facial foam because it contains "White Clay" aside from the White Cocoon essence and Hyaluronic Acid that all SENKA Facial foam is equipped with. SENKA has been the no. 1 best selling facial foam in Japan for 8 consecutive years and their fans aren't only in Japan cause they've also been best selling facial foam in other Asian countries as well including Indonesia. 

During the event we had a fun activity which is clay painting session, I believe since we had no time to actually make the pottery from clay so we're each equipped with a white plate for us to draw on. The theme for it was anything related to Japan so the first thing that pops on my head was sakura and Mt. Fuji thus here's what is realized from my visualization. What do you think of my free hand painting :) Drew this without any reference and decided to follow my instinct instead. Sometimes its therapeutic to just let your inspirations run free why you draw or paint. Didn't notice how much I miss painting, Thank you Senka for giving us this fun activity. 

The event also took place during Ramadan season which means we're all waiting to break fasting together as well. So the event proceeded till its finally time to break fast and we're all enjoying our meals together! Finishing it off with our tradition ritual to just sit and catch up with my girls ! 


Now we're at the most anticipated part this new product review from SENKA. I'm happy to get the chance to try out this new variant after being super pleased with their classic Perfect Whip series. Let me take you along with me through this brief product review :)
The classic SENKA Perfect Whip (Blue) and the new SENKA Perfect White Clay 
Containing White Cocoon this new Perfect White Clay works to improve skin cell and help to accelerate the regeneration process of skin thus resulting in a brighter skin complexion. The Hyaluronic Acid is meant to help retain moisture in the skin and acts as the main ingredient to tackle anti aging, antioxidant, acts as skin barrier. The special part is the "White Clay" which is the highlight of this product, the white clay acts as the natural mineral that detoxify skin and helps to cleanse our skin thoroughly deep into the pores and also help to get rid of dead skin cell. Clay is no longer new that they work best to deep cleanse pores thus its not surprising to know that the white clay have a great function to deep cleanse and help to result in a fresh brighter overall complexion.  
Ingredients list
Water, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Peg-8, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, Glycerin
This product claims to cleanse off dead skin cell and dirt on the surface of our skin with its bubbly thick foams. The product is formulated in a way that it foams help to retain moisture on our skin thus maintaining the natural moisture and hydration of our skin. Helps to keep our skin smooth and hydrated. Following with 2018 vision and Mission of SENKA as well as the current trend in Japan, they go with the concept of  "Suppin" which means "natural skin beauty" / "natural bare skin". They would like to encourage woman to be proud and feel good about their own skin or suppin by having a healthy and well maintained skin condition. 
Here's the foaming net, this net is used to help create more foams from the facial foam.
Are you ready for some bubble party?   
I've been enjoying some bubble party every time I wash with SENKA facial foam! However I noticed compared to the Perfect Whip, this SENKA Perfect White Clay don't really create large foams as much as the Perfect Whip but don't get me wrong they still foam up pretty well! Good enough to enjoy while washing your face. 

Direction of Use:
 I would usually use an adequate amount of product about 2 cm more or less then use the foaming net to create the foam before applying it to wash my face because its the foam that actually helps to cleanse off our skin thus make sure to lathers it off completely into foams before applying onto your skin. After gently applying the foam onto your skin and  make sure to rinse it off thoroughly with water. 

Overall I'm loving this new SENKA Perfect White Clay because it felt super gentle on my skin and also really makes me feel like my skin is cleanse thoroughly without giving that squeaky clean / tight feeling which is great cause that means the facial foam still retain our skin's moisture instead of stripping them off. I really love the soft, subtle fruity & floral scent of this facial foam which is very similar to their Perfect Whip. The tendency of their foam is also thick but it just not as foamy as the Perfect Whip. This formula is also said to brighten up our whole skin complexion due to its White Clay composition however I can't really say if it works yet cause no skin care does instant magic but all I can say I love how my skin felt after washing with it. Despite my current sensitive and allergic skin this facial foam doesn't add up to my skin irritation, I notice that after every wash my skin felt refreshed and looks soothed and I didn't notice any break outs caused by this product. Thus so far my skin has been enjoying it! 

Since their launch last year , SENKA is available online at Sociolla and offline at Watson, Century, AEON supermarket and Lulu supermarket as well. SENKA Perfect White Clay comes in two different sizes (50 gr) for IDR 35,000 and (120 gr) for IDR 72,000. If you're excited to give this new SENKA a try do purchase them through Sociolla and don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" before checking out to save 50k for min 250k purchases. 

Thank you for reading! I'll see you soon on my next post~

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Gambar kamu bagus bgt kak, kayak kamu memang berbakat di dunia seni. Maaf ya salah fokus hihihi (@elvani.sbt)

  2. Thankyou for ied mubarak greeting ci💘 aku baru tauuu loh senka udah ada di indoo,telat bangett yah aku ehhehehh , facial foam nya affordable bangettt yahh💖 jd pengenn nyobaa jugaaak , blog nya ci stevie itu emang paling favorit dan juara banget huhuhu , lengkap banget kalo ngeriview 💖 ada ingredients nyaa , riview nya lengkap , ada direction of use ,trs ngejelasin jga formula nyaa dan kegunaannya ,yg paling penting bahasa inggrisnyaaa duhhhhhh jatuhh cinta, makasih lohh ci,blognya ga cuman ngeriview product gitu tapi ngebantu aku juga dalam berbahasa inggris dan meningkatkan vocab akuu💘 big lavv for u ci💘 *Aulia Cahya ig: @aulia.ck

  3. Cant wait to try senka perfect white clay. Thx for ur review ci, always help me to choose my skincare and makeup products ������
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  4. I love your feeds and how you took a pic of the products you review...they look really professional, and make me want to try...such as this Senka perfect white clay...besides I knew this product is best selling in Japan, seeing this product review on your website makes me want to buy it...Great review and feed ! IG : mimi_himekawaii


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