[Event + Review]: Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 2.0

Thursday, August 09, 2018

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Welcome back loves! I know its been awhile since my last blogpost but I promise this month I'll have a lot of exciting posts coming up. Here on this post I'll share about the event hosted by Shiseido Indonesia a few weeks ago on 25 July 2018. The event took place at Gudang Gudang Yoga – Studio. Space. Style, Kemang, there Shiseido Indonesia introduced and launched their newest Ultimune 2.0, which is the latest upgrade from their previous Ultimune skincare series. This new  Ultimune 2.0 skincare range is said to be able to strengthen our skin while making it more plump, bright and healthy looking. For those who missed out all the fun at the event through my IG storeies today I'll take you back with me on a little sneak peek to what we've done at the event. Let's begin~ 

Different from the usual beauty event, Shiseido decided to choose a fun activity for us which is yoga session. Well actually on that day I wasn't very fit because its just been two days since my health dropped and I was very anxious whether or not I could complete the whole yoga session but thank God everything went well. As someone who's never regularly active in working out I thought it was a great time to get some muscles moving but since I wasn't a 100% fit I took it easy and thankfully our instructor was so understanding that she don't mind me taking rest when I started feeling dizzy. 

Before the Yoga session starts, we were introduced to the new face of Shiseido Indonesia which is Prisia Nasution. She's a very beautiful and strong woman and I can really see why Shiseido chose her especially for this campaign which is mainly focusing on strengthening our skin and how we increase awareness in woman that we're all strong, we have a strong mind which makes all women strong! 

The reason why Shiseido chooses yoga is because Yoga needs strength from within for us to preserve the pose that will eventually benefit our health. Similar to this new Shiseido Ultimune 2.0  which is created to help the skin build its of strength and immunity thus resulting in a strong healthier skin. I'm truly impressed with the philosophy behind this product and brand which contains massage to empower woman on the importance of looking into our strength from within and how our skin can also defend itself better once they are properly taken care off. 
As I've said previously my condition wasn't very well after recovering from my illness but after hearing out the philosophy and tagline from this product which is "Beauty brings out the strength within". I can't help but to stay focus and try to complete the yoga session while training myself to bring out the strength in me. Luckily I managed to finish and guess what, I feel super refreshed right after the yoga session. At first I thought my body was still weak because of the illness but then once I tried to remain focus and challenge myself. My body is actually stronger than I image that's when it hits me that it's never our physical aspect that dictates us but its our mind. Our mind is so powerful that it can help us bring out the best in us or it can destroy us thus it's very important to feed our mind with positivity so that it can drive to bring the best in us. 
With the Brand Ambassador of Shiseido Indonesia - Prisia Nasution

After completing the Yoga session we got a little down time to sit down and chit chat while hearing out the sharing session from the KOL on that day which was Lizzie Parra, Andra Alodita, and Nicoline Patricia Malina. They shared about the most difficult times or decisions that they had to make in their life which somehow made the person who they are today. As we all know they are figures of inspiring ladies with tons of successful stories, I personally look up to them because their work and journey has really inspired me to strive forward towards something that I'm passionate about. That concludes the event, I had tons of fun and also discovered that when you focus you can always find the strength in you. 


Now it's time for the product review:) I bet you've been waiting for this part, aren't you? As some of you might have known that Shiseido has launched Shiseido Ultimune before but now they came out with the latest Shiseido Ultimune 2.0 which is said to have double the effect of the previous series. With all that being said let's me share with you how this product work on me. So inside my goodie from the event I got myself the new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 2.0.

The packaging of this product is super elegant and classic in a glass like bottle container with Shiseido's color which is red making it look even more striking and eye catching. It gives the bold and strong vibe which compliment to the tag line of this product which is to bring out the strength from within.
This product comes with a pump which enables us to get sufficient product easily  without any wastage. It also ensures the hygiene of the product stored in the packaging.
Texture & Formula

The texture and formula of this Shiseido Ultimune 2.0  felt super light and it absorbs super quickly into the skin without feeling greasy at all. It comes in this transparent watery solution which has a very subtle scent that doesn't cause much of my concern. The product works like a serum so its better to use it right after toner and before moisturizer because its best to apply skincare from the least thick consistency to the most dense so that the product absorbs better into the skin, giving it the maximum result of the product. I really love how this product makes my skin feel right after using it. It makes my skin feel soft, subtle and plump upon every usage. This New Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate compose ImuGeneration Technology which uses potent natural extract that will boost the skin immunity so that the skin can defend itself and maintain an ideal condition for itself. 

 I'll rate this 4.5/5 for its formula and texture. 

Overall I love how this product works on my skin, no irritation or what so ever so its good. As you guys might have known my skin is still very sensitive and is still recovering from the previous acne and break outs but apparently this product didn't cause any more skin irritation onto my skin. So far so good! I'm liking how it makes my skin texture feeling more plump and elastic. However I wouldn't say it did much difference in the brightening factor but I do feel the instant boost of lift onto my skin whenever I apply this Shiseido Ultimune 2.0. Therefore my conclusion after giving this product a try for a week or so I could really see the improvement in my skin texture and elasticity which is something I love and my skin needs because these days due to excessive acne treatment I felt my skin feel super dehydrated thus this product helps to boost the hydration level of my skin making it look healthier. 
Now this new Shiseido Ultimune 2.0 is available at all Shiseido counters at department stores as well as online through Shiseido store at Lazada

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you on my next one :) 

Love, Stevie 

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