Moonshot launch in Indonesia

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hello loves, I'm back with a very good news our long awaited brand is finally here. If you're a Kpop fan you must be familiar with YG entertainment thus Moonshot won't be new to you. But if you're not, I got your back.. Let me give you a brief introduction on Moonshot, it is a beauty brand from YG entertainment and has been a well established brand ever since it launches in 2014 in Korea. After years, today we finally have Moonshot in Indonesia. Through C&F Moonshot is now being distributed in Indonesia, you can find a wide range of their best selling products available in store. 

I was lucky to be among the first to try out their products at their launching event at C&F Coco store at Grand Indonesia on 10 August 2018. Thank you for having me at the event ! When we talk about K beauty they usual opt for natural and warm looking colors but Moonshot is a those K beauty brand that is different from those available in Korea. They are vibrant, bold and distinct in terms of their colors, just like YG artists that have their own colors and personality their cosmetic brand is no different. The first impression the brand gave me was bold, vibrant and colorful! which is not much difference from their tag line that is "We seek, dare to be extraordinary" , they wanted their customers to be able to have fun while doing makeup and experience the extraordinary just like their YG artists. Below are some of the shots I managed to take during the event, hopefully the information will be helpful ! I'm most curious about their jelly pot that is an eyeshadow product that has a similar texture as jelly. 

Thank you for having us ! 
So that's it ! Hopefully the information is helpful for those who are curious about the pricing and where to purchase Moonshot in Indonesia. See ya on my next post :)

Love, Stevie 

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