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Hello loves, today I’m going to share a little about the last gathering event with Sorella. The event was held at Segarra beach Ancol, expecting a refreshing tropical breeze but when I arrive it was still scorching hot, the weather was super high but gladly the sky was so clear and blue so we managed to get a few great outdoor shots although I ended up feeling overheat after the shoot (refer to my IG to see the pict).

Okay, now let’s begin, shall we? If you’ve been keeping yourself updated you might have already seen the glimpse of the event on my IG stories but today I’ll take you in depth more to discuss on the awareness of breast cancer since this event was also supported by Love Pink Indonesia which is an organization that has been actively supporting breast cancer patients as well as raising awareness on breast cancer.
Criteria of breast cancer sign, If you experience any of the sign do go to seek medical help. There's two way to check on your breast one is through our own realize process which is self-check other one is through mammography.
Medical research has claimed that breast cancer is now one of the deadliest disease in the world. Thus, it makes it even more important for us to be aware about the illness and be actively involved in sharing about the breast cancer awareness because even though its deadly but if it’s discovered in the early stage the possibilities of survival is high. This makes it important for people in our generation and is also part of my responsibility to share it with my audience that this breast cancer issue is not a joke and it’s important for everyone to know about and be aware of it because breast cancer can happen to anyone including man.  
During the event we did a little self-check moves :)  
Once you felt that there’s any discomfort or any unusual appearance to your breast than its better to get a check up to make sure everything is okay. The easiest way to notice whether something is wrong is through self-check process called Realize (Sadari). Realize is the easiest way to notice whether something’s wrong or not and its recommended to do It regularly every month after your period. If you happen to notice something odd don’t fear just go to the doctor and get some check up done. If you do this process routine even though you might suffer from the disease but it will still be in the early stage thus its much easier to treat and you’ll eventually get better because today at Love Pink Indonesia we have a lot of breast cancer survivors who continuously and actively taking part in the awareness raising campaign to share with the public that breast cancer is curable and you have to discover it early to increase or raise the chances of survival.  

So this event is part of Sorealla to be actively taking part in raising breast cancer awareness together with Love Pink Indonesia. During the event one of the breast cancer survivor also came to share about her personal story and experience, she’s now all healthy and well. Even so she said she still do check up regularly to see if everything is under control because till now the main cause of breast cancer is still unknown aside from the hormone issue. Therefore in order to prevent its better to do the realize process on your own regularly, have a balanced healthy lifestyle and diet pattern.
Now let’s move to the Bra talk. Sorella is a brand that specializes in inner wear since 1974 and is available across Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. Sorealla has landed in Indonesia since 1985 and is now under PT. Megariamas Sentosa which is also a company that has many other inner wear brands like seperti PIERRE CARDIN, YOUNG HEARTS, and FELANCY. Sorealla main tagline is to bring inner beauty to woman. Thus, they are active to support the breast cancer awareness as the survey from WHO has said one out of eight woman in developing countries are suffering from breast cancer. AS terrifying as it sounds I just hope today we can all speak a little more hope and faith instead of fear. Let’s raise awareness and treat the disease if detected because early stage is possible to cure.
It is very important for us to find the right bra because wearing wrong bra can lead to more health problems. Wearing the wrong bra can interfere with the blood flow in your body thus might result in serious health issue. Sorella is commited to bring designs of bra that are not only aesthetic in designs but also comfortable and has health benefit for the body. Since bra’s main purpose is to support our breast. One of the product is Body Contour Wellness Bra that has several benefit such as:

- Far  Infrared Rays (has a detoxification function, prevents electromagnetic radiation and improves blood circulation) in the breast.
- 3D Zero pressure wire bras are made by following the shape of the breast and when used there is no wire pressure so it does not cause pain around the breast when the bra is used because of the loose wire.
- Specialty Bra Bamboo Bra ( uses ingredient from bamboo that function to improve blood circulation, anti bacteria, and remove odor. Coffe Yarn to prevent skin irritation and anti oxidant.
- Mastectomy Bra for woman that is suffering from breast cancer and post breast removal so that the breast will still appear perfect.
- Beauty Inside (Post Mastectomy Enhancement Breast Padding) as a complement to bra mastectomy is needed special padding that is a substitute for fake breasts, better known as Prothesis. And Sorella will soon issue Prothesis Silicon as a form of commitment from Sorella to meet the demands of last year's Breast Cancer survivors in Bali.

We also did hat decoration workshop and here's my decoration.. very minimalist ! 

Thank you Sorella Indonesia and Love Pink Indonesia for having me :) I had lots of fun and definitely learnt a lot despite the extremely humid and hot weather on that day! 

Love, Stevie 

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