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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hello loves, Are you ready to say bye to 2018? before the year end I have new products from Corine de Farme I'd like to share with you guys. Corine de Farme is a skincare brand from France that has been dwelling for years in the beauty industry making products that are suitable for all skin type including range suitable for babies. Today going to take you on a little sneak peek back to the launching event which took place last Tuesday 18 Dec 2018 at Branda Kitchen. 

During this event they launch their newest product which is the Corine de Farme Refreshing Moisturizing Gel Cream and Gentle Hydrating Cream. The event started as usual with an opening speech from the brand representative as well the head of Beauty Journal to say their greetings. As usual it was a chill laid back event where we get to catch up and mingle while trying and experiencing the new products. 

We also had a sharing session with dermatologist who shared about the importance for us to use moisturizer and its a myth for those who believe that having an oily skin means you don't need moisturizer. This is proven to be false because all skin type needs moisturizer however if you tend to have oily skin then you'll need to look for moisturizer suitable for oily skin like those with gel and water base so that it won't clog your pores on the other hand those with dry skin might need thicker moisturizer to moisturize their skin. 

Here at the event Corine de Farme introduces their two new moisturizer products: Moisturizing Gel Cream and Gentle Hydrating Cream. Which is made to cater to all skin type from normal to sensitive skin. You can choose which product works for your skin type.  

Moisturizing Gel Cream is suitable for normal to combination skin. It consist of cornflower extract which hydrates skin and it has a lighter gel formula.
Gentle Hydrating Cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It consist of peony flower extract which is great to soothe sensitive skin and moisturize skin.

After the quick sharing session, we moved on to the next session which is game time. I wasn't aware we're going to have a hair styling session for game as I came with braided hair so my hairstyle is pretty much done thus my group members wanted to decorate my hair with the props given however it wasn't allowed by the judges thus we have a new hair model which is Kak Kania as we braided her hair in the waterfall hairstyle and decorated it with flowers available in the props. At first we didn't really have a concept until we noticed the hair color resemble with Mere which was a character in the movie Aquaman that's why we concluded to go with that concept. It was so fun decorating and styling :) Had tons of fun with the girls. 
My team :) Can you guess what's the theme of our hairstyling? It's Mera from Aquaman and we went with that concept of Aqua girl :) holding a water bottle.  
The winners of the hairstyling competition ! Yeah, my team won..
Now let me share a little overview about the products which I've tried its the Gentle Hydrating Cream. Although I do have more of a combination skin but my skin is also sensitive so I wanted to try something that is gentle for sensitive skin thus I chose the Gentle Hydrating Cream. However it came to my surprise that the texture is not as thick as expected its more like a whipped cream kind of texture which easily blends into the skin and I really like how the product sets in the skin without leaving any heavy or sticky feeling. Overall I like it, and it works well on my combination skin and not having any thick consistency. You can purchase it through Sociolla and don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" to get 50k off your purchases! Thank you for reading I'll see you on my next one. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. pengen bgt sih nyobain produk ini, bnyk baca reviewan katanya bagus bgt. thanks for sharing your thought Stev

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