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Friday, December 07, 2018

Hello loves, I'm back with a new review on this new feminine hygiene wash from Absolute a brand under Kino company. It is very important for us female to actually take a proper care in cleansing our feminine area because without realizing our daily activities and perspiration can lead to irritation or sensitivity due to humidity in the intimate area. Health and wellness is very important to ensure we can have a happy lifestyle thus one should never foresee the importance to take care of their feminine hygiene. In this post I'll share about the various products from Absolute that can help us maintain the wellness of our female intimate areas. Let's begin shall we~
So in the package I received two products each from the two variants of Absolute Hypoallergenic feminine hygiene wash that is Youth Revitalize (pink) and Naturally Soothing (green). The liquid ones are available in two sizes 60 ml and 150 ml, which makes it easier for those who needs a travel size to carry the 60 ml ones. However the foamy one only come in one size. The cleansing foamy packaging is also kind of different from the liquid ones which is just a normal bottle container. The cleaning foamy has a similar plastic bottle but with a nossle pump head. The packaging is dominated with white color and both has a bottle cap/ head to prevent any bacteria from entering the product.

Formula and Texture 

Youth Revitalize has a foamy texture formula while, Naturally Soothing is the liquid formula. Both are equally good its only difference in formula and texture but the uses are the same you can choose accordingly to your preference. Both these variant of Absolute feminine wash is formulated from biolacto milk extract that can help to balance out the pH balance in the V area that is pH 3.5 to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungal that may lead to feminine health issues like discharge, itching and bad odor. The differences between the youth revitalilze variety is it contains collagen to maintain the elasticity of the area while the  naturally shoothing contain aloe vera extract. However their product do contain a little composition of parfume which is of course hypoallergenic tested thus making it safe for our intimate part. Therefore, the scent of this product is refreshing and soothing.
Direction of Use

If you decide to use the cleansing foamy a single pump then use it directly, however if you prefer the liquid one pour about 1.5-2 ml of product and add a little water to lather it out. Then once the foam is formed you can start to gently cleanse your miss V area let it sit for a while then rinse if off with water. It is recommended to use it twice a day during every shower time and more often when you're on your period because on those red days your miss v area is more prone towards bacteria and infections. The formula of Absolute Hypoallergenic is dermatology and hypoallergenic tested thus its suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin, as long as you use it properly. Feminine hygiene is important because our miss v area has a very unique pH balance thus proper care for its wellness it needed.
Overall, I'm liking how the Absolute Youth Revitalize cleansing foamy works, its effective in cleansing however I prefer the foamy ones compared to the liquid because I just enjoy the presence of foam more and I think it lathers out better and smoother giving a better satisfaction for myself during my bath. The texture is smooth and easier to use as its foamy so no added water is required. As someone who has a very busy and tight schedule it is very important for me to take proper care for my health which of course include my feminine hygiene. Thus using the right soap or cleansing soap with a balance pH level to our miss v area is important to protect and balance out the good bacteria in the area. 
You can find all the product range from Absolute at your nearest supermarkets or drugstores. Kindly visit @absolute_women or Facebook AbsolutelyWomenID for more information.
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Thank you for reading, See you on my next post ~

Love, Stevie 

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