[Travel]: Tokyo Transportation for First Timer

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Hello loves, as promised here is the post that many of you have been asking me during my last trip to Japan. I'll try my best to answer all your questions but first here I'll share with you about my choice of transportation while I was in Tokyo. This was my first time traveling to Tokyo too, Japan has been on my bucket list but thank God I gotta cross it off this year! Happy that I could take both my parents along with during this trip since Japan is on my mom's wishlist too. 
Have you ever heard that going to Japan is pricey well to be honest I used to think so too before actually stepping foot onto the country. The image that people has created has made it seem that the living cost is Japan is expensive well it can be true if you travel on taxi and eat in michelin star restaurants everyday but apparently after experiencing it myself I would say Japan or Tokyo in specific is still okay and there are a lot of other substitutes for the expensive taxi rides for efficient and punctual public transportations and food you can always try out convenient food which will definitely not only fill you up but satisfy your taste bud too because they taste equally good. Actually I don't really eat at convenient stores because I found a Japanese fast food chain that sells amazing set menus at affordable price for a set of rice, miso soup, salad and meat. 

Okay now let's hop into the main topic in this post which is the transportation... 
Actually you can purchase the subway pass here through HIS travel and all you need to do is exchange it once you arrive in Tokyo but I bought mine directly at the airport because I wanted to keep my options open till I arrive since it was my first time so I wasn't sure which one would be my best choice. However from the first I did ruled out JR passes because I was only planning to visit Tokyo and having a JR pass would not be cost effective if I only use it within the city. Thus I skipped getting it. JR passes are effective for those who are planning to visit different cities cause they would cover all your unlimited JR trains, JR buses as well as ferries.
At first I was torn within the choice of using the top up Pasmo or Suica cards but I was just lazy to do all the calculation and hassle of fare calculation every time I need to travel from one location to another thus when Tokyo Subway offer an unlimited Metro and subway rides throughout the city within the time of 24 hours (1 day), 48 hours (2 days) and 72 hours (3 days) I thought it would be a better option. However if you plan of saving up and having a planned out itinerary you might save more with the Pasmo or Suica cards but the difference won't be far. Since I stayed for 7 days I bought 2 pass of 72 hours while on the last day I bought another 24 hour for me to ride back to the airport + the extra train fare from Keikyu-Airport Line to Shimbashi station

24 hours (1 day) = ¥ 800 Adult / ¥ 400 Child
48 hours (2 days) = ¥ 1200 / ¥ 600 Child
72 hours (3 days) = ¥ 1500 / ¥ 750 Child
You can check out Tokyo Subway pass here, if you're planning to visit Tokyo this can be a great choice of transport to get you around the city. Unlimited train rides can help you explore different side of Tokyo without having to worry about the fare every time you feel like moving to a different area. Tokyo Subway pass covers unlimited train trips at all 9 Tokyo Metro lines (Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line dan Fukutoshin Line) and 4 Toei Subway lines (Asakusa Line, Shinjuku Line, Mita Line dan Oedo Line). 

Where to buy the Tokyo Subway pass in Tokyo? 
You can purchase it at the tourist center at the airport or you can always get it at the subway/ metro station there are offices where you can get your tickets from. All you need to do is present your passport, choose your desired pass and pay. The card will automatically be dated and you can check at the back of your card the last hour when you can use your card. 
Hope it answers your curiosity about the transportation mode I chose during my trip to ease the hassle of worrying about ticket fares every time. I will definitely recommend you guys to get this Tokyo pass because its cot effective and is easy to use. Happy holidays love! 

Love, Stevie 

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