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Friday, December 21, 2018

Hello loves, Welcome back today I'm going to share my complete review on this skincare which you might have seen pop up on my Instagram stories months back. The reason why this post came out so late is because I wanted to give it a try first before reviewing it and now after about three weeks incorporating them in my skincare routine its safe for me to share my thoughts about them with you guys. Are you ready? However before we begin let me ask you guys are you aware of Ristra skincare? I've actually heard about the product long ago because my mom used to use it as her skincare routine and I remember she loved them. Ristra is a Cosmetodermatology which means their products are a combination of technology in both cosmetics and skincare that have all been dermatologically tested. They are also said to be Tropical Skin Expert made to cater to the need of those skin living in the Tropical region which is known to be hot and humid throughout the year thus making our skin condition very much different compared to those living in countries or region with four seasons. People living in the tropical region tend to be exposed to high sunlight intensity, hot and humid weather, pollution and dusts. All these external factors make our skin living in the Tropical region or country need skincare that caters to Tropical skin type which is now answered by Ristra's 4 Step (cleansing, refresh, moisturize, and regenerate) , simple skincare regime right for Tropical skin with balanced pH level. Now talking about pH, why is it so important to use products that have the right pH for our skin because pH balanced product help to preserve the wellness of our skin condition by protecting our skin barrier.  

 Extremely Gentle Cleansing Milk

Double cleansing is essential for me, because I have acne prone and sensitive skin I'm always concern about making sure by the end of the day my skin is totally cleansed thus this cleansing milk is used as the first step to get rid of the first layer of dirt or makeup on the surface of my skin. It really melt down my makeup however I do cleanse it about twice or thrice to make sure its completely cleanse before moving on to the next step. I'm glad the cleansing milk don't create any irritation or warm sensation on my skin like some cleansing milk does to my skin. 

Med Soap

After that I would wash my skin with the med soap that also contain a balance pH which is great for face wash because sometimes some face wash may be too clean that it stripped off all the excess oil making our skin feel tight while this soap is gentle and I don't feel any sensation like that on my skin at all. It helps to cleanse of my skin thoroughly removing any excess dirt, sebum or makeup on my skin. 

Toning Lotion

Toner step is important to prep our skin for the next skin care step. Ristra Toning Lotion is suitable for normal to dry skin while Ristra Astringent Lotion is suitable for normal to oily skin. I got the opportunity to try out the Ristra Toning Lotion which does pretty much what it says to tone and refresh our skin after wash. It also hydrates and make my skin feeling a lot more supple :)
Moisturizing Cream

Now its time for the moisturizer, I am a firm believer that everyone needs moisturizer this include all skin type including oily skin. However today we can choose the right moisturizer for our skin condition so that it can cater to its need. This moisturizer helps to nourish and moisturize my skin making it feel very supple after application but its not greasy! This product contain olive oil which is believed to be beneficial for our skin.   

Scrub Cream

Formulated with a balance pH this product helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and is recommended to be used twice a week. Please don't over exfoliate because it will cause more harm to your skin causing skin irritation and might increase the risk of damaging our own skin barrier. After using this scrub cream I could feel my skin feels soft, smooth and much more bright. I've always loved exfoliating because it help to deep cleanse thus making our skin feeling extra smooth. Gently exfoliate and don't rub too hard :)


Sunblock or sunscreen is essential especially for us living in tropical country like ours, being constantly exposed to sunlight and harmful rays can accelerate the aging process causing freckles, dark spots and the early aging sign to form. Thus it is very important to use sunscreen everyday! Even staying indoor you're also exposed to UV rays. What I love about this suncare from Ristra is that it doesn't create any white cast upon application and it also absorbs quickly into the skin. Leaving the skin looking a lot more even too, its a great makeup base too :) 

I totally feel they are so gentle and really do not add any irritation to my super sensitive skin thus I could say it works for my sensitive , combination and acne prone skin. The best part would be it doesn't break me out, I have been very cautious in trying new skin care because I have experience a pretty severe acne months back that's why I was careful but luckily these work on my skin ! I would say my fav goes to its scrub cream because it gently exfoliates and the sincere because it doesn't feel greasy upon application and it :) Another thing I love about their product is all the products don't really have a strong scent which means they don't contain any added parfume that might irritate the skin. 
For more information you guys can check out their social media pages :
Facebook : Ristra ID
Website : www.ristra.co.id

Love, Stevie 

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