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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Last month, I got the chance to visit Genting Resort World after a very long time. The last time I remembered going there was when I was in my Primary school years, thinking back it was indeed a very long time ago. Thus I was very excited to be going this trip but as many of you might have known the process of getting there was a bit chaotic and dramatic after our flight canceled but that would be another long story to retell. Long story short we finally made it to Genting all safe and sound. So now let me take you along with me on my stay at Genting Resort World. 
I remembered Genting Resort World used to have two theme park one indoor and outdoor but currently their outdoor theme park is under construction but one thing I realized about Genting Resort World is they've changed and expanded a lot. Now we can find lots of restaurants from different delicacies on mostly every floor. First stop was checking into our hotel at Theme Park Hotel which was located adjacent to Sky Avenue where all the main shopping mall and entertainment areas are located. 

After checking in we moved on to our lunch place which was at The Laughing Fish which is a fish and chip chain from London. This is their first outlet in Asia outside London, they serve various kind of fish and chips and you can really share one portion for two or three if you're not a big eater like me. The portion was huge, just look at the picture below and you can imagine how big it was. We came in the late Afternoon but the place is already filled with some customers but in the evening it gets even more crowded. The restaurant has two areas, one is outdoor and the other indoor. They even have long bench outside for take outs which tend to be fully occupied in the evening. 

Food Menus 
Drink Menus

After lunch we headed to the Skytropolis Funland this is the indoor theme park area which I remembered going when I was a kid, but the whole area kind of changed a bit but it still got the vibe of the one I visited. As someone who's not into rides, I just enjoy looking around but here you can ride various thrilling rides which will make your adrenaline rushes. However they took us to try out this VR Game Center called The Void. To be honest at first I worry if it's going to be scary but it was super fun! Never thought I would be enjoying it but its so exciting and fun, the game we got to try was Wreck it ralph and Star Wars. First before entering the game area we had to register and put on the suit too. The suit and helmet was so heavy but you can adjust it to your needs. Trust me if you visit Genting this place is something you shouldn't miss. The experience is extremely fun!! 

Ended day one with a huge feast of seafood party at Highland restaurant which is a nice place to chill and enjoy the night. They even have an outdoor area but it can get a little bit colder at night as the fog thickens up since Genting is located in highland. 
Starting off day two with breakfast at Jom Makan which is the halal foodcourt at Sky Avenue level 4. There were a lot of food selections and you can even try local desserts such as Ice Kacang or Cendol to finish off your breakfast or meal.  
If you’re an early bird, take advantage of the ‘Jom Sarapan’ breakfast set for only RM13.90 . Choose from the choices: Economy Nasi Lemak or Fried Noodles with rice. All sets come with White Coffee. This offer is valid from 9 am - 11 am

Here's my Breakfast menu, Nasi Lemak their sauce is amazing !  

Now let me take you along with me on all the other entertainment places and fun activities you can enjoy during your stay in Genting. Aside from Skytropolis Funland there's Adventure land where you can find  Zombie Outbreak, Jurassic Park, Ripley’s Believe it or not, Jurassic Research Centre and other arcade games. 

Next we're asked to try out Zip Line but as you know your girl has fear for heights so I passed. But look at those brave souls who went on the ride. Just looking at it makes my adrenaline rushes ! I wonder how would it feel to actually be on the zip line since you're only holding on to a single wire :D for you guys thrill seeker you better try this out. 
This is currently the show they're hosting at the main atrium to watch SkySymphony Show – Jungle Jam, Ocean Groove where they got this beautifully designed lights and music for the show. The show is being played several times a day! You'll need to check on the schedule to not miss out the whole show. 
Zombie Outbreak - It's more like a haunted house where we have to step in and walk around the area with Zombies roaming around. Guess what all three of us wasn't up to for the tension so we decided to have a quick shot on the outside and ran.. The decor and props was so on point ! Can't imagine how scary the inside will look. Horror is indeed not my thing. 
Jurassic Research Centre - Here you'll get to experience the Jurassic park vibe with lots of different dinosaurs species :) It was fun to experience but at the end of the park there's one area that is thrilling and cause Adeline rush hahaha or its just us with vain hearts.  

After the fun activities we stopped by this Medan Selera Foodcourt which sells various Malaysian delicacies :p Everything looks so tempting and I opt for some char kwetiau since I had Nasi lemak already for breakfast. They have huge selections of food and drinks, their portion is also huge you can share! Mostly the menu cost for about RM 15-20. There are five outlets dine in customers can choose from Rice & Spice, Noodles, Laksa, Western Asian and Crispy Chips outlets. They also have a separate outlet for drinks, quick bites, fruits and desserts. 
We also went for a movie at Bona Cinemas Imax. Can you guess the movie we're watching? It's Captain Marvel !!! So happy since I haven't got a chance to watch it yet so I'm very happy that our movie is that. Have you seen it? What o you think of the movie, well I actually find the first half to be bit long and boring but I do understand they're actually giving us a background story of Captain Marvel but towards the middle to end I really enjoyed it. 

After it we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not! It was interesting to find so many unique findings here, everyone should try to enter it at least once you'll be fascinated with what you'll find inside. It is an interactive museum so you'll get to experience it yourself. It opens everyday 10 am -10 pm. The ticket for entrance fee is RM 22 adult and RM 18 child.   

Then let's hop on to the cable car this is definitely another highlight of this trip :) why? because this was my first time riding cable car and my first attempt was the glass floor >.< Can you imagine how panic and anxious I was at first? But I try to keep calm and self hypnotizing myself telling me that its okey, you won't fall hahahaha.. Well it didn't really work but my friend got even more scared then I was so I was trying to keep calm so she won't be more terrified and here you go I managed to pull it off with a picture sitting on the glass floor. It was indeed a thrilling experience for me, cable car attraction should be on your list if you visit Genting cause you'll get to see the aerial beauty of the whole place but do go on sunny days. When its too foggy then all you can see is only clouds. A single  trip from Awana Station to the final stop SkyAvenue takes about 10 min. Awana Station is also linked with premium outlets where you can shop your favorite brand at discounted price. You can also stop by the Chin Swee station at no extra cost and explore the Chin Swee Caves Temple and its scenic surroundings. Remember that your ticket can take you up from Awana station to the final stop or vice versa without any additional cost. The cost is RM 9 per ride for standard ticket and RM 15 for glass floor. 

After strolling around the Chin Swee Caves Temple we headed back to SkyAvenue to go back to our hotel to freshen up and get ready for dinner before our final party night out. 

The view of our hotel from above! 
The view was worth it! Well the cable car / gondola is actually quite  steady and not as shaky and I imagined it to be.

This was our dinner location at Motorino Pizza which is a restaurant specilizes in Italian food where they serve their pizza with Wood Fire cooking method. They're located at SkyAvenue level 1. Currently they''re having a special deal for family treat which is only RM 98. The Family Feast includes :
  • -Choice of two appetisers (Caesar Salad/ Chicken Meatball)
  • -Choice of one pizza
  • -Choice of one pasta
  • -Carbonated drinks or tea for 4 pax (choice of Coke, Light Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Soda Water, Earl Grey, Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea) 

On our last night we went for a little night out with the whole gang to try out Zouk Genting. Here at Zouk Genting smoking inside the area is allowed thus it was all hazy but since I can't stay long in smoking room I decided to call it off a night after staying for a while. For those who love to party or drink you can enjoy their special drink sets too. 

For those who wanna grab a quick breakfast you can drop by Eatopia which is a self service  corner where you can pick up your breakfast and take it back to your room to eat or you can also enjoy breakfast at the park close by the hotel. This is a very interesting concept cause usually hotel do have breakfast buffet service but this one is unique and will give you the freedom to choose what breakfast you want to have. 

This park is just on the other side of our hotel and it's only a few minute walk
You can even do your own self check-out through the self check-out kiosks to save time queueing for the reception when it's packed (Genting Resort World is mostly full in occupancy all year round because it's just a great place for gateway with both friends and families). 

Till next time Genting! It has been a pleasant stay, so happy to create new memories and explore new places at Genting Resort World. It's definitely a one stop entertainment gateway where you can Eat, Play and Relax while discovering the different charms of Genting waiting to be unveiled.  
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*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Resorts World Genting.
Love, Stevie 

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