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Monday, April 29, 2019

Hello loves, welcome back today I have a very exciting post to share with you guys it’s about this brand I love very much. Can you guess what is it? It’s Bioderma, I’m so happy to finally attend their event again! You guys might be bored with me repeating myself over and over again but that’s how much I love Bioderma. ❤

However, this event is a bit different because we got to know more about NAOS which is the company that produces Bioderma, we had a long sharing session as well as presentation from Mrs. Aurélie Guyoux which is the Global Research and Innovation Director at Naos. Naos is founded by Mr. Jean-Noël Thorel who is a phamarcist and biologist that has always rooted his vision on biology which is being implemented in all the skincare brands under Naos. 

Although the star of the show is still its Sensibio H20 micellar water but all Bioderma products have the same philosophy of ecobiology that comes from the word ecology and biology that means we have to listen our skin needs and not over treat our skin. Our skin has its own ecosystem which is acting and formulating accordingly. Thus we should never over treat our skin. During her presentation Mrs. Aurélie Guyoux  shared that our skin is a living organ that needs to be treated based on its needs thus Naos is committed to produce products that are not only effective but is also treating our skin with the right dose of ingredients that are functional and helps to maintain the skin's natural ecosystem and wellness. She also said that every one is unique and has their own personalized skin needs so we have to know better about our own skin before applying products on it. 

A Simple Act like getting to know your skin can really create a huge difference on your skin. Bioderma was the first micellar water ever launched in the market and ever since it was launched it has become everyone's favorite. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water uses ingredients like highly purified water, that has gone through 9 purifying steps with Biological pH 5.5 that is equal to our normal skin pH that makes Bioderma products gentle on our skin. Their micellar water was created based on their unique philosophy, so that  their products could be an effective answer to our skin concern. At Naos they continue to innovate to create products that can help to preserve the natural resource and mechanism of our skin instead of over treating it. Their products are also designed to treat deeply into the skin and not only on the surface to help strengthen our skin barriers.    

We also had a Q&A and sharing session with dermathologists and Mrs. Aurélie Guyoux  answering to the various skin concerns the guests had and also their curiosity about Bioderma products but there's one question that I find very interesting is How is the proper way to use Bioderma Sensibio in our skincare routine? Well Mrs. Aurélie Guyoux  answered that the right way or how to use Bioderma Sensibio H2O is back again to the person's own skin concern because Bioderma uses purified water she shared that she likes to use it the swipe off her skin after facial foam. While most of us must have did it the other way round all these times because I do the same too. I would remove my makeup with Sensibio H2O and then continue my double cleansing with facial foam. However she explained that there's nothing wrong or right with both the steps since Bioderma's micellar water is more pure than most water so she said it would be better to use it after the face wash.  
This is a cute mini trial size of the Sensibio H2O
Samples Galore

Different types of Bioderma products: 
-Sebium (green) oily skin
-Sensibio (pink) sensitive skin
-Hydrabio (blue) for dehydrated skin
-Photoderm to protect skin from harmful sun rays
Sensibio H2O is the 1st micellar waters are dermatologist tested that respects the wellness of our skin. This bottle is being loved all over the world making it sold out every two second across the globe. 

As an avid fan of the brand this event really helped me to have a better understanding about their unique philosophy behind my favorite Micellar water. It has been years since I used Bioderma and I can always find my skin feeling so much refreshed and soothed after using the Sensibio H20 during my cleansing step. It works incredibly awesome to remove makeup, dirt and residue on our skin but don't feel like its drying or stripping off on my skin. No wonder its been highly accepted in the market because they've proven not only to be dermatologically tested but to be suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin and acne prone skin just like mine. This was also the first micellar water I used and during those tedious times when my acne flares up, I felt that this micellar water from Bioderma really help to soothe my skin and help to deeply cleanse thus accelerates my healing process too. 

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Thank you Bioderma for having us ! It was so fun to attend and meet familiar faces at the event  :) Hope you find some useful insights about Bioderma and their ecobiology philosophy. For you guys who haven't tried out Bioderma you need to try out asap! Because its not only my personal favorite but is also most of every one's across the globe due to their gentle formula that not only cleanse but also protects our skin's wellness.   

Love, Stevie 

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