[Event]: Ultima II Delicate Matte Lipstick Launching - Play My Matte

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Back with a new event report from the newly launched Delicate Matte Lipstick by Ultima II. Are you ready for the sneak peek to all the fun I had at the event. It's been a while since I had so much fun at an event, definitely laughed a lot that day. Ultima II is known as a collagen expert brand which means all their products contain collagen as the main ingredient. Collagen is great to improve skin health, prevent wrinkle and dryness. However their newly recent launched is the Delicate Matte Lipstick which has a matte finish but has a soft creamy matte finish that is not drying at all thanks to the main ingredient- collagen. 
The event started with a brief introduction from the representative of Beauty Journal and Ultima II. Before the hop on to discuss and share more on this newest lipsticks from Ultima II. During this collaboration they've actually collaborated with Spotify which is one of the leading music platform in Indonesia and is something that is inseparable from our daily life. Similar to lipstick, we as woman always have to use it daily thus Ultima II came up with this collaboration with Spotify where they've already created three Spotify playlist to accompany your day. Especially woman our mood changes and our mood often determine our makeup look, understanding this Ultima decided to make three different playlist which can be played to accompany your day together with their newly launched 8 different shades of Delicate Matte lipstick that can your daily #PlayMyMatte color. This newest lipstick from Ultima uses main ingredients like collagen, Shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin C and E that will help to make your lips remain smooth and healthy. 
What kind of lipstick do you wear on a daily basis? I personally opt for mauve or coral shades because I find it to be my kind of color that brings up my mood and make my complexion looks much brighter. Now coming back to the three Ultima II playlist on Spotify you can play them accordingly to your mood. Try Chill-Leaders when you are in the mood to chill and wanna look simple with neutral lipsticks you can choose from the Delicate Matte lipstick variant of Magnetic Mauve, Urban Star, and Goddess Pink. When it feels like you're on cloud nine about to me your better half or your loved ones don't forget to play Heaven Bliss with beautiful makeup and lip color in the variant of Daring Red, Wonder Pink, and Urban Star. Last but not least for daring mood you can play Fame-Fatale and bring out the bold character in you with Dazzling Violet, Miracle Plum, and Sand Sparkle. I've been going on repeat on their playlist because they got my favorite songs in it. Music + makeup are definitely great combo to brighten up your day!
After that we had our game session which was apparently so fun ! we are divided into 11 groups and I'm one of the team leader :) So heavy burden on my shoulder hahahaha.. Well then we headed to Ultima's counter at Seibu to play a quick arm swatch after it we went back to the restaurant and played missing lyric game too from the Ultima Spotify playlist. It was indeed so thrilling and exciting, so happy to get to meet new friends too my teammates.
Game time, we're asked to draw based on the theme of their song collaboration with Spotify that is Chill-Leaders, Fame-Fatale, and Heavenly Bliss. So here's my illustration designs within 15 mins :) All quick and easy, can you guess which is which ? 
Thank you Ultima II and Beauty Journal for having us ! 
Swatches of all the 8 new shades of the Ultima II Delicate Matte Lipstick - Urban Star, Magnetic Mauve, Daring Red Miracle Plum, Sand Sparkle, Dazzling Violet, Wonder Pink, and Goddess Pink.  

Here's the package I received from my goodie bag, its the Chill leaders set which is now already available at various e commerce marketplace as well as all Ultima counters. 
In the Chill Leaders set we have three shades - Urban Star, Magnetic Mauve and Goddess Pink
To play the playlist from Ultima II you can easily go on your Spotify app and scan this barcode. It'll directly redirect you to their page :) Enjoy all their awesome jam~
Chill Leaders set swatches - Urban Star, Goddess Pink, and Magnetic Mauve (Top to bottom) 
Sssst.. You must be wondering where you can purchase them and how much it cost? It's price tag can be considered quite affordable for the quality of lipstick with so much great ingredient is it. It cost for Rp. 110 000 each and you can get it at all official Ultima counters as well as e-commerce marketplace. Looking for a new lipstick to try? Give this one a shoot. You won't regret your choice~ Thank you for reading and I'll see you on my next one. 

Love, Stevie 

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