Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Aloha, Have you been waiting for this post? Well for those of you who've kept up with me all this time you might have known the location of this extra cute location. This is by far the cutest Pikura place I've ever visited. During my holiday trips,  I love exploring like locals and discovering hidden gems not only the touristy spots thus I'm so thrilled to find out about this location. Especially on the pinkish full blooming season like now you might want to hunt for other pink spots in Tokyo if you happen to be in town here's a great place to visit. It's definitely worth visiting if you're someone into pink, photography and cute girly installations. 
This place is called the Moreru Mignon located at Maihama IKSPIARI branch. Moreru Mignon is actually a pikura location where you can take cute pikura pictures. Here you can enjoy fun pikura experience and also find mini stalls selling miscellaneous and souvenirs as well as drinks and snacks. The moment you step foot into the place you'll enter a kawaii location and I keep on telling myself this is definitely "cuteness overload". The location is at the Maihama IKSPIARI which is at the Maihama station where you get to Disneyland or Disenysea. Check out a few shots I took at this pink Instagrammable Pikura in Tokyo. If you happen to visit after reading this post don't forget to tag me on your IG picts I would love to check them out too :)   

You can order ice cream from the vending machine too
The fun part about Japanese photo box or Pikura is they always provide a section or corner for touch up or grooming before taking photos. They even provide hair styling tools too ! So extra ❤
Moreru Mignon Maihama IKSPIARI
Address: TRAIL & TRACK, IKSPIARI 2F, 1-4 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

Love, Stevie 

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