IFW 2017 - Unlock Your Playground Presented by Toyota

Thursday, February 02, 2017

On this year's Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 Toyota is one of the sponsor and I'm honored to be invited to attend this "UNLOCK YOUR PLAYGROUND" fashion show by 5 talented Indonesian designers Yosep Sinudarsono, Ardistia New York, Hartono Gan, Mety Choa, Rika Mulle showcasing their designs on 15 outfit and 45 Models. 
The interior
Before the show begins, we explored the Toyota booth and played around with the new Sienta car, exploring the features this car had to offer. This new Sienta car has some special features: 
1. Anti- Jam sliding door
2.Dive in Seat
3. Spacious Cabin/ Luggage
The back cabin is surely very spacious that a lot of things can actually fit in there, the exterior and interior design of this car is also very sleek and modern making it the perfect car for modern families these days! If you're in the hunt for a new car do check out this new car from Toyota.    
The Fashion Show Hall at the Plenary Hall
The 5 Designers and The representative of Toyota and the head of IFW Poppy Dharsono
Indonesia Fashion Week has been an annual event being held annually to promote local Indonesian designers creation as well as to promote our rich Indonesian cultures and heritages through fashion and style. Being a fashion blogger and enthusiasts myself IFW is an event I'm always excited to attend, cause its a place where cultures and fashions meet as well as the place where fashion and style enthusiasts gather. 

With it's bright orange colour as the came out with this campaign, this all new Sienta car became the star of the show even during the fashion show, as all the designers took inspiration from this new Sienta car for all the designs being shown today at the fashion show. Now let me take you to see the whole collection on the fashion show and of course my favourite picks. 
Ardistia New York

Rika Mulle 
Shoes Crush😍😍

Mety Choa

 Yosep Sinudarsono

Loving this piece

 Hartono Gan

Today's crew :)
Poppy Dharsono, The President of Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 
She's my new friend and we can both act silly and dorky together, don't know how and when but it feels comfortable to be around her :) Such an overwhelming girl with tons of positive energies. 
What I wore today! Got no orange dress so an orange bag will do to match the car ❤
During the IFW don't forget to visit Toyota's booth #PopUpPlayground and enjoy all the fun it had to offer and not to forget OOTD pictures is a must right these days? Get a chance to win shopping vouchers by posing your best OOTD shots at the Toyota Sienta booth. IFW 2017 will be held from 1 Feb - 5 Feb 2017, so take the opportunity to discover local Indonesian designers product at the event by dropping by. Today was indeed amazing, I'd like to thank Toyota ID and Beautynesia for this opportunity to watch tonight's show, A lot of designs are marvelous. That's all for now I hope you enjoy reading and I'll see you on the next one!
Don't forget to check out my short video recap on the show below:
Super Cute Toyota Sienta Miniature 
Love, Stevie 

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