[Review]: Hanskin - BIO Origin Royal Ampoule B.B EX SPF 44 PA+++

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Finding the right base makeup is always the key to a flawless makeup look. Especially when it comes to natural makeup look, base makeup is the most important key as you need it to cover up your imperfections yet still looking natural and not cakey. Because I love to keep my makeup simple and natural so finding a good base makeup is always on my top priority and this BB cream does a pretty good job
So after receiving this product last week I gave this new BB Cream product  from Hanskin a try, it's not your normal BB cream as this product claims to nourish the skin too! It's called the  from Hanskin - Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB Cream and because of its  ampoule ingredients it nourishes and moisturized my skin making it feels so smooth and dewy after application. I fell in love with its packaging, who doesn't love rose gold right? 

The way I like to use it is to shake the bottle first so that the ampoule and BB cream can blend in perfect before pumping them out of the bottle. Then pump a little amount and dot it on my face, a little amount is enough for my whole face but if you need more coverage in certain areas it's always buildable that's why I like to start with a light hand. A  little goes a long way!  It gives you that natural Korean dewy makeup look without looking greasy ( don't confuse dewy look and oily/greasy face). The texture of this BB cream is also very light, it's very watery hence it glides in so easily into the skin!

You can find the expire date at the bottom of the box and once you've opened the product it'll be effective for 12 months.

The application of this product is also very easy but if you ask me what I don't like from this product, I think I don't have any complain for the formula and product except that this BB cream do have a slight scent to it, which is something I'm not fond off. However it's not that strong or unpleasant scent, it smells kind of like floral sweet scent. It's nice but I tend to avoid products with scent due to my sensitive skin condition but I still use it in rotation with my other base makeup because I like how this product instantly  create that natural dewy look which I love. 
It also only comes in one shade so for darker skin tone it may not fit your skin tone. (as for me I don't have problem with it because it kind of blend in well with my skin tone without looking to light.)   
Rate 4/5

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P.s. It's currently on sale and you can get it 30% off 
for $ 39.99 or (Approx. Rp. 538,159.43) from $57.27💓

I got mine from CHARIS and you can also purchase them from hicharis.net/Steviiewong 💕 CHARIS also offers free shipping and they're also having lots of year end sale!! It's the best time to shop, so hop over ! I would totally recommend this BB product for those searching for a makeup base that will instantly give you that natural dewy look. 

Hope you enjoy reading! 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. looks good~ i have a feeling that this BB cream is lightweight on the skin, isn't it? :D
    anyway, i want to follow your blog but i can't find the follow widget? ^^

    Violet Brush

    1. Hello Nat,
      Yes, This BB cream has very light texture and feels super light on the skin :) hahaha I've recently take down the follow widget.. thanks for dropping by, drop by more often ya !

      Love, Stevie

  2. Hi Stev! I'm finally visiting your blog sorry for the delay >.<
    Anyway, I love reading your review and this products do give you flawless look. I'm looking for a BB cream right now and might as well try this. Thanks for your recommendation! <3

    1. Hi dee!! no problem babe :p yes, give this one a try... it gives you that instant dewy look :) very moisturizing yet not oily.. hahahaha get yours here ya hicharis.net/steviiewong


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