[Concert]: CN Blue: Between Us in Jakarta 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Good morning loves, 
Today I'll be sharing something very different from my usual post its about the concert that I attended last night CN BLUE Between Us Concert. I was lucky to be able to watch their concert four years back and Yesterday, special thanks to Cosmo Girl and my dear 🦄 sis from dreamingbraces (kindly check out her blog too!) for giving me another opportunity to watch their concert again!  kyaaaaaa~ screaming joy of happiness♥ CN Blue is a band group which makes them different because they play their own music and I do enjoy their music a lot... So below I'll be spamming some of the shots I managed to capture yesterday! Hope you can get a glimpse of the fun I had last night.. It was a blast!  

Thank you CN Blue for the awesome performance and you guys definitely has a very good Bahasa Indonesia pronunciation :) See ya next time❤ keep producing quality songs and music ! 

Love, Stevie 
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*Hope you won't mind the blurry and grainy pictures 

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  1. Terima kasih sudah menemani stevtevv�� greget sekali liat Yonghwa yang gemas begituu����

    Semoga next time bisa nonton bareng bareng lagi hihi����


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