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Sunday, July 09, 2017

It's finally time to disclose this long overdue makeup review from Romand which I initially planned to share a couple of months back but had to push back because of one reason and another. Romand is a Korean makeup brand with extensive and various beautiful makeup products and shades. Romand or Rom&nd has all makeup products from face, eye, lip, cheek and makeup tools ready to assist you with your makeup look. I came across this brand during my last trip to Korea with Charis, at the Charis day we were given a set of Romand products for us to try out, each of us got a foundation, foundation brush, eyeshadow palette and lipstick just the right makeup to complete a single look.
In this post I'll share with you the look I created using the products I received and also a review on this products. Want to know more about them? make sure you read it till the end. 

First before going into the products let's give the packaging a little shoutout. Romand do put in a lot of consideration into their packaging, don't you think so? I find their packaging so lovely and unique though it might look girly for some but I totally love the way they choose their packaging style! 

As seen on the picture the foundation comes in a luxurious looking glass packaging which makes it look timeless and classy. Despite the packaging the product itself doesn't have that bad/heavy foundation scent that usual foundation has while on the other hand this product do smell very nice. The formula itself is very watery and not heavy at all, it feels very lightweight on the skin as the product sits into the skin evenly without looking cakey. It is best recommended to use this special foundation brush that Romand produce to apply the foundation because this brush as you can see has very short brushes which is specially designed so that the brush won't drink up too much product while leaving residue on the brush. The brush is designed as so to make it easier to apply foundation on the face and so that you'll save more products cause a little will go a long way. 

I would usually pour a little on the back of my hand and dab the brush onto the product then starting to dot the product all over my face. I realize by doing so it helps the brush to evenly distribute the product and the key of base makeup is always to start light handed and not use too much product at the first layer cause you can always build up the coverage if you're not happy with the result. The coverage of this foundation is light to medium.  
The foundation I got is in the shade Natural Ivory. It comes with SPF 20 PA++ which would be enough to help product your skin for daily use but I would suggest you to apply another suncream prior to this if you're planning to stay outdoor. This shade totally match my skin colour.
The eyeshadow palette's packaging got me like "wow" that colorful marble just elevate the whole thing into another level, even without looking into the products inside the packaging only has successfully caught my eyes. 
The one I got has many wearable shades from shimmer, glitter, neutral to base colors. Just the right versatile palette you can experiment to create various different looks. Although blue, purple and pink may be a bit challenging to work with for daily makeup but apparently since these eyeshadows are not so pigmented you can easily blend them off so those colors are just fun to work with to add a little quirks/point to your look. For the look I created below I used the purple, pink and more of the subtle neutral colors to blend off the eye makeup to make it look more subtle and natural. 
Although they're not so pigmented but the color is buildable and still has a very good lasting power. If you want the color to look more vivid applying an eye primer might help to enhance the colors. In the look I created below I didn't apply any eye primer prior to the eyeshadow but I think the color are also quite visible. 
Swatches - Romand Temptation Night eyeshadow palette
Simply adorable! All love for these products❤
The lipstick come in a very sleek and modern white packaging and the best thing about it is it comes in a magnetic packaging. So you don't need to experience losing your lipstick cover every time on your makeup pouch. 
Matte Lipstick - Picky Girl
This is a coral rosey red which is very pretty for daily wear. It'll will instantly brighten and freshen up your skin complexion. Although its a matte lipstick but it doesn't feel drying on the lips and I like to apply a thin layer of lip balm after applying this lipstick just to add a little more sheer to the look. 
Closer look 
Details of my eye makeup, definitely not my usual go to color but I experiment with the shades in the eyeshadow palate while mixing pink and purple shades. P.s. please don't mind my messy lash extensions :') In addition you can also see how well the foundation sets on my skin and make it look smooth and even 🖤

The Look

I bet you can guess which look I'm referring to, right? Created this makeup look inspired by Beauty and The Beast, Belle. Though its kind of late to post this look but I think this look is very sweet for daily wear or girls out. Simple yet flattery makeup look you can rock on daily basis. If you've been following me for a while now, you'd most probably notice my style of makeup. I really opt for simple and natural looking makeup because I think those are the look that can be easily done and doesn't change much of a person's features. I've always considered makeup as a tool to enhance one's unique features and not something to change how a person look. Well, there are days where I experiement with bold and vivid colors for special occasions or when I feel experimental but for normal days my signature makeup look will definitely be simple, easy-to-do and natural looking no matter which color options I chose to work with.  

New to the brand? Find out more about Romand here

Love, Stevie 

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