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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Feeling the heat? It's summer time baby... well at least for the rest of the world but we're lucky to live in this tropical country where we have Summer all year long! Instead of longing it to come every season... So now you feel how blessed are we living here when mostly the rest of the world will need to wait for Summer to arrive to do all the fun Summer activities. 
Moving on to the Summer Vibes gathering hosted by Makeup Addict last Friday, it was a very intimate and fun evening session together with our fellow blogger babes from Clozette ID. It always feels great to see everyone and first of I'd like to thank both Clozette ID and Makeup Addict for inviting me.. The event was hosted at Chatter Box Plaza Senayan and we got a table full of makeup products laid everywhere free for us to play with. Nothing formal just us having fun chit chatting and taking pictures as usual. I always love casual events without long to-do list on the event as we can enjoy ourselves more and interact with each other instead of focusing mainly on the task. Once you sit you can already feel the Summer Vibes cause all the perks, decorations and table set up cry out summer very clearly, Summer is very identic to bright, cheerful and colorful theme!

However when it actually comes to summer, we don't really wanna dump tons of makeup product on our skin because the heat and perspiration may clog the pores therefore its best to keep your makeup look as minimal as possible on hot summer days! Minimal doesn't mean skipping everything, do your makeup, experiment but avoid layering a lot of base makeup. Don't forget to keep yourself and skin hydrated too! Thanks to Clozette ID and Makeup Addict I got my coupon voucher to shop for Rp 500 000 at Makeup Addict webstore , now this girl is grinning cause it means shopping time!! Curious of what I decided to purchase? make sure to read till the end.. I'm also giving a mini guide on how to shop through Makeup Addict Website. 

The representative from Makeup Addict explaining about the business and details about Makeup Addict while giving us a little insight of how things work in Makeup Addict. Like usual online webstore Makeup Addict cater to all online purchases of the Brands which PT. Teguh Persona carry. The brands that are no longer new which include Absolute New York, BYS, Studio Makeup, the balm, and VOV. 
Now let me guide you on how to shop using Makeup Addict Webstore
1) Visit makeupaddict.co.id
This is the main page of Makeup Addict webstore  :) Be ready to prepare your heart and not get caught into shopping too much... Beware of of too much goodie makeup products here!!
2) Choose the products you want to purchase and once you've decided fill in the quality and add to cart. You can also use the search tab to search for the specific product you have in mind. You can also choose base on product categories such as Eyes, Face, Lips, Nails, Sets, Accessories, Updates and Sales and even brand. 

Here are some of the sale products! 
Once you add to cart it'll appear in My Cart 
3) After making up your mind on which products to buy then check My Cart 

This is what my cart consist of.. you see the Apply Coupon section? If you have coupon or voucher code don't forget to enter them before you check out to get the promotional discounts. I got mine from Clozette ID X Makeup Addict :) ❤❤ It means shopping time. 
4) Proceed to Check out 

5) Fill in your shipping details
Fill in your billing address and details after checking out. You can also create an account to help you make your next purchases and avoid the hassle of filling up the same shipping details over and over again. Have them all stored for you securely in your account. 

6) Choose your preferred shipping service and your payment method
Makeup Addict accept payment via Credit card and Bank Transfer

7) Make sure to confirm your payment once you made your payment so that the team can proceed your order for shipping as soon as possible. Once you've confirmed your payment, you'll receive an email of your confirmation and they say that the order will be processed 1x24 hours after they crosscheck and after everything is set they'll ship your package. Every payment confirmation made above 11o'clock will be processed on the next day (working day). 
Make your payment confirmation by filling out the payment details.
Really can't wait for my package to arrive... shopping is indeed every lady's best friend or now it has become everyone's best friend. Have you ever have this feeling of excitement and joy after shopping? cause I do and I find that feeling very refreshing especially on bad days when you finally decide to go shopping it just uplift your mood a little bit more.. 
I chose the VOV Never Die Water Tint and the Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette because I've been eyeing on this palette for quite sometime now and I've read many good review about this palette so I decided to get it this time with the VOV Never Die Water Tint in the shade Never Cherry as I'm still hunting for the best water tint product and when I saw this I thought to myself I should get it and see if its good.. Even though I have a lot of lip products but I can't help but to get another cause even though they may all look similar or even if I've own a similar shade, it can be similar but eventually different! SO yeah... (what kind of self justification is that? oh well...) I just can't resist getting one especially when it comes in a sleek and clean packaging as this VOV water tint. Hopefully to get them soon! Will definitely update you guys on my thoughts about the products I chose once I've tried them and most probably I can do a tutorial using these products or review, let me know which one do you prefer in the comment section I would love to read it.. 
With Blogger babes❤ Thank You Clozette ID and Makeup Addict for having us!
Make sure you follow them:
Overall I had fun shopping through Makeup Addict as they have a very user-friendly website interface and everything is very well categorize which made my shopping experience a lot more convenient. Moreover Makeup Addict sell 100% Original and authentic makeup products and is certified by BPOM therefore I don't need to worry about purchasing counterfeit items. Only purchase makeup, skincare and beauty product that are original! Never be swayed by the cheap prices that other or many online stores offer because you might be risking of purchasing a counterfeit product which will eventually effect your skin negatively as makeup and beauty products are those products that contact directly with our skin. I don't know how much I've stressed about the importance of purchasing only through trusted online stores and don't risk it only because of the price, if you're on budget then choose wisely and not shop recklessly! #DailyMantra I hope you enjoy reading it and find this post useful that concludes this post! see you next time :)❤

Dropping some of my OOTD that I wore to this event! My kind of tropical summer style 
Crop Top with Floral Embroidery
Multicolor Floral Shorts
White handbag
Teal Beret

Love, Stevie 

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