Summer In Japan Part Two

Monday, July 31, 2017

Following up my previous travel post about Summer in Japan which you can read here if you missed out. In this post I'll be sharing some more Summer in Japan part two introducing you some more tourist holiday destinations in Japan. 
All simple and easy with bus tour optional trip 
1. Meet up point
2. Hop on the bus
3. Visit and explore wonderful holiday destinations
4. Enjoying holiday trip in Japan
With this HISGO optional bus tour choices, tourists can easily pick their most preferable traveling destinations and directly book online and they can travel without worrying. HISGO Bus tour offers different tourist destinations Fromm cultures to culinary. HISGO has everything under cover for tourists to enjoy their most out of their holiday in Japan. Especially when it comes to Summer, Japan has a lot of nice tourist destinations to offer and below are some   

❥"Tambara Lavender Park" and Fukiware Falls & Summer Big Harvest Festival!

Even after spring you can see flowers blooming all across Japan, each season has their own flowers blooming and on Summer its Lavender! You can enjoy a view of this wonderful field full of lavender during their first blooming season mid July till Mid August. Their last blooming is from mid August till early September. Not only that you can also catch the blooming of other flowers too such as sunflower, lily, orange marigold and bergamot. In this trip you'll also enjoy a lunch session afterwards visiting Fukiware Falls which is also known as the Niagara Falls of East Asia. This trip would be very suitable for those who love flowers and photography because you'll never get a bad picture with a great background!
Just enter your preferred date and confirm your booking with the required data and you're good to go!

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Shirakawago, Hida Takayama fantastic 2 days tour

On this trip to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route you'll get to enjoy the mesmerizing scenery from the cable car and bus on high lands, ropeway. It will definitely be a trip that pampers and sooth your eyes and mind. Showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature from the height of 3000 m above sea level will give you a better view of the whole scenery. On Spring, you'll be visiting the Shirakawago which is a popular tourist destination since 1995 as here you can see the old traditional Gassho houses from Japan. 
If you're someone who want to experience both the culture and nature of Japan then this would be the perfect trip for you. 
Just enter your preferred date and confirm your booking with the required data and you're good to go!
The variation and wide choices of holiday destinations has made this bus tour very convenient for tourists to choose as each tour include tour  guide that will help you sort out language barriers. Make sure you book your preferred Bus tour by HISGO online through their online booking service as HIS has its own online travel agent service. This service will ease the process of booking and you can easily choose and book your trip from your computer all easy and hustle free. H.I.S. Travel Indonesia #ExplorethewolrdwithHISGO #JelajahiDuniaBersamaHISGO is the best partner to travel and explore the world with especially when you're making a trip to Japan. 

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