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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Traveling always leaves someone with a special imprints in their life and one can only live to the fullest if they collect enough memories throughout their life. Your traveling experience may not be the same when you try to travel like the locals or experience the cultures directly. Japan is a country known to be so rich in its cultures and traveling destinations. Each state may offer a different traveling experience thats why traveling and exploring Japan in Kimono like the old times is one of the dun activity you can try while to travel to Japan. 
Today in this post I'm back with my usual travel post in collaboration with HIS and Beautynesia. I will share of the information about traveling to Japan and exploring like locals just like the good old days in Kimono just to grasp the feel of living your Japanese dream in a day! If you feel traveling around in Kimono all day around the city is too bothersome then you can try out some kimono renting for photoshoots that can be done at Asakusa, Tokyo. If you want to explore more and enjoy the excitement longer you even rent the kimono all day and explore the beauty of Kyoto. Now you can plan everything before departing through HISGO, they offer optional tours which you can choose from and below are some for fun kimono renting session if you're someone who'd love to seek the art of traveling and enjoying your holiday in Japan like the locals.   

Check them here↓↓↓

With HISGO you can book your optional tour choosing your most preferable one and enjoy your holiday to Japan with a well planned trip. All you have to do is open the website book and you're good to go #JelajahiDuniaBersamaHISGO #TraveltheWorldwithHISGO. Renting Kimono is now also part of the hippest thing or activity to do while visiting Japan for holiday because everyone want to truly feel how its like to wear kimono in Japan (I bet the experience would be awesome). The Tea ceremony and kimono tour in Kyoto will give you a memorable memories of enjoying Japanese tea while indulging in the beauty of Kyoto in Kimono. This is something I called collecting memories, traveling and creating memories are the most important part of holiday for me so this would be a great tour option for some slow day enjoying the whole trip just like how Japanese people like to do. On the other hand the Tokyo optional tour Kimono Dress with Photo Shooting in Asakusa will give you the experience to try on kimono and take beautiful shots for keep sake to look back on later days on how it felt to experience kimono.   

I know most of my readers are beautiful ladies looking for beauty tips and reviews don't forget to check out Beautynesia for more Japan beauty or makeup. I'll soon be back with another travel post soon, so till then  

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