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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hair coloring, Hair styling all these things that make our hair look more attractive is actually damaging our hair slowly. Well as ladies we like to keep up with trend and look dashing at all times hence we invest a lot on makeup and hair styling, hair treatment to hair coloring. 
Let me share with you my hair story before we hop onto my  current hair care routine. Before I would have dyed natural brownish hair but a few months ago I accepted a collaboration offer from Toni and Guy Salon Plaza Indonesia to be one of their hair model for their hair trend show at Plaza Indonesia Beauty Week. Upon saying yes to that I have decided to leave all the decision making to the salon team and hairdresser. I only told them that I would like the color to still be brownish and not any crazy vivid bold colors. They agreed to my terms and so I no longer question them and trust them fully with my hair. Before everything my hair condition is kind of already damaged due to regular hair styling with curling irons and hairdryer and I do have a slight hair fall every now and then. 
Fast forward to the hair transformation process they decided to bleach my hair and then apply a light lavender purple to my hair and created an ash brown hair for me but it eventually look somehow ash brown with a hint of lavender/ rose gold which was too good to be true!! However after all the hair transformation process my hair became super dry but one very interesting thing I found is my hair no longer fall, not even a slight bit of it. Usually I would still have slight hairfall after every shower but now I don't see any hair strands on my hair when I comb pass through it after I wash my hair. 

It somehow amazed me but I'm not sure what caused it till today whenever I go to hair salon and told them about this none believe it until they see it by themselves after they wash my hair. So now let me share my hair care routine to treat and maintain my current hair condition to keep them looking smooth and healthy even after through the harsh bleaching, coloring and everyday styling with heat tools. 

1) Shampoo and Conditioner 
This would most probably be the basic hair care for everyone... Shampoo and conditioner is all you need to keep your hair clean and healthy but as for my current hair both this won't be enough to nourish my hair as bleached hair needs more products to not only cleanse but also to nourish the hair so that they won't be vulnerable to breakage. The shampoo that Ive been using for months now and decided not ti change even after my hair coloring transformation is this All new Pantene Pro-Vitamin 2 in 1  which is a shampoo for both anti hairfall and anti dandruff. Even before my hair transformation Ive been using this shampoo after being introduced to this new formula at their launching event. However after trying out this new formula by Pantene I do feel my hair fall problem decrease but I still do see feel strands of hair after washing my wet hair but not as much as before. That's also one of the reason why I didn't move to another special hair color shampoo after my hair transformation because I don't want to risk the problem to hair fall onto my already so dry hair. It's might also be the reason why my hair color fades super quick but no matter my hair has been loving this shampoo and I decided to stick with it for the time being. As for the conditioner I also used the one from Pantene the 3 minute miracle conditioner and just leave it on the middle to end tip of my hair and avoid the top and roots part to avoid my hair looking oily and not voluminous afterwards. So thats for my basic hair care shampoo and conditioner I Never skip any of them when I wash my hair and I do wash my hair almost everyday because I have bangs and they tend to get oily after a day so Im used to washing my hair everyday. 
Although its actually recommended to wash our hair once every two days to avoid stripping off all the moisture on our hair but I can't really follow the best recommendation because of my hair condition as always its basically up to you, your needs and hair condition. 

2) Hair Mask
This has also become my essential, hair masking is definitely something my hair needs every week because I still style my hair with hot heating tools to curl or straighten my hair so the hair mask will help to nourish my hair deep into the hair follicles to bring back all the lost nutrition in my hair. My current favorite hair mask that I've been using both these products on rotation; first is the Furatasse snail collagen masque and this purple mask from a local hair salon (which my friend introduced me to, to avoid my bleached hair from turning blonde/yellow). So the Furatasse snail collagen masque is something that I've just used for a few weeks now replacing my old hair mask because I feel this mask helps to make my hair feel and look a lot healthier and smoother after using. I just love how it makes my hair feels. Since I'm also a fan of snail products as my face moisturizer also has snail ingredient to it so once I used this it just felt right to keep on using this for my hair care. In rotation to this I would use the purple mask just for the sake of the hint of color and to avoid my bleached hair from turning yellowish blonde and I do love how this mask leaves a hint of its color on my hair, so I used it whenever I feel I need to tone up my hair color :)

3) Furatasse Scalp Lotion 
Before I have experienced with hair fall situation that's why I try my best to keep my hair condition as healthy as possible by taking care not only for the hair but also the roots and scalp this is why I use this Furatasse scalp lotion. This is like a hair lotion it comes in a spray form and I would usually spray it on my scalp by parting my hair and then massaging the product into my root gently. I would usually apply this after every time I wash my hair just to give my roots and scalp some vitamin. This scalp lotion is also meant to help with hairfall problems as it will help to strengthen our hair and nourish from the scalp. It's been a few months since Ive been using it, so far I'm loving the effect it has on my hair. Even though I'm still unsure if it plays an important part in helping me battle my hair fall problem but I think little or much this scalp lotion do help with my issue and I believe that's why I'm currently having a strong hair even after all hair transformation process. 

4) Furatasse Keratin Serum 
"keratin is a natural protein that makes up most of your hair." 
  That is why my hair stylist told me that as we bleached the hair the hair will loses its natural keratin and that's what make the hair vulnerable to breakage and damage. That's why for all of you who have bleached hair make sure you put in extra care to your hair, I know its the price we have to pay for a beautiful colorful hair but we shouldn't risk the health and wellness of our hair because hair is basically everyone's crown. You need to take good care of it. That's why I've incorporated this Furatasse Keratin Serum  on my hair once every two days just to give my hair the boost of Keratin. This serum is meant to help strengthen and smoothen my hair. I love how this serum leaves my hair feeling super smooth and not oily or sticky at all. It is also said that we can use it on our hair prior to hair styling with heat tools just like a protective serum but I don't really use it for that so I'm not sure if it works. I just love to keep it as a vitamin and hair booster for my hair. 

5) Nuxe Multi Usage Dry Oil 
I am someone who is normally anti oil, I would try my best to avoid any sort of oil because I feel that oil products break me out but I have no choice but to apply oil on my hair after my hair transformation to keep them looking healthy. All of my friends with bleached hair told me that hair oil is a must and that I should skip it. So keeping it in mind Ive been hunting for the right hair oil that wouldn't break me out and finally decided to stick with this Nuxe Multi Usage Dry Oil. First I love how subtle the scent of this oil and its so relaxing. It also does its job to protect my hair and one best thing is I realize this is the only oil that my face don't break out to.. Usually I will have hairs all over my face and my bangs so the oil product on my hair usually would break me out but after changing my hair oil to this I no longer see bumps pooping up on my hairline only minor pimples cause my skin isn't back to its normal state but you know when the product breaks you out or not. You just see and feel it and I totally love this by Nuxe, I think its because its a multi purpose oil so it can be used for all face to body and hair that makes them so lightweight and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy or heavy at all. 
Pantene Shampoo and conditioner, Furatasse scalp lotion, Furatasse hair mask, purple hair mask, Furatasse Keratin serum and Forgot NUXE multi-purpose oil :'( 
Hair Tips:
- If you have bleached hair don't ever comb your wet hair because your hair is currently super weak and is very prone to breakage. So make sure you've completely dried your hair or your hair 90% dry before combing your hair. (I learn this trick from my hair stylist)
- I would usually comb through my hair using my fingers to separate the strand before combing it with the brush. 
- Apply hair mask every once a week and if you have more time use hot towel to wrap your hair so that the mask will absorb better into the hair. Leave it as it for 10-15 mins before rinsing off. 
- Remember to apply oil after washing your hair or at least before styling them to protect the hair from hot styling tools. Hair oil will make you hair look healthier and shiny.   
-Try to minimalist the use of heat styling tools but if you can just like me just make sure you make up to it afterwards with some hair treats for your hair. 

Basically that sums up my hair routine and I know that's quite a lot of products but I hope it helps for those with bleached hair and still wondering how to take proper care of it. This is just how I love to maintain my hair because on top of stylish looking hair I still want my hair to look and feel healthy and smooth. That's why Ive paid special attention to my hair care after my hair transformation but thank God now I no longer have to deal with hair fall problems hopefully this will last forever! I can say I'm currently happy with this hair care routine because I can really feel the difference of my hair condition before and after all this treatment. Before my hair would feel super duper dry but now even though it's still dry but they have become less frizzy and feel a lot smoother and eventually look more healthy. 

I believe there are a lot of options to treat your hair such as getting a hair treatment done at salon but I personally think investing in your hair through home care will bring more impact and of course it'll be more cost effective if we can do it at home. Hopefully my hair care routine will be helpful for you and those looking for a hair care products you can try them out. 

All Furatasse products and Nuxe can be found at all Sephora ID stores, Sephora ID website and Sociolla. If you shop through Sociolla don't forget to use my code 'SBNLAHWU' before checkin out!   

Love, Stevie 

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    1. Thanks dear, that hair shampoo and conditioner is one of the best I've ever tried.. till now my hair is loving it. :)

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