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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Do you know that aside from the famous Mt. fuji, Disneyland and Tokyo tower there are a lot of other interesting activities that you can enjoy while traveling in Japan. Cities outside Tokyo also offer various tourist attraction and fun activities that are not less appealing compared to Tokyo. For example other cities in Japan like Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Kyoto etc offers different charm and appeal. 

In Nagoya itself you can join different fun activities to explore Japan like fruits picking session, Shodo (calligraphy) experience and Making Sushi Experience. These activities will enable you to learn and experience a different side of Japan and its culture while enriching yourself with new skills. To find out more about the itinerary for each optional tour offered you can check them out at HISGO
Each optional tour enables you to experience Japan easy and free.  
Japan and its culture has influenced and is very popular all across the globe making learning Shodo (calligraphy) experience and Making Sushi Experience a popular fun activity which tourist seek while in Japan. The fruits picking session won't be less interesting because you can have an all you can eat fruit session for unlimited time (how awesome is that?). Shodo (calligraphy) experience allow tourist to learn the art of Japanese culture through calligraphy and it would make the perfect souvenir, especially when you make it yourself. Who doesn't love sushi? Or at least for myself I'm a total fan for sushi and have self proclaimed that I go on everyday eating sushi! Learning to make sushi in Japan would be an interesting one as we get to experience the thrill of wrapping our own maki sushi and enjoying it afterwards. 
For those of you who are looking for optional tour which you can join while planning out your own itinerary you can join HISGO optional tour, they have wide varieties of optional tour which you can choose based own your personal likings and schedules. Most of them are free for you to set with your own schedule all you need to do is book them through HISGO and you'll have your optional tour ready and set for you. HIS has made traveling to Japan a lot easier by making it possible to book everything you need there prior to your visit through the online travel agent  HISGO
Make sure to pack your skincare whenever you travel, don't know what to pack? Find out more on Japan skincare and beauty at Beautynesia. I hope you find this post useful to help you plan your coming up holiday to Japan.. Make sure to book them through HISGO to ease your traveling experience. I'd love to read about your traveling experience to Japan too, share with me in the comment section below.. 

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