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Monday, August 14, 2017

Horrayy!! It's Tokopedia's 8th Anniversary, it seems only yesterday we heard of Tokopedia. Can't imagine they're already turning 8 this year. In celebration of Tokopedia's 8th Anniversary they have decided to host a special promotional deals for all their customers and users. It's indeed just in time for our national Independence Day too, as Indonesia will soon celebrate its 72th year on 17th August. Well since there are both big special events coming up maybe its the right time to shop, don't you think so? 
So today in this post I'll share with you a little more about Tokopedia promotion deals for their 8th Anniversary. This promotion will last from 15 to 17 August so mark you calendar guys!! Starting today onwards you can enjoy cashback up to 200k. To enjoy this promotional benefit you'll need to quote or enter the voucher code: ULTAH8 when checking out. For more on the technical terms and conditions you can read it at the end of this post cause I've clearly explained all the relevant information you need to know to be able to claim this promotion offer. So make sure to follow each and every step to successfully be eligible to get your cashback!  
voucher code: "ULTAH8"
Today Tokopedia isn't any new e-commerce market in Indonesia, it has grown so big that they have a lot of successful sellers stories which you can read more here. They've also reached a lot of milestones throughout their 8 years journey in the e-commerce industry. Being an e-commerce market wasn't that easy especially when there are a lot of other competitors available in the market. However despite the tough competition Tokopedia is still able to maintain its position being one of the leading e-commerce in Indonesia. I've always believed that in online business or the e-commerce business they key to success is being transparent and maintaining trust with their customers, this is one of the most important aspect which Tokopedia has taken into consideration and facilitates both sellers and customers to be able to proceed with their transaction in the safest and most effective way. I do believe that this factor plays a crucial part throughout their journey being an e-commerce platform because not just selling Tokopedia has to maintain its position to accommodate and innovate their platform to make it easy and efficient for both the sellers and customers to use so that both end will have a satisfying and successful transaction. Find out more about Tokopedia  milestone to find out about their success story as becoming one of Indonesia's leading e-commerce shopping marketplace platform. 
Through Tokopedia you can not only purchase through online shops or start selling by opening up your very own online shop but you can also pay your bills such as: electricity (PLN) / BPJS (government health insurance). Not only that you can also purchase your phone credits (Pulsa) through Tokopedia. Now you can even buy your train tickets through Tokopedia, they ease the process of purchasing train tickets. Basically Tokopedia is a one stop online shopping marketplace where you can shop anything, you name it, they have it. A lot of well known brands have even partnered with Tokopedia as their official partner and opened their official stores at Tokopedia marketplaceTokopedia can be the extension of your business if you have one, just open another through Tokopedia for your online store.  

Below are all the terms and conditions to be able to claim their special Tokopedia 8th Anniversary promotional deals of Tokopedia Cashback Promo up to Rp 200 Thousand
Terms & Condition:
1. Cashback promotions of 20% to 200 thousand valid from 15 - 17 August 2017.
2. Applicable to all payment methods and no minimum transaction.
3. The buyer may use the ULTAH8 voucher code provided that: one (1) Tokopedia account, one (1) mobile phone number, one (1) payment identity can only follow this promo one (1) time per day on any Tokopedia platform, Namely: Marketplace, Official Store, or Digital Products;
4. Promo does not apply to: - Donate, Top Up TokoCash, Top Up Tokopedia Balance, GiftCard purchases, and Official Store OPPO; - New Virtual Account User register Tokopedia account after 15 Aug 2017; - Merger with other promos in Tokopedia; - Use of "Instant Pay" feature.
5. Buyers will receive cashback maximum 1x24 hours after the transaction is complete (buyer has confirmation receipt of goods). For buyers Digital Products, cashback will be received maximal 1x24 hours after the payment process succeed.
6. If there is a change of mobile phone number in Tokopedia user account and the number is not active, then user will not get cashback.
7. If the transaction is canceled, the returning fund to the buyer is equal to the buyer's paid funds to Tokopedia, and the voucher code can be re-used for the new transaction.
8. Tokopedia shall be entitled with or without prior notice, taking necessary actions if any manipulation / fraud action is found.
9. Terms and Conditions of this promo are an integral part of Tokopedia Terms and Conditions, and may be subject to change without prior notice.
Thank you so much Tokopedia for the opportunity to contribute in this project for this special Tokopedia 8th Anniversary event. I would like to wish Tokopedia a more successful year a head and keep on becoming one of Indonesia's leading e-commerce. To more and better future to each and everyone of use!! Happy Birthday dear Tokopedia. Make sure you're not missing out this special promotion deal.

Love, Stevie 

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