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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hello loves, 
It's finally August, can't believe we're half way done with 2017 !! Time really does flies... don't you think so? I hope everyone is having a great start this month, a lot has happened the past few weeks and I can't really imagine how quick everything around me revolves that sometimes everything just felt surreal. Today I'm back with a new fashion post.. while catching up with you guys about the highlight of my life in the past few weeks. 

I guess its safe to finally break it to you guys that last month I made it to the Cathy Doll Indonesia Asia Beauty Blogger 2017 TOP 10 finalists!! Woohooo your girl made it.. Actually even till now its still feel surreal even after everything... You know at first I applied just for fun and to expand myself by pursuing something out of my comfort zone which is video. As most of you know its on my 2017 resolution to do things out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself to boarder horizons which includes videos for my Youtube channel. I've always been a fan of inspiring Youtube beauty channels and they do inspire and help me discover my kind of makeup style and in return I would like to share to the world my own personal style, beauty and stories through my content. So long story short my latest video on my Youtube channel helped me to reach the top 10 finalist and after that all ten of us were asked to shoot for Cathy Doll variety show which soon will be up on their channel. 

I won't be spoiling more about the show but it was indeed one of the biggest highlight of last month.. From the start I had no expectations of making it to the top 10 but once I reached that stage the urge of wanting to keep going on to the next level hits me however I didn't expect to reach the next stage afterwards but Yes, I made it to the next level of the show... More about it, you can catch it on the show when they're up... But what I wanna share is that we can't never defy fate and I believe everything is well planned for us. So no matter how hard or easy our choices are, each and every decision we make will eventually lead us to a beautiful destination. Therefore always accept challenges in front of you and brace yourself for all the falls you might take along the journey but remember one thing, eventually everything will be fine or even better!  

The shoot for the show took place on Friday at a supermarket in a big mall (can you imagine that? how nerve-wracking everything is) When I got the email at first that I made it to the top 10 and we'll be shooting for their variety show all that I can think of is "what will I do?", "how can I shoot in such a crowded place?" all these questions pop on my head on top of the joy of knowing that I made it to the top 10 among all the amazing entries. It was indeed a very overwhelming experience! During the shoot I can't hardly think of it as a competition anymore but I tried to enjoy every moment of it while doing my best for the shoot and competition. I completed my shoot successfully thanks to all the production staffs, thank you for being so understanding for my lacking.

So one of the competition was to shop at the supermarket and create a whole new look... Basically I wasn't aware that we should be incorporating our own pieces to the look cause at first I thought It was only a shopping competition but after knowing it I was kind of grateful that I wore a short inside my dress and the outerwear that I wore on this pict. Shopping in a very limited time can be very stressful and nerve wrecking too because shopping under pressure never brings good outcome. That's why I decided to focus on what I have and just get some basic pieces to combine to my look and the pictures you see in this post are the look I created with the combination of clothing and things I bought at the supermarket while mix and matching them to the shorts and outerwear that I wore. 
Actually the Best Buy from the whole look must be the shoes that I bought. From the start I intended to buy a sneaker but wasn't sure if I can find the right fit but once I saw this pair I thought to myself I should definitely get it. This pair of sneakers actually matches the color of my outerwear which instantly click to my look so yeah!! I bought it.. It must be the quickest time ever I bought a shoe because usually when it comes to footwear I would be looking at it very carefully but since time was ticking all I could think of is find my size and run over to the cashier. To add some details to the look I decided to wear my own beret and put on a thick black belt which I bought at the supermarket too.. Coming to think about it I actually named this look a bohemian chic yet sporty look but actually this is a very casual wear and the point of the whole look is on my outerwear and my new sneakers because they color coordinate so well:) Now what do you think of my look? 

Basically it would be impossible to take pictures inside a supermarket in wide open like this but since it was for the competition we got the permission to take pictures around the supermarket and here are some of my best shot! I've been dying to do supermarket shot for a very long time but you know security can be fussy and it would be almost impossible to get these kind of shots so yeah, I do enjoy this one in a lifetime moment... Although the shooting might be a bit daunting but when it comes to photography I'm kind of comfortable with posing in front of still photographs so taking pictures in public is not so difficult for me... Thank you Brancy for taking these shots for me.. It was indeed a very pleasant, thrilling and exciting experience!   

-Beret: Stradivarius
- Outerwear: Hong Kong
-Black Tank Top: LotteMart Supermarket
-Belt: LotteMart Supermarket
-Denim Shorts: Hong Kong
-Sneakers: Nike 

Love, Stevie 

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