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Monday, October 23, 2017

Have you ever experienced problem with rough, dry and super cracky feet? If yes, you might want to read more about Baby Foot this in post. Your feet might feel reborn like a baby with Baby Foot. In this post I will share with you guys my personal experience after using Baby Foot and how it transforms my feet. Actually I don't really have much troubles with my feet and they are not the driest  or have much cracky dry skin but they aren't so smooth either and when I got the chance to review and try out this product I'm super duper happy as it has been on my top to-try list.. I really wanted to try this product because of all the positive reviews surrounding it and magic it creates to transform the texture of one's feet just like a newborn!
Baby Foot came in as a solution for cracked and dry skin that may look unpleasant especially when we need to wear open shoes or heels where our feet is kinda exposed. It'll look ugly to have chipped and cracked skin on our feet as everyone would love to look their best in all events or occasions if possible right? That's why its important to take proper care of our feet as well. Baby Foot claim to be able to deep exfoliate skin naturally with all the natural ingredients inside the product. This product will then eventually help your skin to exfoliate and get rid of your dead skin cells and once you've passed through the peeling stage you'll finally have a smooth baby like feet skin. 

This was the products sent to me to try out a complete set of Baby Foot products ( Baby Foot Smoothing Gel and Baby Foot Easy Pack). The Baby Foot Easy Pack come in a pair of socks or boots alike which contains some kind of gel in it and that gel is meant to help exfoliate our skin. 
How to Use?
  • Rinse, clean and dry your feet before using the Baby Foot Easy Pack. Then cut off the top part of the plastic following the cut stripes on the plastic pack. 
  • Then put your feet into the plastic socks/ boots then seal it with the tape that is given in the packaging. This ensures the gel won't spill out of the plastic and to ensure more comfortable wearing. 
  • Let it be for 30 mins ( some people may need 60-90 mins for the product to work*) You can move around in it while waiting but make sure to use sandals because it might get slippery.
  • After 30 mins passes rinse off all the excess gel on your foot with water and soap. 
  • That's All! Done
This is how the boots/ socks look like a plastic container filled with gel. It is big enough for any size of feet :) 
Use the tape inside the packaging to tighten the boots/ socks so you can comfortably move around it. But I would suggest you to just sit and relax because it contains some gel substance which might easily make you trip if you're not careful. The plastic socks/ boots are designed to be tough and tear resistance and it will also ensure better penetration of the gel into our skin for exfoliating purposes. 
Leave for 30 Mins 
 This is how my feet look before using Baby Foot, although they are not extremely dry or cracky but you can see those visible dry lines and un-smooth skin. Even after applying the Baby Foot my skin doesn't feel anything at all. It's condition after masking and rinsing off is pretty much still the same with this image you see above. My skin still feels kind of dry and don't really see any changes right after application. It was already said that you need to wait 2-7 days to see the dead skin to start peeling off. 

The peeling process for each person may varies* but my own personal experience of peeling starts after day 3/4 I'm not so sure cause I forgot to keep track of it. My peeling process was kind of dramatic too after my dead skin starts peeling off. You can imagine like snake skin peeling off my skin was like that, here's how it look like on the peeling process.. My peeling process took about more or less two days to complete. 
 It was kind of similar to the picture on the packaging.. Just as ugly and as disturbing as that. However I know this process won't stay long and once its over I'll have a baby like feet skin again! 
Taaa daa~ This is how my feet look after completing the peeling process. The peeling process may be a lengthy process cause you'll have to experience all the extreme peeling although they're completely painless but you might be shocked by the amount of dead skin your feet exfoliate ( It's almost like a skin changing process). But the result is completely worth it! I was kind of afraid to try at first because of the peeling process as I fear pain a lot but apparently the peeling process was so smooth and once you spot any peeling skin you can slowly pull it off with your hand and it won't be painful or harm our skin. Eventually it will all peel off naturally and most importantly painless. Now my skin feels so smooth just like its reborn! So happy that this product really works. 
It is recommended to use Baby Foot Mask three months after your previous treatment. Baby foot treatment is a much more cost effective home treatment for your foot compared to salon treatment every once a month. 
While your skin is exfoliating/ peeling from its dead skin you can apply this Baby Foot smoothing Gel by applying 2-4 grams of the product on the palm of your feet one or twice a day (morning and evening). 
Ingredients- Baby Foot smoothing Gel
-Baby Foot Easy Pack:

  • Moisturize your foot and lift dead skin cells
  • Made with natural ingredients in the gel extract found in the plastic mask (socks/ boots) 
  • Helps to peel of dead skin and make your skin smoothen and soft.

-Baby Foot Smoothing Gel:
  • It is a smoothing gel that can be used after Baby Foot Easy Pack until peeling process is completely done.
Thank you so much Baby Foot and Sociolla for the collaboration opportunity to try and review this product. I'm super thrilled by how effective this product works. I really made my feet feeling so smooth and soft! So happy with the texture of my feet now.

To ensure my feet don't go back to be rough, dry or cracky againI make sure to apply foot cream every night before bed just make sure my feet is also hydrated. Before I used to skip it and just focus on body lotion but as years passed I realize that each of our skin on different body parts need different care and special cream for them will give maximum results. Therefore make sure to at least not skip body lotion. To avoid your skin from being dry! 
Baby Foot contains gentle fruit acid and 17 kinds of natural ingredients extracts hence the exfoliating process will be natural and painless. Before using this product make sure to read the instruction list properly and yes this product contains acid so make sure not to leave it more than 30 mins as leaving it longer than that may cause your feet to feel hot. 
You can easily find all Baby Foot products at Sociolla and below are some of the prices which I've summed up for you. Here at Sociolla you can buy a bundle foot care package consisting both Baby Foot Easy Pack, and Baby Foot Smoothing Gel for Rp. 473,000. Each Baby Foot Smoothing Gel 30 gr and Baby Foot Easy Pack cost Rp. 148,000 and Rp. 325,000 respectively. 
You can easily purchase Baby Foot from through Sociolla. If you purchase through Sociolla make sure to use my code "SBNLAHWU" to get Rp 50.000 off your purchase with a minimum purchase of Rp. 250.000. Although it may seem pricey but compared to the actual results its totally worth the try! Now @babyfootid and @beautyjournal is hosting a giveaway!  2 lucky winners will win a total price of Rp. 1.500.000,-. Stay tune on my Instagram for more about this giveaway! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you find this post useful. 

Love, Stevie 

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