[Event + Review]: Mastering Holywood and Korean Brows with Veet

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday, October 23, I was invited by beauty journal to attend an event with Veet. The theme of the event was “Mastering Holywood and Korean Brows with Veet”. The event was about the launching of Veet Sensitive Touch new electric trimmer that can be used for not only brows but also other body areas. This tool can easily help us clear unwanted hairs from our body parts quick, painless and fuss free. This Veet electric trimmer is blade free so its safe and don't worry about causing cuts. The event starts as we gathered and opened with an opening speech from our beloved head of Beauty Journal, Mira Monika.
Our beloved Head of Beauty Journal Mira Monika ♥
Afterwards the event began as the guest stars are invited on stage, the guests on that day were the beautiful Julie Estelle and Rachel Goddard. Both of them may have different personalities or character but one thing that makes them similar as they've highlighted is the importance of brows. Both of them shared their personal experience with trimming unwanted hairs and they're experience after using this new Veet electric trimmer. They said on daily basis both of them prefer natural looking brows as for Julie she highlighted that her brow style is not too Hollywood or Korean but more of a natural looking one. During this event we're given better insights of brow shaping and the difference between Holywood and Korean Brows.   
These days everyone seems obsessed to create the perfect brows that matches their face characters (well mostly everyone I know does, but for myself I'm pretty blessed with thick brows and I have bangs so I rarely put a lot of concern on my brows while getting ready. However this isn't the case with everyone else.) I do understand that brows really help to shape and bring character to one's face thus it is very important to get your brows done based on the one that suits you perfectly if not it'll eventually change your face character altogether. If you asked me how I like my brows done? I would most probably say natural looking brows which will fall closer to the Korean brows style. 
Julie Estelle and Rachel Goddard as the guests for this event  
Look who came? The one and only Ryan Ogilvy 
After some talk with the two beautiful guests another surprise guest was invited on stage and its the one and only Ryan Ogilvy . A makeup artist that has made his way even to the Hollywood stage and became the official makeup artists for one well known makeup brand which mostly everyone knows already. He came in and showed a demo makeup of how to create both Hollywood and Korean Brows with a little bit of eye makeup to wrap up the whole makeup. In between his makeup session he drops a few interesting makeup tips/ hacks that are very useful.  
Starting with the Korean Brow. He started clearing up the brows but he said that he doesn't like to over trim because brows can easily change the character and facial appearance of someone therefore he said its important not to over trim. For Korean brows they are more natural and less arch to make the look more soft and younger.
Now moving on with the Hollywood Brows. Hollywood brows are usually more bold and have high arches to create a bolder and stronger facial appearance.  
The final result of the Hollywood and Koreany brow shaping and makeup by Ryan Ogilvy
The winner of the competition :) Spotted my babes ❤

Mini Review
This Veet new electric trimmer is very useful and handy as it comes in an all in one use thus you can easily manage your own personal hair removal needs all by yourself with this tool. 
At the event some shared their personal  preferences of how to remove unwanted hair especial on brows. Some preferred tweezers while some event used razors to trim their brows. Everyone when through their phase and I personally used tweezers many times but it is very painful but since it removes the hair to the roots it slower the process of regrowth. Eventhough the tweezers process is painful but I still prefer it over threading or waxing because both needs me to go to the beauty clinic and I'm kind of the lazy one when I need to go to salon or clinic to get them off. That's why I prefer doing it myself at home with tweezers however after receiving this  new product from VEET it has really made my life a lot easier! This new electric trimmer from VEET doesn't have any blade so you don't have to worry that it'll cut your skin. It is also totally painless which is something great cause my experience with tweezer is so painful but now I can get a meet trimmed brows easily with it. The two sided end helps to get the precision and trim the hair neatly.
As for now I've not tried using it for other areas of my body yet but I think since it can effectively clean off the hair on the delicate skin are of the brows it should be effective for the other parts too.  
This Veet electric trimmer work with battery on if you decided to rinse the tool remember to always remove the battery beforehand. 
It is quick and gentle which can easily remove unwanted hair in one go with having to fear of getting cut and its high precision enable you to create a precise shaping and styling of your brow. This tool is water rinsable but after every use I would suggest to clean it off with the brush and you can already maintain the tool. This tool is said to be effective for use up to two years!   
There is two side of the razor one is shorter and one is longer to help you get your unwanted hair precisely. 
This new Feet electric trimmer can be used for eyebrows, upper lip & chin, underarm & bikini line, and  Side burns
Use this mini brush to clean the tools after use to maintain the sharpness and efficiency of the razor. 

These are the compartments inside the packaging you have a complete set of all the tools needed to help you remove unwanted hairs. 
Lastly thank you so much Veet and Beauty Journal for having me! It was a super fun event and I have gain a lot of useful beauty tips during the event not only about brows but makeup in general. FYI This tool is very affordable and cost friendly so make sure to purchase one and forget all your other brow trimming method cause this one tool can help you solve all your unwanted hair problems easily and effectively!

Love, Stevie 

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