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Monday, October 09, 2017

Hello loves, Hows your Monday? start the day slowly and don't force yourself too hard okay.. Cause its only the start of the week. Today I'm going to share with you guys about this new collection from Garnier. I bet you guys aren't new with the brand Garnier but now Garnier came out with this new product collection with Pure Active Matcha series which consisted of both face cleanser and face clay mask. 

It's no longer a secret that matcha or green tea is a natural ingredient that has high anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that are good for the skin. It is also said that green tea has anti aging and properties and can protect and fight free radicals. Taking these factors into consideration Garnier launched its newest product line with match as its main ingredients. 
So Garnier Indonesia sent me this big hampers consisting of their newest product from Garnier Pure Active Matcha Series and two cute jars one with matcha powder and the other one is candy. They do know how to spoil a girl... As a lover of matcha I enjoy anything with green tea although sometimes I do get light headed after having green tea. I believe its because of their neutralizing properties that make me feel a little light head but aside from that I enjoy green tea on everything cake, drinks, latte, ice cream, name it and I love them all!
That makes me hyper excited to try out this Garnier Pure Active Matcha Series knowing that (hoping that) my skin will love it as much as I do. More in-dept about the product? Continue reading till the end...
What's in the box? The Pure Active Match Deep Clean Facial Foam, Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean Clay Mask, Matcha Latte and Matcha Candy. 
The star of this post!! Packaging wise they both come in a very handy and effective packing with great attractive designs. 
Garnier - Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean 
Dirt & Oil Control Foam 

This Garnier Pure Active Match Deep Clean facial foam contains antioxidant matcha tea and salicylic  acid that are good to fight harmful elements that will cause acne or break out. Throughout my whole experience of finding the right skincare for my sensitive and acne prone skin I gained this knowledge through my research that salicylic  acid is one ingredient that is best to fight off acne so having it on our daily facial wash will help to eliminate the possibility of breaking out as this ingredient will help to heal the active acne and prevent future breakout. 
Each tube consist of 100 ml and it is said to be able to cleanse of 96% of excessive oil from our skin. If you have seen me recently you might have seen my skin is yet far from clearing there are still some active acnes everywhere and I'm being so careful with what I'm applying on my skin but I took up the courage to try this facial foam as its main ingredient is match which will soothe inflammations. After trying it out I'm happy I did cause it didn't leave my skin feeling stripped off dry or squeaky clean but still smooth. 
The product itself even look so green on the inside, it also smells super good like some kind of matcha ice cream. The sent is far from being too much, its more like a relaxing matcha scent. The product lathers well into foam too very quickly and it really make my skin feeling clean without being overly cleanse! After giving this a try for a good one week I saw no further breakouts caused by this product so my skin is loving it so far. 

Garnier - Pure Active Matcha Deep Clean 
Blackhead & Pore Purifying Clay Mask

This mask is super duper unique because of its onsen sensation. It is said that you can leave on the mask for only 3 minutes then you can already rinse it off. You can use the mask twice as the packaging comes in a handy ripped off part which you can use one sachet at a time and save the rest for the next use. Still with its active matcha ingredient this mask is also meant to cleanse our pores and skin thoroughly as it draws out all the impurities on our skin. 
When usual masks offer to cool this mask gives a warm onsen sensation which turns out so relaxing as the clay mask purify our skin. The mask is said to be able to cleanse blackheads and pores. I love the texture of this mask as its not so thick or watery, it has a green color due to its green tea/ matcha ingredient. The scent is also very calming not any strong scent . This mask is also meant to not only cleanse/ purify pores but also to help remove excess oils and brighten up ones complexion.
However after trying this mask I can feel it regulates my oil and cleanse my pores although I didn't see any significant change in brightening up complexion. Well maybe its because I already have a fair complexion but I saw the areas around my skin problems or redness has reduces after using this mask. It is recommended to use this mask two to three times a week. 
After giving both these products a good try for almost a week or more I can say it do help calm down my redness due to inflamed acne and my skin feels like its better cleansed. The other plus point is that I love how both of them don't add up to my breakout but instead help to clam my skin. That's why girls its better to take proper care of your skin and avoid break outs before hand because once its there it takes so long to clear them up again! (talking about myself :') My favorite product will most probably be the mask as it really helps to draw impurities on my skin and it only need 3 minutes which is super quick! Personally as someone with a super sensitive and acne prone skin when products don't suite me it will show very quickly like my skin will feel irritated right after using but for both of these Pure active Matcha series I don't experience anything like that. So far so good!  

The onsen sensation is also a one of a kind feeling that not every mask gives you.. curious how it feels? try it out yourself..

Matcha Powder ( you can make your matcha latte with this powder) and Matcha Candy  
I hope you find this post useful and let's stay beautiful on the inside out! Check out Garnier Indonesia's social medias to keep up with the latest news from Garnier. 

Love, Stevie 

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