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Friday, October 06, 2017

Hello loves,
I'm back with another event report of the relaunching of Watson PIM that took place last Friday! I was being invited by Watson PIM in collaboration with Bioderma Indonesia to celebrate the reopening of Watson PIM store as well as to join the beauty demo event prepared by Bioderma Indonesia. I am a huge fan of the brand Bioderma and it was bliss to be able to work with my favorite brand of all times. I'll take you back to the relaunching morning which was hot and packed with the invitations before we see about the beauty demo and the surprise event prepared by Watson Indonesia.
Just a little background Watson PIM is the first Watson store in Indonesia which has been running for 11 years and this year they has relaunched their store with a new fresh G7 concept to bring customer an even better shopping experience. Watson Indonesia aim to be the leading health and beauty retail in the industry, its also one of their reason why they continue to innovate in order to bring maximum satisfaction to customers.
The honored guests at the reopening or the relaunching of Watson PIM
Now shall we see more on the new Watson PIM store... If you haven't visited the store yet let me tell you one thing.. You'll definitely love this new store, not that they have modern designs but they also have a lot of beauty brand laying on the front corner making it into a beauty heaven!! They do have other health and wellness counters too cause not to forget Watson actually started from a health and wellness retail. You can find quite a complete makeup and beauty brands at Watson from local brands to international brands. 
A corner dedicated for false lashes :) 
The makeup products for the fresh makeup demo, very minimum products!  
After touring around the new reopened Watson PIM store and visiting the different booths there, the beauty makeup demo session begin. The theme of the beauty demo is a fresh make-up look with only few items which was hosted by Lizzie Parra ‘Founder of BLP by Lizzie Parra’. She shared her little tips on getting ready for a daily makeup and still look on point. On the make-up demo she only used a few products and she starts with skincare that is moisturizer and then continuing with the Bioderma Sebum Pore refiner as the primer before starting with makeup. She also said that for daily occasion its better to wear thin and breathable makeup, her tips is to always start with a well moisturized skin.  She shared that her personal experience trying out  Bioderma Sebum Pore refiner helps her to maintain her makeup to stay on longer.
Another tip she shared is to set every step in the make up process with Bioderma Hydrabio Brume, by doing so it'll help the makeup to set in even better on the skin. After completing all the priming and base she begin applying foundation on the model and she told us that for daily makeup its better to start light handed and only apply a little on parts that needs more coverage. After completing with the base and complexion she then moves on with the eyes, eyebrow and simple contouring and highlight to enhance the features of her model. When everything is done she once again used the Bioderma Hydrabio Brume to set the makeup for the final time. This Bioderma Hydrabio Brume can also makes the skin hydrated thus leaving it looking more healthy and glowing since the skin is well hydrated.
The final look of fresh everyday makeup look
The makeup demo is indeed very easy and is very suitable for daily makeup wear with the key of having a good base for the makeup to set in. Great makeup always starts with a healthy skin this is why Bioderma always focuses on the needs of various skin type in order to provide it with the most suitable skin care.
After completing the makeup demo comes the fun part we're all waiting for the treasure hunt at the new Watson PIM store as we're being spoilt by them with our favorite beauty and makeup brands. It was a race to get as many products from different brand in only 90 seconds.. Crazy!! yes, 90 seconds only... I managed to get almost all the products but not everything on the list because it was kind of too pack to run and push everyone around. However it was indeed a super fun experience!
Thank you Bioderma Indonesia 
Watson Indonesia is now serving online shopping service! You can read more about it here
With my fellow blogger babes !! Thank you for inviting  Glitzmedia x Bioderma & Watson
So these are what I got from the treasure hunt, there are various different brands from beauty, makeup to health and wellness. I'll share some of the thoughts of the products that I got from Bioderma and give you a little overview about each of them. 
Totally spoilt by Watson Indonesia after their fun treasure hunting event.
What's in my Bioderma pouch?
Top (Left to Right): Sensibio Eye, Sebum Pore Refiner, Photoderm Max SPF 100, Hydrabio Brume
Bottom ( Left to Right): Sensibio H2O, Sensibio Tonique, Sensibio Light, Hydrabio Serum

Sensibio Eye

Eye contour gel 
This is an eye cream that can be used to reduce fine lines and makes the skin around your delicate eye areas look. This product is fragrance free. I've tried using this the other day as an eye cream and I love the light texture and it absorbs super quickly into the skin.   

Sebum Pore Refiner

Corrective care for dilated pores
This is one of the product I'm excited to try as it leaves the skin feeling super matte after application. I used this as a based yesterday and it's true like what Lizzie said in her makeup demo this product really helps to preserve and make our makeup last longer. So happy with this product. 

Photoderm Max SPF 100

Fluid very high protection
This is a sunscreen and unlike usual sunscreen this sunscreen comes in 100SPF with PA +++ which will protect our skin from all the harsh UV rays. We always have this misconception that applying a huge amount of SPF on our sunscreen would be too much but to be exact the SPF will wear off once we apply it. That's why it's sometime recommended to reapply suncream if we're exposed to sunlight for a long amount of time. To be honest I haven't tried this yet, so I got nothing to say about the product just yet but I'll update once I've tried it. 

Hydrabio Brume 

Refreshing cleansing Water which soothes and enhanced the skin comfort. 
This is like a face mist which can be used as a setting spray too. I love using this as a face mist to refresh my face or makeup throughout the day cause you know even though I have combination skin but some parts of my face is also dry that's why I need face mist to refreshen it up. I love this Hydrabio Brume because it has no scent at all and feels just like water. 

Sensibio H2O

A micellar water as a cleansing and makeup removing that stimulates moistures
Without me saying you guys may have already known this is one of my holy grail. I'm a fan of micellar water compared to other makeup cleanser thus this Sensibio H2O is my favorite of all times as it cleanse thoroughly without feeling like its stripping all the moisture on my skin.  

Sensibio Tonique

Generating Moisturising Toning Lotion
This is the oner from the Sensibio product line which is meant to tone our skin after cleansing to balance out our skin ph level. It can also make the skin feeling smooth and hydrated after application to make your skin ready for the next skin care step.I haven't tried this product as well so no comment yet about how it works on my skin.

Sensibio Light

Soothing Cream
This is a moisturizing cream that is meant to hydrate our skin and since its from the Sensibio product line, I guess this product is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. The formula for this cream is also super hydrating and it absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any greasy feeling. 

Hydrabio Serum

Moisturizing concentrate that retains the skin to moisture itself.  
Since I've already got this product from the previous Bioderma launch I've already tried incorporating this onto my skin care and It does its just of Hydrating my skin and making them look more supple and nourish. Due to my acne and trouble skin that I've experiencing for months now incorporating this serum surely make a huge difference to my skin. Keeping them well hydrated which battling my dry skin patches from acne spot treatment. 

Website : www.bioderma.co.id
❥Instagram : bioderma_indonesia
Twitter : @bioderma_id
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy this mini event recap and little overview of Bioderma products that I received. Having a sensitive and acne prone skin has made skincare concern my top priority thus I'm happy that Bioderma product works effectively on my skin despite its hefty price tag. However I like to consider skin care as an investment for our skin in the long term and no good investment is cheap right? hehehe 

Love, Stevie 

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