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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Happy Thursday ! Wish you are having a great start of this week...
Well this is kind  of a long overdue post but they say its better late then never, right?  I've been having hectic schedule for weeks and got no time to actually sit and write so this post is kind of pending.
First I'll share with you my fun day at the Mavala Indonesia counter at Debenhams, Senayan City getting my fresh manicures and some hand care treatment. I asked for a simple French manicure as they instantly make the nails look fresh and clean. They started with cleaning my cuticles and nails then moving on with hand massage to help me relax my hands and most probably overly exhausted overworked fingers. Then she begin applying base coat, then the base color before moving on with the French manicure. At first I thought it would take a long time to finish my nail art but it was so quick and the whole process only take around one hour with all the nails and hands treatment. After completing the French (white nail polis) I asked for a little more details of floral on each nails with a combination of pink to add a pop of color to my nails. Mavala is one of the best brand of nail care products in the world.
Let me show you a sneak peek to my Mavala nail experience with my few shots below. 
Filling my nails to reshape my nails 
Getting my cuticles cleaned 

Hand creams for massaging all the tight and tense muscles on my hands. 
Begin massaging my hands, it was so relaxing since I used my hands a lot..  
Begin French Manicure after applying my base color which is somehow transparent. 
Drawing my flowers 
Adding a pink nail polish as per my request just to add some color to my nails. 
Love how precise and delicate she drew my nails :)
After finishing all the steps she sealed everything with top coat then with Mavala Oil seal coat to help the nail polish dry faster. 
Last Step: Applied Oil Seal Dryer to fasten the drying process of the nail polish. As you may have known or heard before nail polish is only completely dry after 24 hours. So before it there is a high chance you can destroy your nail polish. So be careful and apply this oil seal dyer to fasten the process. 
Here are the products they used to make my cute French manicure with floral nail art.
Final look of my nails. What do you think of it? 

Below are some of the goodies they gave me, to be honest I haven't tried them all so I'll only give you an overview of the products I've tried at the Mavala Nail experience and I'll also share the uses of each products below. They gave me quite a number of products and as a lover of nail art I'm so happy to finally I get to try out their best selling Oil seal which indeed did the magic it promises. They gave me not only nail products but also eye care products. Well let's check out each products shall we...

Eye Products

Eye Make-Up Remover Gel

EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER GEL contains soothing bisabolol that can effectively and efficiently remove waterproof eye makeup gently. 
Use cotton pad that is pre moisten with lukewarm water and apply a little amount of gel on the pad then hold it onto you shut eyes for a few second before gently moving it in motion to wipe off all the eye makeup properly. 

Double Cream Eye Contour

Our eyes area need as much care and moisture as the rest of our face thus making moisturizing for eye care important to avoid early aging signs and wrinkles around the eyes. The formula of this eye cream will help the area around the eyes to look firm, moisturized and revitalized by restoring the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. 
Apply a small quantity of the cream on clean skin on the lower part of the eyes and slowly massage the product gently onto the skin. It is best to use it at night and you can also apply in your morning routine too. Apply before using any makeup.

Penetrating Instant Nail Hardener

This is the best selling nail hardener in over 50 years. It helps the nails to grow healthy and strong by avoiding it from flaking, splitting or becoming soft. One application per week is recommended to hardens the nail tips effectively. 
Clean your nails from nail polish or oils then brush on the products on the nails and let it dry. Apply twice a week at most to help your nails to grow healthy and strong then you can reduce the frequency to two to three times per month. 

Oil Seal Dryer

This oil is the magic oil. It helps to accelerate the process of drying time of your manicure. It is also best fro dry skins and cuticles as the oil and antioxidant vitamin E properties will nourish it. It will lock on the colors and protect your nail polish. 
After using nail polish and COLORFIX top coat then apply this OIL SEAL DRYER onto your nails and make sure to apply it lightly and not too much. Leave it to dry for about 10 seconds.

Colorfix (Top Coat)

COLORFIX is a clear top coat that will create a glossy finish that will protect the nail polish and also fixes the nail polishes. It also protect the manicure from chipping. 
Apply COLORFIX after the final coat of your nail polish dries. air possible apply even to the tip of your nails where the enamel is mostly might chip. Let it dry !! You can also apply a second layer of COLORFIX 24 or 48 hours later to freshen up your manicure and make it last longer. 

Base Coat 

Nail polishes usually has colored pigments that will turn our nails yellow thus we need to apply base coat prior to the nail polish to prevent it form happening. This will protect our nails from yellowing. 
Apply it all over your nails then once it dry you can continue with nail polish colors. This product will leave your nails feeling a little tacky.

Cuticle Remover 

The formula in this product will help soften the cuticle and help it easier to remove the small dead skin and roll off the cuticles. Overgrown cuticles can make your nails look ugly and dull thus its kind of important to keep them neat and in check. Roll a coating wool over a manicure stick and use it to cleanse the cuticle to remove dead skins and roll the cuticles back in.  
Make sure to start with a clean nail. Brush the product onto your nails and wait one minute before you can gently push back the cuticles by rolling them in.  Use wooden manicure stick wrapped in cotton wool to do it and never use hard metal instruments because it will make your nails grow ridged and dented. Wash/ wipe it off and then you can proceed with your manicure or nail art. 

Nail Polish 

I got two different shades nail polish from Mavala 336 Slick Opal and 337 Pretty Fuchsia. 336 Slick Opal is a nude grayish color with a little hint of white and  337 Pretty Fuchsia is a beautiful pink fuchsia that will be perfect for everyday color. The formula of this Mavala nail polish is smooth on every application without having it leaves any unsmooth paint marks.

Once again thank you so much Mavala Indonesia for this beautiful French manicure:) and of course the loads of goodies...  Hope you enjoy this post! Don't forget to check out Mavala Indonesia for their special offers on their social medias.

Love, Stevie 

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