Saturday, March 10, 2018

Living in Indonesia, we're blessed with only two season the hot and rainy seasons. Which makes it hot throughout the year and we can't help but to perspire a lot this cause our skin to loose its moisture and water level that's why mist is essential. Ever since I started incorporating face mist into my skin care I realized my skin tend to look fresher and more supple throughout the day. Especially for myself my skin has lots of trouble areas and is sensitive that's why I often experience dryness and red spots on my skin and using fist just help to make my makeup last longer and it also soothe my irritated skin. 

Now let me introduce you to my current favorite face mist from Damior which is a Korean beauty brand that uses Bamboo extract as the main ingredient for the afce mist. Bamboo extract is known to be soothing and moisturizing for the skin this is why it kind of helped calm my inflamed  skin due to active acnes. It also help to make my makeup sets on better as I've previously joined a a makeup class where the instructor suggested to set our makeup after each step with face mist to make the makeup last longer and after testing it out. It works on me, since then I've been doing it ! 

Damior Bamboo Face mist contains Bamboo extract, Indian Strawberry extract, Centella Asiatica extract and Purslane green Extract. These ingredients have properties that help to soothe, moisturize, anti- inflammatory, heal, regenerate skin, antibacteria ,and  detoxify skin. 

Bamboo Face Mist Claims to:
- Improve skin texture
-Antibacterial effect
-Skin protection
-Skin relief

Overall I'm happy with this Bamboo face mist,  cause I've seen it really works to soothe my red angry spots and make my skin texture look more supple and fresh after every use. As for all the other claims like anti-aging, I can't say much yet about it because I believe those results aren't instantly visible but so far it's good and doesn't irritate my sensitive and trouble skin.  
Scent: Nothing too overwhelming so it's good! 
Texture: feels super light just like water that it sinks in directly into my skin
Rate: 4/5 
( would be better if they come in a smaller travel size option so I can carry it everywhere with me)

Where to Buy? 
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Love, Stevie 

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  1. Reviewnya jadi buat melting bgt soalnya pingin coba try me di charis not approved kalo beli mehong cyin
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  2. Waaaaa akujuga suka banget sama face mist ini, kek nyerep banget dipakenya. But harganya emg agak pricey sih buat anak kuliahan 😂
    Muthia lestari fatqhi
    Ig account : mutialfa


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