[Event + Review ]: The Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang landing in Jakarta

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Hello loves,
Let me take you back with me to the launching event of BADGal Bang Mascara by Benefit. It was one of the highlight event of last month! Not that I'm happy a new great mascara is available in the market but this event itself is lit~ Let me take you on a journey back to the event with my from the 
The launching event took place at one of the highest rooftop building in Jakarta at Henshin! Under the twinkling lights of Jakarta's night scene we celebrated the launching of Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang in Indonesia. Hands up to the creative and Benefit team for organizing such an amazing event. They really paid attention to little details that makes everything about the event perfect. As you walked into the venue its as if you've been taken to the outer space. Okay, now let's the picture gallery starts...   
First when I came to register they gave me my pass. Benefit team is so cute to prepare all these little details and props! I'm officially a spaceship crew !
The goodie bag:) is pure awesome!! It screams cuteness overload 
The BADGal Bang Gang 
On this cute pinky object you can look into the Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang story. It has several images which moves as you click the button and the scene changes. 
The star of the day! Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang Mascara is here now
Babes! Always had a great time with them. 
Actually I didn't managed to take a lot of photographs at the event because I was too caught up at the event and enjoying the moment. So there's actually a game corner, to win some of Benefits product by getting into the even numbers. So excitedly I gave it a try because I'm always up for arcade game and guess what.. I won!! Got a brow product from the games :) If you've seen my IG story you'll have seen what I'm trying hard to describe here. 

So prior to the launching event, we're sent a mystery trial product to try out and it happens to be the  Benefit Cosmetics - BADGal Bang Mascara ! As you can see the effect it has on my lashes with only a single application. Can you imagine how it'll look if I layer several layers of it? :) 

This new mascara in the Benefit family is said to contain aero particle which is a gravity-defying lift mascara. Thus this explains why it can dramatically lift your lashes even without curler. This BADGal Bang Mascara  has ProVitamin B5 in their formula which helps to keep your lashes healthy and strong. It is also formulated to last for 36 hours ! 

-Make lashes look voluminous and long
-Helps to curl up lashes even without curlers and it hold the curl pretty well
-Smudge proof and waterproof 

-It can get a little clumpy if not brushed thoroughly 

So as some of you asked for my honest thought regarding this new BADGal Bang  Mascara I'll be blunt about it here. I'm actually loving it but there's a little miss of this product that it actually clumps a little if you don't brush it thoroughly. However the formula is great and it also felt lightweight once it dries out. It lifts the lashes throughout the day :) As someone who love Benefit The Real Mascara I would say this new  BADGal Bang product wins in the volumizing factor. 
You can now purchase them at all Benefit counters, boutique or Sephora Indonesia store. 

Thank you for reading! I hope this answers some of your curiosity about this new  BADGal Bang Mascara by benefit! If you're running out of mascara give this one a try. 

Love, Stevie 

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