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Friday, March 09, 2018

Hello Babes! 
Welcome back to my page and today I'll share about this newest lipstick from Shu Uemura. If you kept up with my daily activities you might have known I've attended the launching of this Shu Uemura's Laque Supreme launching. They have launched 16 new shades of Laque Supreme lipstick with wonderful formula, texture and of course exquisite shades. Here in this post I'll share with you all my three Laque Supreme lipstick shades for those who've been wondering how it looks on the lips, so keep on reading to see the whole swatch for the three shades that I have. 

Before moving on to the swatch I'd like to discuss a little about the formula and packaging of this new Shu Uemura Laque Supreme lipstick. Formula wise I would say it gives a healthy and juicy look on the lips as it kind of have a hybrid formula of a tint and a gloss. Compared to the usual lipstick that tend to be matte this Shu Uemura Laque Supreme lipstick has a glossier finish but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky at all. The lipstick stains on the lips even after the lipstick is gone. Now for the packaging they come in an elegant packaging with a combination of black and the shade of each lipstick creating a beautiful gradient packaging. Personally for the packaging looks very classy and of course handy. On the cap part of the packaging there is this lock like thing which you can feel securing or locking the lipstick once you close the bottle. This will avoid any unwanted spillage in your makeup pouch! So good effective packaging checked. 

I find the shape of  the applicator quite unique. why? Because you can see the curve on the applicator but it was designed in a way to enable us to apply the lipstick easier on the lips.   

Shu Uemuera Laque Supreme Spring 2018

  • # RD01
  • # RD05
  • # OR01
  • # CR01
  • # CR02
  • # CR03
  • # BG02
  • # BG04
  • # BG05
  • # PK04
  • # PK05
  • # PK06
  • # PK07
  • # WN03
  • # WN04
  • # WN05
Above are the list of all the new shades of Shu Uemura Laque Supreme 2018 Lipstick, each shades are divided into five distinct undertone which is Red, Coral, Beige, Pink and Wine. Now let's reveal the swatches of my three beautiful Shu Uemura Laque Supreme lipsticks in the shade #CR 01 , #BG 02, #PK 04. All my lipstick shades are very neutral and wearable for daily wear ! Love that the formula isn't drying and has a glossy finish because I've always been a gloss fan compared to matte. 
Swatches : Top to bottom ↓
CR 01 , BG 02, PK 04
Below are the swatches on my lips, hopefully you'll get the idea of the colors but I'd like to let you know that lipstick shades may vary on everyone because of our own lips color. So I would recommend you to try it out yourself to see how the shades turns out on you! 

Laque Supreme # CR01

Laque Supreme # BG02

Laque Supreme # PK04

You can now purchase and find Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Lipstick all Shu Uemura's counters at department store or even Sephora Indonesia. Thank you for reading ! 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. punya warna kulit kaya ka stevie enak ya kayanya semua warna lip color cocok hihi <3 *ig: @yoselyn.eunike*

  2. Udah lama pen beli shu uemura ini, liat reviewnya ci stev makin penasaran deh sama isinya 😂
    Ig account : mutialfa

  3. Wahh iya aku udah nyobain shuuemura yg laque supreme ini waktu di event😍 serius aku gaboong ini bagusss bangettt ,gabikin bibir kering atau pecah2 karena formula nya bkin glossy dann ringan waktu dipake😍 dan warna2 nya jga soft2 banget tp sukses bkin sakit mata😂 sayangnya harganya yg lumayan mahal untuk kantong anak pelajar seperti ku:( cici cocok banget make product ini💘 jd mukanya tnah fresh dan makin bening😍

    *Aulia Cahya Kamila , ig


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