Lancôme: Write Her Future Campaign

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Hello loves, 

Today I'm going to share something a bit different not related to fashion nor beauty but it's about a cause. I personally wanted this platform to be a bridge to share my thoughts and voice out my aspirations to the world. I know I am small and my voice won't be heard but its the size. No matter how big or small but I believe every tiny actions matters. 

"Knowing how to read and write means having the freedom to express yourself fully and build your own future freely."

Literacy and the ability to write and read is best asset one can have.. We're all born with the same capacity of learning but some may not have the liberty and privilege as most of us whose reading have. So together let's help and share this campaign with the world. Let them learn and have give them freedom to write their future!  Aound 76 million young women around the globe are still experiencing illiteracy, causing obstacles in self- expression and women's right. 

So today I'd like o encourage you to join this world wide program by Lancôme to support this Write Her Future campaign by writing down your name. Show you care and help fight illiteracy around the globe especially in young women. | #WriteHerFuture

Together we can create a better tomorrow by fighting for things that matters! 
"With your voice, With your name, help turn lives around with the power of literacy." 

Happy Women's day! 

Love, Stevie 

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