Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hello loves, I've been wanting to update you guys on this Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum which I received from Lancome ID as soon as possible but my skin apparently just isn't cooperating. Due to one reason or another my skin has been acting out recently or to be exact about two months now. However I'm sure that once I get my routine back and my balance lifestyle it'll automatically clear up but that's the difficult part I barely have time these days for myself, not that I'm complaining but it's just how things are. As grateful I am for every opportunities it has been a challenge for me to balance out everything and maintaining my stress level as well. 
Therefore here's a little overdue product review from Lancome which I'll share with you guys together with my little overview of my personal experience with the product.Yes, my skin is still in trouble but I've given this product a test for a good two weeks before actually finalizing this post so sit tight and enjoy! 
To be honest with my current skin condition it has been very challenging an daunting for me to try out new skincare product because you never know how your skin will react to it. Some skin care bring positive results while other might cause even more irritation to my already irritated skin. Now speaking about this Genifique even before giving it a try I've already read and heard tons of positive feedback about their product which makes me super eager to try it out myself. However after trying out myself I don't regret giving this a go:) find out why? make sure you read till the end~

This Lancome Genifique comes in a very luxe and elegant looking glass bottle which makes the product look so classy and premium. Coming from a premium brand, its no wonder they have paid close attention onto the packaging delivering customers with a great packaging design. The lead of the bottle is actually a pipet used to take the product and on the top of the pipet is a button like where you can press to release the product store on the pipet/ dropper. 
The bottle comes with a pipet like of tube where you can get the product and by pressing on the top button the product will be released from the pipet. 

How I use it ? 
I would usually apply a good one pump from the pipet containing enough product for my whole skin. I would even massage it down to my neck cause neck is also an important part of our skin to take care off because the skin on our neck shows the earliest sign of aging. Gently pat and massage the serum onto my skin right after my toner step before jumping in with my daily moisturizer. Even though some may argue that having an oily acne prone skin one should skip moisturizer but I disagree for me your skin still needs moisture to stay hydrated and our skin tend to produce even more sebum that would clog our pores if they are dehydrated. Usually let it absorbs for about 5 to 10 mins before moving on to my next skincare regime just to give the product enough time to absorbs and work. I usually apply this only on night time because during the day I prefer to keep it light because my skin condition is currently very sensitive. I notice that after using this serum every morning I wake up my skin would look so much plumper and more hydrated ! 

Texture & Formula 
At first I thought their formula would be thick but apparently I was wrong. Lancome Genifique has a very light and watery texture. It makes it absorbs quickly into my skin upon usage. It glides in and absorb very well on my skin after every use. It has a transparent color  of watery texture that has a very nice scent to it. To be honest I'm not a fan of scented products but the scent of this serum is still okay and not too overwhelming. 
Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum has six essential skin functions which include:
  1. Unbalanced skin barrier
  2. Structure/biosynthesis
  3. Anti-oxidation
  4. Defence
  5. Exfoliation
  6. Hydration
Having all these properties in mind this serum is indeed very powerful :) Helping your skin to quickly regenerate and boost itself to feel and look better. 

Overall I pretty happy with this Lancome Genifique Serum because it has a very light formula that it absorbs super quickly onto the skin making my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. The best part I want to share is this product don't cause any further irritation onto my currently super sensitive skin :') So happy that it actually calms down the flaring acne and helps to make them look less angry. After every use I notice my skin texture just feels better, smoother and softer even though I haven't noticed that it works to treat my current break out but at least it helps in the hydrating department and doesn't lead to any further inflammation or irritation. If you are up for a new serum I would suggest you to try this Genifique serum to improve your overall skin texture. Even though it might be an investment because Lancome is a premium brand so their price tag might be a bit heavy but you get what you pay for. 
+ Doesn't cause any irritation or break out 
+ Makes skin texture feel better, smoother and plumper
+Better skin hydration
- Has scent 
- Glass container may be a bit risky to carry around on holiday (fear of breakage)
-Pricey premium product

Rate: 4.5/5 
It's never too early to start ! Let's start this mindset to no longer fear age because we can choose to take good care of our skin and age gracefully :) They say those who use this serum age backwards let's hope so ! Nevertheless its a happy soul that will radiate a happy youthful looking skin. 

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Packagingnya elegant banget ciii, sukaaaak. Jadi makin penasaran sama produk lancome yg satu ini. Btw i luv your statement ' you get what you pay for' karna harga gabisa bohong ya ci 😂💓
    Muthia Lestari Fatqhi
    Instagram account : mutialfa

  2. thankyou ci reviewnya😍 lagi bingung cari skincare yg cocok buat muka ak hehehe

  3. iih aku gagal pokus ama cici yg flawless bgt disini������������ - Aulia , ig

  4. I wanna to try this serum. Thankyou for sharing sista.



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