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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I'm so happy to be invited to the launching event of Senka facial foam. This Senka facial foam is a product well known around countries in Asia pacific region cause its been a hot facial foam even before it has officially launched in Indonesia. Now Senka lovers you can finally purchase them here and there's no need to stock up a lot while you're traveling cause now Senka is available in Indonesia. 

The event took place at Skye on 14 December 2017, medias and a few SBN are invited to the official launching of Senka Perfect Whip. They chose a theme "Perfect whip for perfect skin" for this event, being one of the best selling product from Senka, Senka Perfect Whip is a facial foam that can create a huge foam with just a little product. I'll share more on the product details of Senka Perfect Whip in this post if you haven't heard about the product before.     
Senka is a Japanese skincare brand that aim to produce highly effective skin care such as cleansers, makeup removers, and UV lines formulated with Double Hyaluronic Acid and Rich White Cocoon Essence foam that is gentle for the skin.  Senka Perfect Whip facial foam has been the leading best selling facial foam in Japan for 8 years. It has not only gained the love of Japanese market but also international market especially in Asia pacific region such as Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and are also quite popular in other countries like America. 
Senka is committed to continue to bring high quality skin care products at affordable prices, here the 5 Senka promises to its users: 

1. To thoroughly research and identify your needs.

2. To create innovative products by adopting a fresh development style and
applying advanced technology.
3. To sell only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.
4. To focus on product quality rather than packaging frills.
5. Our products will be kind to the environment.
My meal, It was splendid !!!  Thank you Skye for serving super yummy lunch..
I had salad for appetizer, Roast Chicken for main and Chocolate cake for dessert.

The event began with a brief introduction by Chrisanti Indiana, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Sociolla as she told us a little about the background of Sociolla as a pioneer in beauty e-commerce in Indonesia.Today, Sociolla is also one of the leading beauty e-commerce destination for customers and it has continued to grow. Sociolla has established collaboration partnership with Shiseido group as their online distribution partners but now Sociolla is trusted by Shiseido as the sole sub-distributor of Senka to distribute products to all customers in Indonesia both online and offline. Ms. Ayako Tokuyama, President Director of PT Shiseido Cosmetics Indonesia, also shared the reason why Shiseido decided to collaborate and partner with Sociolla for Senka. She said “We would like to reach younger market and introduce best quality of Japanese products through SENKA. We believe that Sociolla is the top of mind beauty e-commerce in Indonesia that understands our value. That is why we appointed Sociolla as our solely sub-distributor for online and offline channel".

Being part of Shiseido Group subsidiaries, Senka is not only successful and popular in Japan but also in Asia pacific region such as Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam it ranked as the No. 1 facial foam with their Senka Perfect Whip. Keeping that in mind Senka now embarks its journey in the Indonesian market. Senka aim to continue to bring customers a highly effective skincare and maintain its position as the best selling facial foam. Senka also hope that every Indonesian Woman can have beautiful bare skin to face the future confidently with Senka. Senka also aim that it can continue its success as one of the best selling facial foam in the market in Indonesia too! 

Moving on to the next session which is a talk show session with the guest of the day, suhay salim and SENKA Indonesia brand manager, Winny Wijaya. During this session Suhay Salim shared her two cents on the product and said that now even her mom is in love with Senka Perfect Whip. She said the facial foam doesn't dry out her skin and leaves it feeling clean, smooth and soft after every wash. Despite only using a little bit of the product it foams up a lot so a little goes a long way she shared. However since the product cost below 100k, she joked that you won't bother to use more because its so cheap yet so good. Ms. Winny Wijaya then demonstrated on how to create a huge foam with just a tiny bit of products after giving us a little opening speech. I'm actually quite impressed on the foam making demo...   
Demo time on how to create the Senka Perfect Whip foam in a manual way. Just a tiny bit of the Senka Perfect Whip product and add some water to it and continue to blend and add more water so that your foam will grow bigger.   
The second method to create the foam is to use the special foam creating net which will help you get create your big foam easily. 
The foam from this Senka Perfect Whip feels so dense and thick (it almost felt like whip cream), the texture of this foam feels super smooth and after washing it off it doesn't make the skin feels squeaky clean. On the other hand your skin will feel soft, smooth and supple!  
Now its time for the fun activity which is foam making challenge, so after the foam making demo we're all divided into groups as per the table we're sitting. Each team are supposed to create their own foams and it was so so fun but super messy indeed ! Foams were literally everywhere and I didn't manage to take any shoots during the game session but we had fun!  Now you can also try out this fun and share your personal stories with Senka Perfect Whip and get a chance to win prizes. Go check out Senka Instagram for their "How big is your foam" competition and get a chance to win prizes up Rp 5.000.000 for 3 winners! This competition ends on 31 Dec 2017:)

Once again Thank you Beauty Journal and Senka for having me at this launching event! I had lots of fun playing with foams... It brought live to my inner child, can't wait to play with foams every time I wash my face :) Trust me your cleansing experience won't feel the same anymore cause now its more fun with Senka Perfect Whip!  

You can purchase Senka now through Sociolla, which is the solely authorized sub-distributor in Indonesia but soon it'll also soon be available at Watson for the offline sales and soon across Indonesia. SENKA Perfect Whip comes in two different sizes (40 gr) for IDR 27,000 and (120 gr) for IDR 65,000. If you're excited to give this best selling product from Senka a try do purchase them through Sociolla and don't forget to quote "SBNLAHWU" before checking out to save 50k for min 250k purchases. 
With all the crews, medias and SBN :) Thank you for having me!

Love, Stevie 

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