[Event]: Be Active and the World is Yours with Beauty Journal X Kotex

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Hey loves, I'm back with an event report :) I bet if you caught on my IG stories today you might have a sneak peek on the fun at the event, go go check it out before its gone but here's a fresh update on the whole fun activities we had at the event today. The excitement is thrilling that I decided to share with you guys as soon as possible.. Are you excited for it? I'd also like to introduce this new Kotex Ultra thins sanitizer pads in this super cute and adorable packaging. It's also the no.1 bestselling in Australia ! 
Look at that adorable packaging ❤ This will make me look forward to every time it's time to change
Yeah!! Kotex Ultrathins is here
Started off with greetings from the Kotex brand representative as well as Beauty Journal's editor in chief. Followed by a fun sharing session discussing on this new Kotex Ultra thin and how to remain active during red days (period). It's not a new thing that during period we girls tend to experience mood swings, demotivated and sluggish. Especially on those days where we have cramps or heavy flow thus its very important for us to find the right sanitizer pads that will keep us dry and secure throughout our activities. This Kotex Ultra thin is designed to be super thin and has 3 times absorbing power to keep us dry and comfortable throughout the day. 
Kotex launched its Kotex Ultra thins sanitizer pads in two series: pattern (with wings) and rainbow (no  wings). The Pattern Kotex Ultra thins pads consist of 12 pads each while The rainbow Kotex Ultra thins pads consist of 14 pads each. I totally can't get over the packaging especially the pattern ones :) which team are you wings or non wings? I personally prefer wings pad because I kinda feel more secure so that things don't get messy. Period shouldn't stop you from your activities, its time to keep on being active even during periods. 
During the event we're also divided into groups and here are my group mates today ! We did the photo challenge and can you guess the story behind our photos? So let me spill it, first picture says about us getting cramps all bad mood and uncomfortable, second Kotex came to the rescue, third we're all ready to do our activities and stay active with Kotex. 
The next game is twister!!! OMG it's been so long since I've seen this game.. Played it a lot in school before and it was nice getting to see it again after so long. Apparently on the first try we couldn't get the answer so the penalty was to play the twister game (Spiderman mode). 
Today's crew :) Sorry some are out of frame, the photographer decided not to move back and here's the result with my fixed lense :'( Today we also had lots of fun and sharing with the two guests Cindercella and Alika Islamadina.
You can also try out the sample of this Kotex Ultrathins through their site http://sampling.kotexduniacewe.com fill in your data and get your samples. 
Overall I had a lot of fun today, catching up with friends and happy to be among the first to try out this new Kotex Ultra thin. Now they're already available at Hypermart and all e-commerce :)  Thank you for reading! I'll see you on the next one.  

Love, Stevie 

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