Kompas Travel Fair 2018 Supported by CIMB Niaga

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

It's almost holiday season again, have you decided where to go on this upcoming year end holiday? Here is a good news for you guys who are planning on an upcoming trip, Kompas Travel Fair (KTF) 2018 is back from  7 – 9 September 2018 at Plennary Hall JCC. The entrance ticket to this KTF event is Rp 25.000. Travel fair is the best time to purchase and hunt for special travel and airline promotions. This KTF 2018 is supported by CIMB Niaga which provides very interesting programs for all CIMB Niaga credit and debit card users  such as:
- Cashback up to  Rp 2.000.000
- 0% Installment up to 24 months
- Save up to 50% with Poin Xtra

Aside from these special offers above there is also other interesting programs at the event which are: 
- Free luggage special for CIMB Niaga premium credit cards (JCB Ultimate, World Mastercard, Visa Infinite, Preferred Visa Infinite)
-Free shopping vouchers up to Rp 300.000 for NON TICKET transactions
- and many more 

Today everyone needs to own at least one credit card to ease transactions in today's global and fast moving society. Credit cards allow us to make transactions easier and more efficiently. However for those of you who'd like to make use of this Travel fair to purchase special travel packages and tickets you'll need to own CIMB Niaga cards. If you're not a user of CIMB Niaga Credit cards yet don't worry you can apply their Visa Platinum credit cards which will offer you a lot of benefits especially for those who love to travel because you can enjoy all these benefits:
- Free annual fee in the first year and year after with minimum retail transactions of 24 million rupiah in a year. 
- Double Poin Xtra every time you make a transaction on airline websites
- You can exchange Poin Xtra with milage programs and enjoy Airport lounge facilities in big cities in Indonesia.
-3 months 0% Installment with minimum 500 thousand rupiah retail transactions
-Free insurance protection in terms of Purchase Protection dan Travel Insurance (Info bit.ly/FREETRAVELINSURANCE)

Now you can also apply online and click on "Let Us Call You" then fill in the data in the form and  click submit. Or you can also get instant approval for CIMB Niaga Wave n Go at Kompas Travel Fair. Just in three hours, your card will be ready and you can start hunting!
For more information do call CIMB Niaga hotline 14041 or  bit.ly/CIMBKTF
Hope this information is useful for you, especially if you're in the hunt for special travel and airline promotions. Enjoy even more promotions with CIMB Niaga during Kompas Travel Fair 2018. Thank you for reading! I'll see you soon :) 

Love, Stevie 

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