[Review]: Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion

Monday, September 03, 2018

Everyone today would always like to be camera ready especially those whose work require them to be in front of camera. Thus this cushion I'm about to share with you guys is a must have :) Why? I know that we have a lot of cushion available in the market making it very difficult for us to choose among all the available choices but this cushion is something you'll love especially you are always on the go and need to be ready super quick. In this post I'll review on this Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion which you might have already known through all the reviews that has been popping up online so here's my review.
 P.s. Just like skincare, makeup is also something that might give different result on different individual. Thus in this review I will share about how this product works on my sensitive & acne prone skin that currently has a lot of discoloration due to acne scars.  

Love little details like this :)
The cushion comes in a cute and fun yellow, square shape packaging. I personally find this packaging is very different from the usual cushion shape that is round but this one is square and its pop of yellow gives off a bright and fun packaging. Inside each package there is one refill and a puff inside the cushion. I personally love cushions that come with refills because its much more cost effective. All the details about the product can be found at the back of the packaging. The cushion also comes with a separator to keep the product hygienic and the puff itself also has an anti bacterial feature that keeps the product safe and hygienic for use to avoid any bacteria growing which will give adverse effect on the skin.
Each package comes with a refill :) 
At the back of the packaging there is a detail of the product as well as the shade no. Mine is in 01 Light. 

Texture & Formula 
This cushion has a semi matte finish that gives off an amazing coverage, just like its name that is Zoom in thus it gives off a smooth seamless skin like finish that is camera ready. It has claims to calm irritated and inflamed redness on the skin that works best for sensitive skin giving a healthy natural looking skin. It's formula also contains 7 healing herbs that will soothe the skin, I guess that's why it works great on my sensitive skin. Upon application you might feel a little tingling cooling effect from the cushion.  
The cushion looks like this on the inside with a kind of mesh separator not like a usual cushion. 
Giving off enough product on the puff every time, this is to ensure that enough product consistency can be evenly distributed    
I would usually apply a maximum of two layer of this Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion and all my imperfections are gone. Lightly dab on the product and even it out with the puff to create a seamless and flawless finish. 
Here's after a single layer of this cushion without any concealer, Major loving the coverage of it. As you can see almost all my blemishes and discolorations are gone. To be honest I was very curious about this cushion since everyone has been raving about it non stop but now I know why its so popular among my other beauty enthusiasts. The coverage is medium- high and if this ↑↑ can be achieved with just a single layer you can image how much coverage it can give. The product is definitely buildable without feeling or looking cakey because the product does feel very light on the skin giving a smooth skin like finish. 

I have no complaints over this product! however if I have to name one thing I dislike is lock feature of this cushion seems like it doesn't close tightly. Aside from that everything is good :) I really love the coverage of this product and how it creates a seamless skin like finish on my skin. My current skin condition is very tricky these days because of continuous spot treatments I do have a few dry spots and discoloration all over thus making it kind of tricky to find the perfect base for my skin but after trying this cushion I instantly fell in love. I covers up the blemishes, and evens our my discoloration. Although it has a medium to high coverage but it doesn't look cakey at all on my skin. Hands up for the formula, and some of my friends also highlight about its shades availability that can totally match Indonesian skin. As we all know Korean base products tend to have lighter shades that most Indonesian skin that are tan but this  Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion comes in three shades, fair, light and natural. They said the natural one matches with most Indonesian skin than are tan. 
Rate: 4.5/5 

Now be camera ready with Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion!

Where to buy?

P.s. I'm currently having a special offer for Rp 446.760 and you can get 13% off from its original price Rp511.000 That's all for my Superface - Zoom In Mesh Cushion review, thank you for reading and I'll see next time! 

Love, Stevie 

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