[Product Review]: Seoul2U - Trioareuke Healing Cushion A+ & Peripera PERI'S INK THE VELVET

Monday, September 03, 2018

Hello loves, It's finally a new month :) Here's a post on the products #SEOUL2UID sent me. Although there are a lot of online shops that sell's K beauty products but It's kind of difficult to find trusted K-beauty products especially for those with sensitive skin we should be very careful on what we apply on our skin thus finding a trusted online store is necessary. Here at Seoul2u.id they guarantee that they sell 100% authentic Korean beauty products from skincare to makeup. In this post I'll review on the products I received which are Trioareuke Healing Cushion A+ and Peripera  Peri's Ink the Velvet. 


I've heard a lot of positive review about this cushion for so long and finally had a chance to try it out now.. First encountered this product from one of Joan Kim's Youtube Videos as she said that this cushion works best on her acne prone skin and it doesn't cause anymore damage. Thus I've been always curious about this product but apparently its not a brand that is highly marketed making it not very well known and available everywhere like other K-Beauty road shops brands. Making it even more difficult to find the products here in Indonesia. But thanks to Seoul2u.id I can get to try it. 


This cushion has a sleek and clean full white packaging. Inside we have an additional puff but no cushion refills for this product. I guess the extra puff is to maintain the hygiene of the product so that we can change the puff after the old puff that comes in with the cushion become worn out to make sure that its hygienic for application cause the applicator plays a huge role in determining the skin wellness. Just like normal cushion it has a plastic separator to place the puff to keep the product hygienic and antibacterial. 
  Texture & Formula 
This Trioareuke Healing Cushion A+ cushion claims to have a healing effect and is said to be 99% skincare and 1% makeup. It has a powder like finish texture upon application which is also lightweight as it easily evens out the skin complexion. However for those with dry patches you'll need to make sure to exfoliate or moisturize properly prior to it if not it might highlight on those areas even more. It has medium to high coverage. It also contains SPF 50 + / PA +++ which protects our skin giving it enough protection for daily wear. Since it claims to be 99% skincare this cushion is best formulated for acne prone and sensitive skin. It also has whitening and anti wrinkle effect. 

My shade is no. 21, the product is available in two shades no. 21 for fairer skin tone and no. 23 for natural skin tone. At the back of the packaging you can find all the information regarding the product like details on the expire date, shade etc.. 


Next we have this cute lip tint from Peripera, this is the special limited edition ft. Perikiki collection that's why it has a cute toy figure on the top of the bottle capEach packaging comes with a random Perikiki toy figure mine is this cute penguin.  

This lip tint has a smooth texture and is very pigmented which stains on your lips even after hours of application even after eating and drinking you can still see the stain of colour. The packaging size of this product is pretty small thus it can easily fit in the bag or makeup pouch. This no. 14 Beauty Peak Rose is a beautiful warm coral shade that is perfect for daily wear. There's this one time I forgot to bring my blush I used it a bit on my cheek and blend it off quickly it works quite well for my emergency blush too. If you're looking for a long lasting lip tint that last the whole day this would be a good option for you. You'll need extra effort to remove it :) 
This tint do have a creamy texture that can be easily blend out. I usually would use my fingers to blend it out to create a smooth ombre lips.  
The staining power is amazing! It indeed lives up to the quality its known for
Final Thoughts 
Overall I'm loving both this products, the cushion does an amazing job as a day to day cushion as it contains properties that works as healing cushion. For someone with sensitive and acne prone skin, especially for my current skin condition that still have active breakouts this cushion didn't cause anymore irritation or clogging on my skin. I'm loving it as an easy everyday cushion but it does have a matte finish that will highlight on dry patches thus you'll need to be careful if your skin is too dry. Aside from that I'm loving the formula and texture of the cushion that gives off a healthy skin complexion. So happy I get to try it and now I know where to restock once I've finished mine. Now moving on to the Peripera Per's Ink velvet, I really adore the lasting power of this lip tint. It really won't budge even after eating and drinking the color still stays on my lips. Making it the perfect lip tint for those who are not used to retouching their lip color throughout the day because even after it fades the staining still last. Here in this picture below I added a lip gloss over to give it a healthy glow because the tint do feel a little bit dry/ matte on my lips.    

Special for my beloved online fams you guys can enjoy my discount code BYSTEVIES2U to get special discounts every time you shop at Seoul2u.id . Aside from that #SEOUL2UID also gives FREE shipping for a minimal shopping of IDR 200k. 
Enjoy the discounts and happy shopping !

Love, Stevie 

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