[Event]: Kiehls Natures Playground

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hello loves! I'm back with another event recap on the last Kiehls Natures Playground which was part of their new store opening at Central department store celebration. The event took place at Grand Indonesia main atrium, having a super fun playground concept everyone is welcome to enjoy the cute interactive games where at each station you can get free samples and of course travel sizes. Free skin consultation is also available to check on your skin condition and concern to find the right skincare for you skin needs. This is why Kiehls firmly believe in their philosophy of "Try Before You Buy" concept where they believe each customer has the right to try out the products before actually purchasing the full size products. 
Once you enter the area you'll be equipped with this booklet where you'll get a stamp on each station to claim your free samples as well. There's a total of 8 stations you can visit:) Each offering it's own fun! 

The event started with an opening speech as usual from our beauty journal editor in chief as well a representative from Kiehls. Basically they shared about the fun concept at this playground where we can play, try and take lots of pictures at each station. 
The view of the playground from the top
At the event there is this corner where you can grab a succulent plant and a corner where you can dispose your old empty Kiehls packaging. 

Having too much fun at the Vitamin C slide corner :) 
The different station is also representing the special natural ingredients in Kiehls product such as Calendula, Lavender, Vitamin C from orange, Succulent etc. Here at the event you can also learn more about the products in-dept on each products and its ingredient. Although its actually meant for us to get to know more about Kiehls skincare products but this playground is actually made for all age group to enjoy! 
So we're divided into a group of five each and here's my group mates/ play mates ↓↓ Look at our happy faces once we arrive at our last station was the Vitamin C Slide. Some of you might have already got the sneak peek of the fun at the event  on my IG stories but yeah we tried out pretty much all the games from Vitamin C slide, Hydration Seesaw, Calendula trampoline and lavender swing. We also did a skin check where my results turn out to be combination oily so the beauty advisor gave me some of the samples to tackle my excessive sebum as well as exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells. Have you tried any Kiehls product before? If yes, what's it? I'm currently about to try out the Calendula toner which many of my friends who have similar skin condition as mine has tried. 
My team mate / play mate of the day !

After completing the whole playground you can upload all the fun at the event and come to this counter to claim free travel size products :) This Kiehls Natures Playground really does brought back the kid in me! So happy we got the chance to play and experience all the installation, it was a memorable one indeed!  If you asked me which of all the station is my favorite it would be the vitamin c slide, besides its fun but its also yellow my favourite colour. Even looking at it already makes me feel energized. Thanks for having me at the event Kiehls and Beauty Journal.

Love, Stevie 

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