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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Be prepared the cutest makeup collaboration is back by Holika Holika !! Get your wallet ready, something I'm about to share shouts cuteness overload :) In this post I'll be sharing a little more about the launching of Holika Holika x Peko  which took place on 15 November 2018 at Gastromaquia restaurant. So once I step foot into the room I was in awe of the cuteness filled in the room. The whole venue is decorated with the cute Peko decoration and products from the Holika Holika x Peek collaboration since its their launching event called “The Sweet World of Holika Holika ♥️ Peko”. First thing first, I'd like to ask whether you guys are familiar with Peko? the popular character of Peko-chan, the girl with lip licking and pigtails which is one of the most recognizable characters in Japanese pop culture as the mascot or brand of Milky - a Japanese chocolate bar from Fujiya Co. Growing up I've known this character however to be honest I haven't really tried out their chocolate before :) hahahaha 
The event started with an opening speech and greetings by Holika Holika brand representatives. They shared about the background story of their brand so for those who are new with Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetic brand under the company Enprani Co. Ltd  which is founded by Samsung & CJ GroupHolika Holika, known for its ‘fun and practical’ makeup and skincare products, to enhance the natural beauty. 
At each of our seat, we're all given a set of this for us to play during the event. When its time for unboxing, we're all so so excited yet feeling sad too because the packagings are way to adorable to destroy. I can't help but open everything with care trying so hard not to ruin the packaging much :') 
The aftermath of the unboxing session
Colored lip balm :) 
In this Holika Holika x Peko collaboration they launch 8 varieties of makeup Hard Cover Glow CushionHard Cover Perfect CushionNo Sebum Pact, Melty Jelly BlusherMelty Jelly Lip BalmWater Drop Tint BombEye Shadow PaletteMilky Jelly Luminzer which you can get individually. However they also provide set options which you can choose to get a group of products at a better deal. They also have two skincare varieties which are Pure Essence Jelly Mask Sheet dan Peko Hand Cream. Aside from that they also launch 5 beauty accessories Peko Oil PaperPeko Hard Cover Cushion PuffPeko Bun PuffPeko Hand Mirror, dan Peko Tint Case. All the packaging design is made so unique with the distinct image of Peko that is produced by Fujiya from Japan. I personally feel each and every piece is super kawaii.
Here's my swatch of their eyeshadow, this one is the milk caramel edition. For eyeshadow they have two varieties milk caramel and strawberry caramel. Another thing I noticed about their products are the scent, each and every product smells so so good that it could trick your mind saying that you can actually eat it. In terms of formula I could say their pigmentation is quite good as you can already see a clear shade of the color within a single swipe. This palette also has two shimmer glitters and subtle shades which you can easily combine for every day look. 
They have two different cushion variant glow cushion and perfect cushion. Both comes in super duper cute packaging at first I thought it was a milk cart. Hands up to the packaging, these kind of packaging definitely pleases my eyes but apparently their formula isn't bad at all too. I had the opportunity to try them out at the event and both the cushion do have great formula too aside from the cute packaging design. The Glow cushion has much lighter and sheer texture giving a glow dewy finish while the perfect cushion has semi matte finish which covers up imperfection.

We had a bouquet workshop which ain't the usual flower arrangement workshop but our bouquet uses COOKIES !! I'm a sweet tooth so it was so exciting but apparently arranging and creating bouquet isn't as easy as it seem it should be. However I'm pretty happy with my result, what do you think?  
Trying to imitate Peko's hairstyle ❣

Now the big question on where you can find and purchase these cuteness, they are now exclusively available at TOKOPEDIA ! It might make the perfect Christmas present since its about time for the festive month of the year... Price wise they have quite a reasonable pricing for a special collaboration limited edition collection. Price range from Rp. 32 000 - Rp. 800 000 :) Don't miss out the chance to get your hands on these adorable products.
Don't forget to check out Holika Holika social media platforms to stay updated on their latest promotions, product and information ↴↴
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Once again congratulation Holika Holika for this cute launch and thank you for having me at the launching event! I had tons of fun, thank you for reading guys! See you soon~
Love, Stevie 

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