Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Hello loves:) How have you been? I'm back with a new review on this micellar water that I've been loving and using for the past weeks. It's the Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water, that claims to be able to make our skin look naturally bright, radiant while providing maximum cleansing. A healthy looking skin is only possible if you manage to do a proper cleansing thus for me personally double cleansing is essential. Since I have acne prone and sensitive skin, that's why almost every day I'll be using micellar water to cleanse off before moving on with facial wash because I'm a firm believer that facial wash only can't wipe off all the impurities on the skin which might clog and lead to more skin issues if not properly cleansed. In this post I'll share with you my experience trying this Oval micellar water. 
This was the package I received from the PR package it consists of the 2 varieties of micellar water, false lashes by Abstract, cotton bud and Ovale facial oil. The two varieties of Ovale Micel lar Cleansing Water are Pink (Brightening Magnolia Extract) and Green (Brightening Magnolia + Green Tea Extract) which you can choose accordingly to your skin condition. So I gave the pink one a try because if I've not mistaken its the original and I wanted to try out the original one first so I tried the pink one instead of the green one.
Magnolia Extract 
for bright and radiant looking skin

Magnolia + Green Tea Extract 
to brighten skin and prevent breakouts

After a long day, its time to get rid of all the dirt and makeup that has been sitting on my skin for the whole day. 

Direction of use
1. Pour a sufficient amount of the micellar water on a cotton bud
2. Gently swipe the cotton bud onto your face and neck area to cleanse
3. Then you can continue with facial wash for double cleansing
The best part about this micellar water from Ovale is that it doesn't have any specific scent in particular thus making it another additional point to love the product even more because as you know I'm not fond of scented or perfumed skincare products. The product is said to be a practical cleanser that cleanse off the skin throughly and you can use it anywhere at anytime thus making it a super practical cleanser. Consisting of Magnolia flower extract that is great to brighten up skin will give your skin the lift of brightness after every use, it's other main ingredients are water and Micelle technology that makes it safe to be used everyday. It's also Hypoalergenic & Dermatology Tested,making it gentle on skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin. 

Overall I feel that this micellar water is very gentle on the skin and doesn't leave any kind of tingling sensation on my skin. That's why I am confident to say that it doesn't irritate my skin. It basically does a good job in removing all the makeup on my skin and I would usually go in to two or three wipes to make sure my cotton bud is transparent and no makeup residue is left. You can check out my test I did to show you guys how good is the micellar water from Ovale did to remove waterproof mascara, blush on and matte lip cream.

All clean and fresh ! ↴

Look how effective this micellar water works to clean up the makeup :) Even waterproof eyeliner budge with this cleansing water without even rubbing too hard.  
Personally I feel it is very important for us to cleanse our face and skin even on days when we don't wear makeup. Well I've been very picky on skincare as well as cleanser because I do have very sensitive and acne prone skin which will react instantly if something is not right with the products I apply on my skin. Thus I am happy to say that this product doesn't irritate my skin and so far it does its job in removing all the dust and makeup that have been sitting on my skin throughout the day. 

Everyday when I am home the first thing I would do is clean my skin and let it breathe. Micellar Water is one of my fav cleansing method because I find its water formula suits my skin condition yet still does its job in removing all the makeup. Some people might prefer cleansing oil or cleansing milk but I do love micellar water by hard. This one by Ovale doesn't disappoint :) Happy that I give it a try since its cost effective as well. The products come in two sizes 100 ml & 200 ml. You can easily find them at your nearest drug store or supermarkets as well as e-commerce channels. 

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Thank you for reading :) I'll see you soon on my next one... 

Love, Stevie 

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