[Event+ Product Review]: KOSE Cosmeport finally Launch in Indonesia

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

First let me take you back on the KOSE Cosmeport Indonesia launching event which took place at Four Season Hotel ballroom, last Tuesday 6 Nov 2018. Just a little background about the brand, KOSE Cosmeport is one of the leading cosmetaries brand from Japan and now their products are available in Indonesia. KOSE Cosmeport has placed their products above the standard of basic commodities which makes it a premium luxurious cosmetic toiletries (cosmetaries)  brand with added value and high quality products. KOSE Cosmeport have launched four brands which include Je’Laime (hair care), Softymo (skincare), Clear Turn (sheet masks) and Suncut (Sunscreen). 

In this post I'll also share my insight and product review on one product that I've been eyeing on since the launching as well as a little sneak peek on the fun we had at the launching event. The event started with an opening speech by the representative of KOSE Cosmeport to mark the official launch of them here in Indonesia. Followed by a traditional Japanese dance to represent the 4 brands under KOSE Cosmeport. It was so fun to watch the opening dance, it feels as if we're captivate into the beauty of Japanese culture.
The girls just wanna have fun ! It's always a good time to work with people that makes work enjoyable.
At the event we were served lunch before the event began and there are four booth representing the four brand, each with a unique distinct decor to represent the brand. Focusing on the needs of #EverydayBeauty  now they're available in Indonesia with their leading products from hair to skincare.

Suncut (Sunscreen)
This product by Suncut is for sunscreen or to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Their products come in various form gel and spray that you can choose according to your preferences. Suncut products have been one of the best selling from KOSE Cosmeport for 6 years straight with its SPF 50+ PA ++++ it will shield off your skin from the harmful rays. More on the review of this below. 

 Je’Laime (hair care)
 Je’Laime is a hair care range which doesn't contain any silicon and sulfate. It contain natural ingredients from lavender and calendula that moisturizes and make your hair feeling fresh after every wash. So that its easy to manage, style your hair while still looking voluminous and healthy. The products do have a fruity and floral aroma that will make your hair and scalp smell good and refreshed. They also have a complete hair care range from shampoo, treatment to hair mask.

Softymo (skincare)

Softymo is a gentle, quick and easy way to bring Everyday beauty, because its a range of skincare to help cleanse your skin. There are a wide range of product selections such as Softymo, Lachesca and Natusavon. The product itself varies from face wash and makeup cleanser/ remover in various formula from gel, oil to foam. Its said that their products can gently remove all excess sebum, dirt and makeup on the skin without even rubbing hardly. It deeply cleanse into the pores to make sure the skin is totally cleanse. 

Clear Turn (sheet masks)
This brand of sheet masks is said to be one of their best selling in Japan. With carefully selected ingredients and materials making Clear Turn sheet mask effective for its users. Their thin sheet masks makes it even more effective for the essence to absorb into our skin, containing collagen, vitamin C and pro vitamin B5 that nourishes skin. Clear turn also have a wide selections of mask which you can choose accordingly: Clear Turn White Mask series, Clear Turn Precious series and Clear Turn Princess Veil series. 
Yuanita Christiani an Indonesian presenter and celebrity came during the launching event to share about her personal experience with the products she used from KOSE Cosmeport. She shared that despite her busy schedule with work her main concern these days is to prepare for her big day thus making it even more important for her to take proper care of her wellness which includes wellness of her skin too. Being busy with work and schedules make it almost impossible for her to spent long hours of treatment thus having an effective home skincare treatment has makes her life so much easier she added. One of her favorite product is the Clear Turn (sheet masks), because she shared that this sheet masks really helps to freshen up and makes her skin look glowing and healthy. As a public figure she is required to look on point at all times on and off camera thus she can't never overlook the importance of skincare in her daily routine. For her personally skincare is a must but everyone's skin type is different thus one can always match their skin concern to their capability to invest in skincare and a good skin care doesn't always have to be pricey or expensive because today our market is filled with various skin care brands that are effective but cost friendly as well just like KOSE Cosmeport products. 
Once again congrats KOSE Cosmeport  and thank you for having me at the launching event!

Are you curious what's inside the box? Well for you who have been tuning in to my IG stories you might already know what's inside. 

Products inside my goodie 
Inside the box of hampers from KOSE I received each product from all the four brands: Softymo -  Speedy Cleansing Oil and Washing Foam Hyaluronic Acid, Clear Turn - White Mask VC d, Suncut UV spray and Je L'aime - Relax shampoo Bounce & Airy. I've been very curious about this two product in particular, they are the Je’Laime shampoo and Suncut UV spray. However on this post I'll be sharing about my experience with Suncut product and give you guys a brief review on it.

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? The answer should be yes! if you not you better do. However I am someone who's daily activity is usually indoor but actually even lights from light build has harmful UV rays thus we still need sun protection even if we stay indoor. But some might argue its tricky to find the right sunscreen especially for acne prone skin because sunscreen is made to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays thus it sort of create a film on your skin which if not properly cleansed can clog pores that's why I was also very neglective before and decided just not to use sunscreen but after trying this out I personally find it convenient to use and doesn't feel heavy at all but still at the end of the day you need to make sure you've properly cleansed it off. This Suncut product has been the no. 1 choice in Japan for 6 years straight. So are you excited to try?    
Suncut UV spray comes in a can container and a spray nossle. It is also available in  two sizes 90 ml and 60 ml. However currently only 60 ml is available in the market and 90 ml will soon enter next year. Mine is the 60 ml, its small size makes it handy to carry around in my bag. Basically I have no complain over the packaging its effective, easy to use and also has a very clean design dominated in white color. 

This Suncut UV spray has a very light texture despite its high protective UV protection of SPF 50+ PA ++++. The high SPF guard and protect your skin form the harmful UV damage. Usually high sunscreen that contain high SPF ten to have a thick and greasy texture which creates or look like another film on top of your skin however this Suncut UV spray doesn't feel sticky at all it sets in naturally and leaves no significant white casts too.  Another thing I am happy about this product is you can use it for body spray too, because our skin in general needs protection not just our face thus with this one product you can use it for hair, face and body UV spray. I personally love the spray form of this product because I can use it as a multipurpose sun protection and since it comes in a spray form its very easy to reapply through the day if you're continuously exposed to sunlight. 

Don't forget to check out their social media channels for more information regarding their products and brand. 
Facebook  : KOSECosmeportID 
Instagram : Kosecosmeportid 
Youtube     : KOSE Cosmeport 

Now the big question "Where can I buy all these KOSE Cosmeport products?" the answer is now all KOSE Cosmeport products are available at your nearest drug stores which you can purchase at a very reasonable price.  What are you waiting for go grab yours and try them out yourself. There's no better experience compared to trying it out yourself.  
Thank you for reading, I'll see you on my next post! This month I'll be sharing a lot of content so make sure to come back for my newest posts.

Love, Stevie 

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