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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hello beautiful people! Rise and shine :)
May you shine bright and skin radiates, well that must be the wish of everyone to have a bright and radiant looking skin. Now I have a solution for instant lift up or tone up solution by Garnier. Introducing this new Garnier - Bright Up Tone Up cream. Following up with the trend in Korea tone up cream has been a thing as people there prefer to have fair radiant looking skin thus they'd opt for tone cream to help lighten up their tone. Garnier Bright up cream claims to be able to brighten up your skin instantly up to two levels brighter. Let's hop on to this post for my deeper insight regarding this product. Btw I'll be having a GIVEAWAY so make sure to read till the end to enter. 

Formulated with the latest technology Garnier Light Complete is inspired by the Korean trend containing of 10x vitamin C, yogurt extract and UV filters it helps to instantly brighten up your skin tone. Actually I don't really savvy the Korean tone up cream trend because I do have a fair skin in addition to tone up cream my skin would look extra fair that I feel I look too pale but for Korean most of them prefer very fair looking skin that's why they'd apply tone up cream as their base before foundation or cushion.

I received this PR package containing two box of the Garnier Bright Up Tone Up cream products and a mini phone ringlight. First of thank you Garnier Indonesia for sending me their new product so I can give it a try and see how effective does their instant tone up cream work. 


The product comes in a plastic container what is squeezable. Each product contain 15 ml of product, dominated in the color broken white which emphasizes their motto to make our skin look naturally brighter instantly. 

Formula & Texture

This day cream from Garnier consist of ingredients that are said to be effective to make our skin look brighter and more radiant. It's also said to be suitable for all skin type, the product itself comes in a milky white color like usual tone up cream does. It's finish is kinda matte velvety which makes it a great base before makeup. This tone up cream from Garnier is also said to be able to even out uneven skin tone during to acne scars, discoloration and dark eye circles. It can also brighten up dull looking skin making our skin looks instantly and naturally brighter. The product also contain ingredients that help to shield our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB. Now look clearly on the image below to see the difference of this tone up cream by Garnier on my palm. Garnier Bright Up cream gives you instant brightening effect right after application but since its also a day cream/ skincare thus in the long term you enjoy the benefit for your skin if used regularly. Another thing I love about the product is its not greasy or sticky  :) 

Direction of Use

Use every morning as a day cream, evenly spread and massage the product onto your clean face and neck. You can find the whole product detail and direction of use at the back of the packaging. It's best to use 12 months after you've opened the packaging. I would usually use a tiny amount and gently massaging it evenly on my face and neck area because a little goes a long way.

Where to Buy?
You can purchase it at 
• Shopee 
• Watsons & Guardian
• Indomaret & Alfamart
Price : Rp 25.000

This new Garnier Light complete bright up tone up cream indeed does what it claims to do which is to brighten up our skin tone. However I'm usually not a fan of tone up cream but this one do have a subtle finish and the tone up is also looking natural and not too fair thus its great to use it to even out my uneven skin tone and discoloration making it a great base makeup as well because my skin is combination skin and this product has a matte finish which will help to make my makeup last longer with a proper base. 

Now it's time for the GIVEAWAY I promised earlier, for you guys who are interested to try this  Garnier Bright Up Tone Up cream you guys can get it FREE! I have one product to share with you guys the step is very simple, all you need to do is comment why you want to try this tone up cream in the comment section of this post (Kindly include your email for me to contact the lucky winner). Don't forget to share this post to your Facebook too. I'll pick one winner to try this product too. 

Thank you for reading! I'll see you on my next one~

Love, Stevie 

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  1. Waaa I am really curious to try this product because I need cream to brighten up my eyes area. Recently I am sleep deprived so my eyes area are kinda dark

    my email :

  2. Hi stevie.. Aku tuh selalu penasaran sama tone up cream kayak gini. Sampai saat ini sih belom pernah coba tone up cream mana pun karena aku jujur agak sangsi sih. Apa beneran bisa bikin tone wajah kita jadi lbh cerah seketika. Wish me luck ya.. Dan terima kasih karena sudah mau berbagi ��

  3. HI Stevie,

    Your writing about Garnier Bright Up Tone Up cream is so interesting. I would like to try that amazing cream. I have some acne scars and dark spots on my face. I used Garnier BB cream before. But now after I read about you article, I wanna try this Garnier Bright Up Tone Up Cream. Give me a chance to try! You can email me for this free trail. Thanks:D email:


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