[Review]: Ellips Dry Shampoo, Solution to voluminous fresh hair without shampoo

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Hello lovely people! how's your day? Today I want to share about this new dry shampoo from Ellips. They have a total of 4 variants with different floral scent which last all day and instantly makes your hair smell and feel fresh just like you're fresh out of the shower. The new Ellips Dry Shampoo has 4 variants of scent which are all very fresh and smells good, such as: 
•Blossom (Floral Scent)
•Fruity (Fruity Scent)
•Breeze (Freshness Scent)
•Exotic (Tropical Scent)

Here's a package I received from Ellips which consist their new dry shampoo one travel size Breeze (Freshness Scent), one full size Fruity (Fruity Scent) and a comb. Everything you need to get your hair done in no time.  I'll be reviewing my experience with this new Ellips dry shampoo, so sit tight and enjoy! 

Have you experienced those bad hair day when you're tight in time to get ready but haven't washed your hair but you're up for an important appointment/ meeting afterwards... I've been there and know how hectic it could be if I had to squeeze in time to shampoo, dry and style my hair, it would be almost impossible to make it in time. Thus dry shampoo has made live these days so much more easier! I would say dry shampoo is one of the smartest innovation in today's era, cause it answers to the concern of most people these days who are getting busier every single day and need to get ready super quick. 

As seen on the picture above my hair is pretty greasy and unfresh thus making it difficult to style and of course not smelling great too. I'm someone with a considerably oily scalp that's why I need to wash my hair everyday actually to keep them fresh but there are days when I miss washing my hair and it looks like the picts above. Here's when this new Ellips Dry Shampoo came to the rescue. 


This new dry shampoo from Ellips come in a can container that looks very sleek and fun with its colorful choices of colors differentiated according to the scent. Since the one I got is Fruity and Breeze its in bright purple and lime green that gives off a fresh vibe even from its packaging. once you removed the cap you'll find the spray which will evenly distribute the product during application. They also come in two size choices 50 ml which is suitable to carry around while traveling and 200 ml which you can use at home.  
You can find the whole details on ingredient, direction of use, no. POM, expire date and all information regarding the products at the back of the packaging. 

Texture and Formula

Ellips Dry Shampoo is said to be formulated to help reduce the production of excess sebum production on the hair and scalp that's why it can help the hair look voluminous without hustle. The best part about this dry shampoo is that is doesn't leave any white cast on the scalp and it easily absorbs the sebum on our scalp instantly making out hair feels refreshed. Following their tagline which is #HairReadyToGO Their formula of dry shampoo really helps me to make my hair feel refreshed and look voluminous right after application. The scent is also very fresh making it even better! Some dry shampoo might also have a great scent but somehow once it blends in with out natural oil the scent becomes unpleasant but this new Ellips Dry Shampoo has a scent that last all day. 

Ellips Dry Shampoo - Fruity (Fruity Scent)
This fruity scent really freshen up my hair making it look more voluminous instantly, It also makes my hair feels fresh and smell super good. Thus making it easier for me to style my fresh and clean looking hair. My hair tends to get greasy easily that's why dry shampoo is a must have for me. I was skeptical at first but the product prove me wrong. It works perfectly on my hair and I'm totally loving it.

Ellips Dry Shampoo - Breeze (Freshness Scent)

The mini Breeze Ellips dry shampoo comes in only 50 ml making it very easy to carry around even in my mini hand bag. As I've shared above my hair tend to get greasy easily especially when the day is hot that's why carrying this dry shampoo can help me make sure my hair look on point throughout the day. Breeze has a much lighter floral scent which I like better compared to fruity but both don't really have an overwhelming scent that I dislike. The scent is still pleasant and tolerable. 

Now let me share with you the direction of usage for this dry shampoo, only need one minute to have your Hair Ready To Go :
  1. Spray the product onto your scalp ( min 30 cm from hair)
  2. Gently massage the product with your fingers
  3. Comb and style your hair like usually. 
Overall I love their dry shampoo :) Really love the idea of having a travel size option too. It makes it easier to carry around inside the bag. Have you tried them before? If you do which is your favorite scent? Share with me I'd love to hear from you:) Even though this innovation of dry shampoo has made life a lot easier but it's not recommended to use it every single day, the best way to care for the cleanliness of your hair is of course to actually wash it. This new dry shampoo from Ellips can be used in times when you are rushing/ your last resort to make your hair look in place in just a minute. Check out Ellips IG account: @ellips_haircare & Facebook for more information regarding the products. 

Thank you for reading! I'll see you on my next one~

Love, Stevie 

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