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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hello guys! So last Saturday, I was invited to the Clozette ID x Skin Aqua event at Letter D cafe and I'll be sharing my experience about the event and some product overview on this post. It was my first time visiting Letter D cafe but I've known that this cafe has many good Instagram-able spots since they've got large windows where abundant sunlight can enter and brighten up the room. On that day the Sun was pretty shy and decided to hide behind the clouds making it a quite gloomy afternoon, however even though its quite gloomy we still manage to get some natural lights in the room cause it's still kind of bright. 

Here's the mini sun cream samples, cute right? will review it at the end of this post so make sure you scroll down. 

The room was decorated with balloons and pastel colours props which make it look so pretty and girly (I'm so in love with the colour schemes). Is't it pretty? 
So prior to the event I took some shoots of the interior decors and of course some OOTD shots. You wouldn't want to waste all your hard work dressing up without an Outfit of the day shot right? ( even though I didn't actually took much time choosing my outfits) If you're like me rise your hands. hahaha I saw you! ^^  

Who doesn't love balloons? 

Before starting we can enjoy the snack corner
Snack Corner

The theme of the event was "How to Create Insta Worthy Selfie" in this era where Instagram has been a great part of our daily life, we share mostly everything on our Instagram and other social medias platform just to stay updated or for the sake of fun. However these days Instagram has become more like life to some, because its no secret that Instagram itself is a good place to create our own personal branding and each individual will have their own personal touch to their content. That's why some may even consider Instagram as a portfolio of themselves because it is a sharing platform that has grown so big that even big brands start noticing the importance of maintaining a well concept Instagram profile. 

The guest for the events were Agnes Oryza (Beauty Blogger)  and Yovita Ayu ( Travel blogger), they shared their tips on how to create an Insta Worthy Selfie. They highlighted a few important factors to create a good selfie photographs, since sharing is caring I'll be sharing what I learned wit you guys.To make it easier I've listed them below:
  • Natural lighting - Sun light should be your best friend, since I'll wash off pores and any flaws on your skin making you look flawless on camera.  
  • Angle -Knowing your angle, they shared that their best angle is on their left side which is quite the same as myself. I don't know why but I love most of my photographs taken from my left side. You should really understand which is your best angle. 
  • Face Expressions - Use different face expressions on different selfie cause you wouldn't want to bore your followers off andyou wouldn't want to see a profile filled with selfies but of the same expressions.  A small tip I find very important is to include your hands (especially when you have fresh menicures on) or use your body language as well to express yourself in a selfie. 
  • Skin Condition- maintaining a proper and healthy skin condition is the key to have a flawless selfie, no make up or make up filter can compete with a healthy skin to create the perfect selfie image!  
  • Check your camera - usually during selfie all of us use front camera and it's always important to check if its clean and not covered with dirt or oil because who knows you end up touching your front camera when you hold your phone. This might reduce the quality of your picture. Always remember that a good quality picture will result in a better selfie picture

Healthy Skin Tips : Agnes Oryza even shared her beauty secret to her flawless skin, she really does have a very smooth and healthy glowing skin #envy. Due to her job, she needs to wear make up daily so she tried her best to keep her skin healthy by pampering her skin with face mask regularly to maintain her skin condition. She also shared that in Korea most ladies use at least one mask a day! She said  face mask help to retain moisture in our skin and help the skin stay healthy! 

After the sharing session there was a team challenge and we were all divided into a group of 5 members to play a Wefie challenge which is basically a selfie picture with all the members. But not so easy, we're supposed to express the expressions of each emoji drawn by our members just before the challenge start. As for my team these emoji was choosen, I felt kind of f sorry to my team members cause I was appointed to draw the emojis from the fish bowl and I've choosen some difficult ones. 

Here's the picture of each team Wefie challenge.

 After the challenge we were served with lunch and desserts too! Yeay Food! 
Creamy Fungi Spaghetti 
After finishing lunch they finally announced the winners of the day, at the beginning of the event we were told that there will be a best dress winner and best selfie competition. Actually I didn't get much time preparing my outfit so I just randomly picked up a blue dress in my wardrobe for this event because it's the easiest way to style cause I don't need to worry mix matching top and bottom.However I think it was my lucky day, as I was chosen as the Best Dress winner
Thank you ❤️

Throughout the event we could even do skin check-up where we could gain better insights about our skin conditions. Including those dark spots and problems lying underneath our skin and also find out the best ways to improve about skin condition.

Moving onto the Products, so each of us was given a goodie bag containing a whole set of samples, face masks, sample BB cream and sun cream. Since I won the best dress I got another goodie bag containing pretty much the same things with an additional shopping vouchers #shoppingtime #happy. As I've stated at the beginning of my post I will be sharing my reviews on these products I got from the event however it won't be a detailed review since I have not actually tried all of them but I'll give an overview on each products. I may do a another detailed review on another posts once I've given them a try for some time because this post will get extremely lengthy if I review everything and another reason is you know when it comes to skin products I couldn't give you any accurate review before trying it for a while cause I don't want my reviews to be untrustworthy because I personally look up to beauty bloggers reviews too when I first intended to try on any new skin/ make up products. So let's begin. 

Skin Aqua is a sun cream UV protection brand launched by Rohto. All Skin Aqua sun creams have light water like formula and they contain Hyaluronic Acid which makes the skin twice more moisturized. Since its formula is light I feel that it won't feel heavy on the skin, so  it can sink in directly into the skin without interfering the make up.As we all know sun screen is essential to avoid any unwanted black spots or pigmentation from appearing on our skin due to the direct uv rays and also its a good way to avoid any unwanted skin problem even skin cancer! That's way make sure you wear sun screen before you head out especially to places where you'll meet direct sunlight. They have four different sun cream:  

  • Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk, SPF 50+ PA+++
  • Skin Aqua UV Whitening Milk, SPF 20 PA ++
  • Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk, SPF 25 PA++ (for dry – sensitive skin)
  • Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel, SPF 30++ (for normal – oily skin)
After testing all three on my skin, I personally feel that they really have a water kind of formula and has almost no scent at all which is surely a plus point for me. Cause I'm not a fan of products with heavy scent/ fragrance and products with fragrance  tend to break me up. However I can't say much about these products because it has only been once since I've tried them.However so far I haven't seen any breaking out caused by this product. 

As for their BB Cream I felt the colours were a bit too yellow but maybe its because they want to cater to our local Indonesian market but I personally think its kind of too yellowish tone. They offer two kinds of BB cream Skin Aqua BB Cream Perfect Matte and Skin Aqua BB Cream Perfect Moisture. The BB cream Skin Aqua BB Cream Perfect Matte felt more thick in formula compared to the  Skin Aqua BB Cream Perfect Moisture maybe its because its meant for oily skin so that explains why the formula was formulated like that. 
 Different to the sun cream their BB cream kind of a strong scent to it which I don't like. However in terms of coverage they're pretty decent, I've tested the product to cover my eye liner mark on the back of my hands and I think it did pretty well covering up. So I consider it to have medium to high coverage. 
Using the Skin Aqua BB Cream Perfect Matte

So that's all for now, thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next one! ❤️
It was such a pleasant experience thank you Skin Aqua and Clozette Indonesia for this Blogger Babes gathering. So happy to meet new faces and yes, I did make some new friends! See ya on the next event everyone! 
The whole crew for Clozette ID x Skin Aqua
Source: instagram.com/ClozetteID
Check out more about Skin Aqua in the links below:

Love, Stevie 

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