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Saturday, October 01, 2016

October is finally here! Don't you think time flies so fast?  Last month, I was very busy with never ending deadlines and work but I end it well, feeling rejuvenated after Bikram Yoga. Today I'll be sharing my review and experience on Bikram Yoga.Thanks to Clozette Indonesia for giving me two Bikram Yoga trial classes at Yoga Union and pulling this potato couch out, to get some work out sessions done. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to exercises, so when I got this Bikram Yoga trial class I decided to give it a go and challenge myself~

What is Bikram Yoga? 
Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga with a series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises that is designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and effective yoga experience. It takes 90 minute to complete a session in a heated room of 38-42 degree Celsius in order to warm you up from inside-out! This yoga works out every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in your entire body in order to promote a sense of well-being.  
The Studio
Benefits of Bikram Yoga 
-Burn fat, lose weight
-More energy
-Reduce stress
-Improve your flexibility and balance
-Heal old injuries
-Fix your back/spine
-Sleep better
-Eliminate Arthritries
-End your migrane
-Help your digestion problems

Here's how the Wash room and change room look like. It's pretty spacious with lockers, showers, and they even provide other sanitary necessities like soap, shampoo and even hair dryer. 
Locker Room and Dressing Mirror
Shower Room
Bring your own towel and water bottle. I suggest you to bring one large towel for layering on the mat and one facial towel cause you'll be sweating a lot!  If you don't bring your own large towel you can rent their towel for Rp.10.000 each and water refills are provided.

My Final Thoughts and Review on Bikram Yoga

When I first arrived they told me to fill in the customer details and gave me a locker key. Before entering the changing room you’ll need to put away your shoes first and put them on the rack. The vibe of the place itself is very homey, neat and comfortable.
I’ve never done yoga before so I didn’t know what to expect during the class but when I first entered the studio it is scorching hot. For the first few minutes in the class I felt a little dizzy and it seems like I can’t hardly breathe but I try to calm down and follow each step. As a first timer and someone who has not been exercising regularly, it was kind of difficult to pose perfectly and there were even movements that I can’t follow.  But the instructor was so kind to remind us (the first timer) to take it easy and just follow as much as we could. She even told us that it was kind of normal to feel nauseous and dizzy, and it’s OK to take knee and relax if that feeling hits in. I guess in Bikram Yoga, you should never force yourself to continue if you feel dizzy or nauseous because it’s hot and it’s better to rest instead of ending up fainting.
If you feel dizzy or nauseous take a knee
Since it was my first time I feel happy with the class even though I did take a break because I started feeling light headed and dizzy. However after the class I feel rejuvenate and my whole body feels good. I’m the kind of person who rarely sweat and usually even if I exercise I would only sweat a bit, but that day I was drenched in sweat starting from the first half of the class and my whole tee is wet! Not kidding, this Yoga is so effective in making you sweat, so if you’re the type of person like me, you would want to try this Bikram Yoga as it will make you sweat a lot!
My Yoga Buddy ! Michella Georgia :)
After completing the whole 26 positions the instructor told us to lay down and enjoy the final relaxation at the end of class before leaving. It was indeed a very interesting experience and pleasant one too.

During my second visit I've improved my performance and I’m a little more flexible and was able to bend a little more compared to my first time. I no longer experience dizzy or nauseous when I started the class. I feel like I did a lot better on my second visit. I love how in this class I can't hardly feel any pressure and we're allowed to enjoy ourselves in the movement instead of trying to be the best! Never thought I would ever be so hooked by this Bikram Yoga, will most probably come back for another class. It's so tiring but addictive! I always feel so refreshed after class even though I'm all soaked in sweat.   

Here’s a peek to some of my poses (they aren’t perfect, but not bad right for a first timer?)

Where to Find Union Yoga?  


Rukan Orchard Square Blok GOS/D19, Summarecon Kelapa Gading
Jl Raya Kelapa Hybrida, Jakarta Utara
Tlp. 021 2961 6460

Jl Wijaya II/No.73 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta, Indonesia
Tlp. 088.1805.9078

For more information check out their website http://unionyoga.id/ 
Follow them on their social media to stay updated
Facebook:Union Yoga
Twitter: Union Yoga
Drink lots of water after the class to avoid being dehydrated! 
Thanks for reading this post and I hope you find this useful and informational. Let's live a healthier lifestyle! Stay Positive and Fit!

Love, Stevie 

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